4 Easy Ways to Find a Job in Nigeria

by Olatorera Oladeji
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find a job in Nigeria

Millions of Nigerians graduate from various institutions and are thrown into the labor market to put what has been learned in school to real-life use.

The disparity between the available jobs and the number of people searching is alarming. To find a job in Nigeria, you need to apply some effective steps.

The popular saying “follow who knows the road” comes into play here. ‘Knowing road’ in this case is; understanding an effective way to find a job in Nigeria.

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Necessary Steps to Take Before Searching for a Job in Nigeria

There are various methods of searching for jobs in Nigeria, but before stepping out to search, there are preliminary steps to be taken. These steps are as follows:

  1. Get to know the type of job you want.

This may sound funny or cliché, but many people are just searching for jobs. They don’t care what it is about as long as it is a job. They get to interviews and bungle them because they have insufficient knowledge of the job they are interviewing for.

Before applying for a job on job sites in Nigeria, conduct research about the job and be sure it is exactly what you want.

  1. Prepare your resume

This is a very important step in searching for jobs by any Nigerian. It is your identity that introduces you to the recruiter. It tells them about your education, experience, motivation, and a general overview of your person.

Your resume must be up to date to find a job in Nigeria. You can start searching for a job in Nigeria when you have made sure that the preliminaries have been sorted out.

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4 Easy Ways to Find a Job in Nigeria

  1. Referral 

This has been an age-long method that has been in existence from time immemorial. This is derived from relationships that have been cultivated with other people both in and out of your field.

Referral could be gotten from volunteering experience and extracurricular activities done while in school. It could also be a result of your social network and capital.

This mode of job search in Nigeria is very effective, and it can help you find a job in Nigeria faster than any other method.

  1. Newspaper adverts

This is a much-known practice in Nigeria. It was the major form of job search when there was no internet. Adverts are placed in newspapers for prospective employees to apply for vacant positions.

Interestingly, this means of recruitment in Nigeria is still available, and vacancies are still being put up in Newspapers. It is still a valid means to find a job in Nigeria.

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  1. Job Sites to Find a Job in Nigeria

This is fast becoming the most effective way to find a job in Nigeria. These sites list jobs in various fields and locations across different salary ranges. A few of the sites will be discussed below:

It was founded in August 2009, but it was wholly acquired in 2015 by One Africa Media. In 2016, One Africa Media merged with Ringier Africa and became Ringier One Africa Media.

As of now, Jobberman is currently one of the biggest job sites in Africa, and it covers several categories of jobs. To find a job through Jobberman, you will have to register with your email address.

Upon registration, you must build a profile, upload your resume and apply for listed jobs that match the type of jobs you are searching for.

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It is owned by Naspers Group, one of Africa’s largest media companies. They have posted jobs regularly in Nigeria since their inception in 2005.

Many jobs are listed on the site for prospective employees to find a job in Nigeria.

It is a job alert site. A prospective employee subscribes to this site and fills in their details on the site. Upon listing any job on the site that matches your profile, an email is sent to you for your notice and action.

This site saves you the stress of searching their site as they send mail based on your profile. It is an easy way to find a job in Nigeria.

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This is not a Nigerian-owned site, but it has been known to appear first in Google searches while looking for a job in Nigeria.

Although it is not a job website, it helps you as a job seeker to know which company to avoid as reviews; salaries are pasted anonymously.

Glassdoor also helps job seekers to learn about company culture before moving far in the interview. This is good because it helps you as a job seeker know what companies to look out for and the ones to avoid.

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This is another non-Nigerian platform. Unlike Glassdoor, Indeed is a job listing site. It, however, does not list Nigerian jobs. It is suitable for searching for remote jobs outside the country.

If you seek a remote job outside the country, this site may help you find a job.

  1. Social Media Platforms

Social Media has helped quite a number of people find a job. LinkedIn is a major platform that enables you to sell yourself to a prospective buyer as an employee.

To attract offers on LinkedIn, you need to update your profile and make yourself visible to employers regularly.

There are also job opportunities just a click away to get you that job in Nigeria and possibly overseas.

Other social media platforms that may be valuable in your job search include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok. These applications may be useful depending on the industry you want to belong to.

Worthy of mentioning as a site that can help you find a job in Nigeria is the Nairaland Forum. Many job listings are on that forum, and it can also help fake filter job advertisements in Nigeria.

This article is not exhaustive of several ways you can find a job, but applying yourself to the above would go a long way in making your job search easier.

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