Tips on How to Dress to Kill your Female Crush

by Ojeyemi Adeleye
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dress to Kill

One sure way to get your crush’s attention is to dress to kill her. Don’t be so scared. Dressing to kill in this context means looking gorgeous, attractive, presentable, and most importantly, looking smart and not drawing blood.

It’s not news that every girl is naturally attracted to a smartly dressed man. If you agree with me, one characteristic of a Yoruba demon is dressing to kill. Probably this is one of the numerous reasons they fall victim to Yoruba demons. I am just kidding.

It is human nature to have someone you feel butterflies for, someone who makes you smile like you just won 2 sure Baba Ijebu; someone you would always want to be around. Now, the game is on how to call your crush’s attention by dressing to kill.

This article will take you through the corridor of tips on how to dress to kill your crush to keep your image stuck in her head, mind, body, and soul. However, the word “dress to kill,” as used in the article, does not necessarily connote cloth to wear but how to attract and impress your crush.

 7 Tips on How to Dress to Kill and Get the Attention of Your Female Crush

  1. Nice Cologne

dress to Kill

A good fragrance is one fantastic way to call attention and receive compliments. Even if you are not smartly dressed or in a Jean and T-shirt, once you smell nice, forget it, you do catch am. Everyone is always attracted to a good smell and knowing where it is coming from.

Just imagine yourself walking into where your crush is seated. You would leave her with no choice but to pay attention to you. Do you know why? Because your smell has captured her heart. This is one of the reasons you find most men buying expensive perfumes and even mixing perfumes to have that killer smell.

  1. Smart Appearance

dress to Kill

This is another way to dress to kill your female crush and call her attention. As earlier stated, every girl wants a well-dressed and presentable man to the public. So let’s have some sweet boy dressing tips. You are in a well-ironed and starch native with a matching cap, and you say your crush won’t be amazed at the stunning look? Or you are in one expensive suit with a lapel pin and colorful tie.

What else is she looking for? The Yoruba will say osan ti o ba ri gbajumo ti o jabo, eyekeye ni yio fi mu – Mere birds would take any orange that refuses to be plucked by someone. Another critical aspect of appearance is footwear. Surprisingly, one common thing for ladies is to look at you from head to toe. So if you are in traditional attire, ensure you are wearing a nice shoe, some badass designer footwear.

Always ensure your footwear matches and compliments your outfit. Don’t be old-fashioned.

  1. Neat Shave and Haircut

dress to Kill

Beard gangs and various hairstyles are the order of the day among youths in Nigeria. You can hardly walk across 20 youths without seeing at least 4 with dread. I am not condemning them. It just has a way of giving some weird impression about you. One way to captivate your crush’s attention is to have a clean shave and an excellent haircut.

If you are the type that keeps full hair (afro), make sure it is well combed and neat—however, some ladies like their man in dread, plaited hair, dyed hair. Whichever hairstyle you keep, make sure it is awesome and not like that of a tour.

  1. Good Diction

dress to Kill

This is another sure tip to dress to kill your female crush. Have you ever had a conversation with any of your female friends, and she compliments a guy’s diction or voice? You would probably hear her say, “I like his voice, or I like how he speaks.”

Even if you don’t have the accent, my dear brother, form it. Speak like Jim Iyke or Ramsey Noah of Nollywood. Trust me; she will look at your side. Avoid your tribe’s intonation if you eventually get to speak with her at all costs.

Every lady wants a man with a good command of English with excellent communication skills. So don’t dull it. If you don’t have it, force it. Peak! It’s in you.

  1. High I.Q

dress to Kill

You might have come across some memes that joke about one partner teaching their kids mathematics, English, or other subjects. The truth is no woman would settle for a dull man. Let’s have a flashback to a secondary school setting. Do you realize girls follow brilliant boys then? Wink! That is the hack.

If you are around her and you have the chance or show you are brilliant, please do. It is not easy to stand out amongst peers in this competitive world. However, please don’t overdo it before you are tagged with the phrase I too know (ITK).

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  1. Rich Pocket

dress to Kill

If you are familiar with the music industry, you should know Portable, the popular artist who sang Zazuu. Before Portable got famous, you could hardly find him taking pictures with beautiful girls. However, now that he is well known and wealthy, all his social media pages are flooded with images of him and some beautiful girls. So what’s the moral lesson here?

Money will help you gain attention. So don’t mind those who claim money cannot buy love. Money will sweep some girls off their feet in this moment of sapa.

  1. Be Flashy

dress to Kill

This is the overall tip on how to dress to kill your female crush. This encompasses all the tips mentioned above. Just be that smartly dressed guy with expensive shoes, a wristwatch in a fancy designer outfit, and wear a nice cologne. You have double killed your crush. Wear cool colors that are inviting. I don’t mean wear a red T-shirt with yellow trousers or a green T-shirt with orange trousers. Avoid unnecessary color blocking.


This article has provided seven different tips on arresting your crush’s attention. The ball now is in your court. I don break Kolanut with you.

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