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Insight’s Writers’ community is open to all content writers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs that want to feature on our blog. We accept both one-time guest writers and long-term content contributors. Whichever one you are comfortable with, we welcome you with open arms.

Why insight’s writers’ community? is one of the leading content publishing websites in Nigeria.

We focus on delivering quality digital content on business insights, personal development, career, lifestyle, freelancing, and travel.

Our audience is primarily Nigerians, from the age of 15 upward.

If your audience falls in this category, feel free to join our writer’s community.

How does insight’s writers’ community work?

We have two different writing plans for people that want to feature on our blog;

  1. Long-term content contributor
  2. One-time guest writer

Long-term content contributor

Becoming a regular content contributor on helps you develop your career as a writer or entrepreneur while communicating to a broad audience.

It also enables you to build a professional online presence and become an authority in your niche.

Plus, fast recommendations for special job offers via DigitalPud HR.

Long-term content contributor – what should you expect? runs a flexible content creation program.

We understand many of our writers have other things they do, and we ensure writing for us doesn’t hinder their personal projects.

As such, writers are free to choose if they would be publishing an article either per week or once in two weeks.


Interesting topics:

We love insightful posts that expose our readers to new ideas and development.

We like content that helps them put these insights into practice. If they can learn from your experience, all the better. Our editorial team can assign topics you should write on. However, we are open to suggestions on beautiful topics. So, if you’ve got a great idea that you think will appeal to our readership, send it our way!


After having a subject in mind, it’s helpful to search our site for related pieces. That way, you can see how it’s already been covered—and how you can take another approach to make it more comprehensive. Think of it this way; Insight is having a conversation with our readers, and your goal is to advance the conversation. Go where it hasn’t gone before!

Captivating voice:

We love our content to appear in a regular conversational tone. To feel like you are seeing our audience face to face. We prefer it if you can write in a first-person narrative style. But it’s not compulsory. However, we enforce our writers to exhibit their authority in their writings, and at the same time, be authentic.


We love ‘em. We allow our writers to choose when it is comfortable for them to write and deliver. Therefore, we expect them to be able to meet their deadlines. Not often, but at times, we request a revision. Don’t worry; our editors are friendly; they will most likely make every necessary correction at their end without bothering you.

Robust & well-cited:

We appreciate posts that include practical examples and attribute appropriate sources where necessary. Please note that this is not an opportunity to do blatant promotion or link building for yourself or your friend. Ensure you first check for related posts on our site and link to them. When it is not available, feel free to link to other sites.

Note: While we have different special bonuses for our writers, we do not pay content contributor at the moment.


  • Free WordPress and SEO training
  • Free 3 Months SEO Writing Training and Certificate
  • Constant Outsourced Gigs via Insight Human Resources Outsourcing. 
  • Full authorship credit for your articles.
  • Free byline and a short bio before and at the end of your articles.
  • DoFollow Linkback to your website and social media accounts will be embedded in your author bio.
  • Direct access to our broad readership across Nigeria. 

To become a regular Content Contributor on, Please message Halimat on WhatsApp. Have a sample article (link) ready to show your writing skills before sending a message.

Halimat –  08066400663

One-time Guest Writer – What should you expect?

As much as we love to serve our readers quality and insightful posts; we also love to learn from them. Insight loves to publish useful and enlightening articles on any topic that falls within our niche.

Original content:

All content must be original. i.e., it must not have been published anywhere. (not syndicated/republished from elsewhere).

No self-promotion:

We’re happy to include one or two linkbacks to relevant pieces on your blog or website. However, guest posts should not include blatant self-promotion, link schemes, marketing, or sales pitches.


Though we provide fast editing for guest posts, we won’t accept an article full of grammatical errors, numerous spelling errors, or erroneous information. We want articles that are fun, insightful, and readers friendly. Yeah, something our readers can relate to.

Trending topics:

Please share your thoughts with us. Your experiences, expertise, and professional opinions. We love publishing unique ideas on trending topics in Nigeria. Meanwhile, ensure you cite sources where appropriate to support your claims.


  • Full authorship credit for your article.
  • One quality DoFollow backlink to a relevant and related posts on your website.
  • Byline and short bio space to introduce yourself to our readers.
  • Links to your website and social media accounts will be embedded in your bio space.
  • Access to a large community of insightful Nigerians.

Pitch us your Article is okay to read your Pitch before you start writing your article. However, we prefer it if you have already written the article. Either in Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Send it our way, and we’ll let you know if the article is a good fit for our blog.


In all cases, we reserve the right to edits (at minimal) all submitted articles or stories. This includes the writing style and tone.

Furthermore, due to the volume of submissions we receive every day, we may not be able to respond to all inquiries immediately.

But you will surely hear from us within 48 hours. If you do not receive our feedback after then, please feel free to send a follow-up mail.

What if Your Guest Post Gets Rejected?

We will accept any piece that falls within our niche, even if we have many stocked up and waiting to go live. We will only reject a post if we believe it is not a good fit for our readers, for whatever reason. If this happens, we can suggest you re-purpose it for another website. We will also give you our reasons why we reject your piece.

You can also communicate with our editor to figure out what types of ideas would be a good fit for us.

Please note that we are currently not accepting guest posts at Insight,ng. We however still accept long-term content contributors and paid sponsored posts. If you want to advertise your business on the blog, please click here.

Ready to join the team as a long-term content contributor?

Message Halimat via 08066400663

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