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Grow with insights Internship Program

Hey, do you have any digital skill and you need a platform to exhibit it. Join us at Insight.ng where we link you up with our professionals to help you develop your skills.

What is Grow With Insights About?  

Grow with insights is an internship program designed by DigitalPud in collaboration with Insight.ng

Our goal is simple: To create a working avenue for people with all forms of digital skills, and need a platform to show it off. We also offer free professional guardians and support to help you take your skills from beginner level to a pro.

Why Grow with Insight?

Grow with Insight was first initiated by DigitalPud in form of an internship for people who undergo digital training under her. Afterward, the firm decided to extend its internship program to everyone with some specified digital skills and need an avenue to put their skills to practice.

We also offer free professionals’ support and guardian in your specialized field.

Skills that we are currently recruiting 

  1. Search Engine Optimization 
  2. Writing in all forms (blog posts, creative writing, copywriting, etc.)
  3. Graphics designer 
  4. Photographer (Both mobile and digital photographer)
  5. Social media manager

How does Grow with Insight Work?

Naturally, DigitalPud Inc. has professionals serving in the departments mentioned above. As such, Interns will be performing directly under these people. They will give you basic projects to carry out and offer you professional guides on how to do these tasks. If you are still in the commencing phase, you will be assisted with some materials (video and eBook) to help you speed up your learning.

Who can join?

Anyone with basic knowledge of any of the five skills mentioned above can participate in the Grow with Insight internship program. 

Condition to participate in the program?

  1. You must have an average knowledge of the skills
  2. Depending on the department, participants must to ready to complete their tasks within a week or two.
  3. Open to suggestions and corrections from the person in charge of your department
  4. Adhere with our terms of use and services

Our promises

  • We guarantee you our best supports and guardian in your specialized field.
  • To ensure your works get the best exposure, we will feature some of your works on DigitalPud or its affiliates (Insight.ng and TheGentries), social media accounts, and email Newsletter. 
  • We can also send your creations to third-party platforms both within Nigeria and International.
  • We will give you 100% authorship right to your works, and all pieces will be published in your name.
  • Insight.ng will never sell your services to third-parties. If we must hire your services, you will be duly informed, and you will be paid respectively. 
  • In cases we earn any monetary compensation for your work; we promise to remit the money 100% to you.

Our goal is to help you grow and create a professional online presence for yourself. Not to make money off you.


  1. Free professional support and guardian from our specialists.
  2. Professional online presence and exposure
  3. Feature on DigitalPud.com, Insight.ng and TheGentries.com.
  4. Fast access to outsourcing jobs via DigitalPud HR.
  5. Special access to some of our online programs and webinars.
  6. Letter of recommendation for Interns that use 4-month.
  7. Free certification of participation for Intern that use 6-month.
  8. Automatic job offers for Interns that use up to a year. 

How to participate? 

Please click here fill the form and participate.


For any question or inquiry, please reach us directly at





You can also send us a direct message on WhatsApp



Grow With Insights’ Team

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