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Tips On How To Dress To Kill For Your Male Crush

by op-ed contributor

As a lady, it’s quite normal for you to have a male crush, and one of the hardest parts is getting him to notice you. Well here is a quick one; dress to kill and he will never get his eyes off you.

Most times, you get tired of cat-walking past his front like 3 times in a day, and the inner mind will be like, “Wo, abi I should act like the Indians? by using my scarf to hit his face and say it’s a mistake, then become friends with him?”

Sister, don’t listen to that mind before hitting someone’s son in his eyes, causing you to start exchanging big grammar on the road. Just listen to me, and I’ll teach you how to get your crush to notice you.

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One of the simplest ways to get your male crush is to dress to kill. I don’t mean murder but the ability to get his attention and turn heads.

There are various ideas on ways to dress to kill, but I’ll gladly teach you the 11 easiest ways; stay with me.

11 “Dress to Kill” Fashion Tips for Ladies to Impress Their Male Crush

There’s nothing a male loves more than a well-dressed and confident lady. So, ways to dress to kill should be on top of your list to get him to notice you.

  1. Choose Comfort Over Fashion

It’s very important to choose to be comfortable over being fashionable when it comes to tips on ways to dress to kill.

You wouldn’t want to show up in front of your crush with a very tight dress and over=sized heels, and you could easily trip over, thereby causing embarrassment.

You wouldn’t want that, would you? So, choosing something you’re comfortable with, and slaying that look is necessary.

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  1. Stick To The Basics

This is an important tip on how to dress to kill. When making your crush notice you, it’s vital to look basic but beautiful. Don’t go for an exaggerated look.

Rather go for something simple like a beautiful crop top, matched with classy jeans, a nice pair of sneakers, light makeup, or a nice dress, jeans jacket, a nice pair of shoes, and light makeup.

You wouldn’t want your crush to think of you like a disco ball, so stick to something pretty, simple, and yet, classy.

  1. Check For Holes!

This should be regarded as the most important tip. When it comes to ways to dress to kill, it’s important to check your outfit for holes or whether it’s torn. It won’t be very pleasant if he comes up to you to call your attention concerning a big hole in your trousers or shirt, so before leaving home, check all clothing before wearing them.

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  1. Don’t Forget A Big Smile And Loads Of Confidence.

An outfit isn’t complete without a big smile and confidence. One of the things a guy likes is a confident woman. It’s important to note that one of the ways to dress to kill is to put on your beautiful smile and carry yourself with confidence.

You’re sure to turn heads with that beautiful attitude, and don’t be surprised if your male crush walks up to you immediately!!

  1. Smelling Good Is Looking Good!

Everyone loves a nice, scented perfume, don’t they? This is why a nice perfume falls under one of these tips. Imagine walking into a place where your crush is seated, and a nice, scented perfume follows you elegantly. Your crush won’t hesitate to settle his gaze on you. It’s important to note this tip!!!!

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  1. Stick To Light Use Of Makeup, If Any.

If you’re a fan of makeup, it’s important to use light but elegant makeup, especially when it comes to ways to dress to impress your male crush. Go for simple makeup that matches your outfit, and don’t forget to apply a bit of elegance to it.

  1. Pick The Right Colors

Carefully pick your colors. Go for what compliments your skin tone rather than what’s in vogue. Also, a pop of color on a neutral outfit will immediately turn heads, or neutral color on an outfit with a pop of color. It’s important to note this tip because you wouldn’t want to look all colorful, thereby having a color blockage.

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  1. The Perfect Hairstyle

Of course, no outfit is incomplete without having the right hairstyle. Go for something elegant and simple in this case to complement the full outfit. Don’t go for a voluminous hairstyle, no!! It won’t be fair to scare off your male crush.

The goal is to get him to notice you, so stick with something classy, bold, and beautiful.

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  1. Accessories Make Everything Better

Accessories make your outfit much better, and it’s important to keep it simple. A nice pair of earrings, a necklace, and a fancy watch would make everything go right—don’t pile on the accessories, or you’ll look too busy.

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  1. A Nice Pair Of Shoes Never Goes Wrong

The last part of your outfit is a nice pair of shoes, but simplicity is key. Choose something you’re comfortable in. If you’re not a fan of heels, don’t wear them! Rather go for something you like better, remember, it’s important to follow your instincts and opinion.

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  1. Be Yourself

Nothing is weirder than a lady trying to portray what she’s not, so it’s important to be yourself. Be real. Stick with that fun and beautiful self you are.

Don’t be afraid to show who you are to the world, including your male crush, and trust me, everyone loves a genuine girl.


It takes a lot of thinking and re-evaluation to choose the perfect outfit when it comes to dressing to impress. So, when it comes to getting ready to dress to impress a male crush, it’s important to follow tips or guides to get dressed perfectly.

You must know that your opinion matters, so go with things you’re comfortable with. Take time to decide on the outfit to wear, and don’t forget to note all the tips listed above.

Did any of these tips help you in any way? Tell me in the comments below.

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