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100 most powerful people in Nigeria

100 Most Powerful People in Nigeria in 2021

100 Most Powerful People in Nigeria in 2021 Like every part of the world where the power that controls the event of things lies among a few people. The same story applies to Nigeria. A country with over 201 million population. Amidst these millions of people are few minorities who have been able to gather […]

50 most innovative Nigerians in 2021

50 Most Innovative Nigerian Youths in 2021

50 most Innovative Nigerian Youths in 2021 Being innovative in Nigeria or as a Nigerian is no ABC task. It cuts farther than developing business ideas and implementing them. The Nigerian society is a very rigid and biased one, which makes innovation a very difficult task; challenging the norms people are profoundly attached to. Innovation […]

most admired people in Nigeria

40 Most Admired People in Nigeria

             Who are the 40 most admired Nigerians in 2020? Definitely, 2020 has been one hell of a year for all Nigerians, enduring all sorts of unexpected occasions. From the unwanted arrival of the Coronavirus pandemic to the forced lockdown. Nigerians also experienced hunger cries, robberies. Not to mention the […]

Career & Insights

Effective ways to learn content writing in Nigeria

Content writing in Nigeria has its nuances.  It is like the relationship between any skill set and the local market. You need to understand content writing in itself for one, and how to localize it for the Nigerian audience. Content writing is the art of creating text content for a brand, blog, or business. Its […]

How To Create A Digital Product In Nigeria

  Nigerians – like you and I – have woken up to the lucrativeness of Digital Products In Nigeria. However, most individuals are not informed on how to create a digital product that will sell in Nigeria. Of course, Nigerians are unique, and aside from the conventional benchmarks a digital product must pass, they are […]

How I Won a Fully-Funded Scholarship for Multiple Master Degrees in Three Universities Situated in Two Different Continents

Today I am sitting in the waiting hall of Hamad International Airport, Doha, Qatar, awaiting my next flight to Paris. Right now, I am thinking about many things; Days I doubted the possibility of achieving this dream and many other days of anxiety and silent prayers. If we want to talk about answered prayers, we […]

public speaking career in Nigeria

How to Build a Great Public Speaking Career in Nigeria

Achieving success in a public speaking career in Nigeria is all about bringing fresh ideas to old topics that resonate with an audience. Public speakers in Nigeria use social media platforms to gather an audience and attract feedback on content. Insight Career: Personal Development Guide for Nigerians In delivery, it is crucial to be aware […]

common job interview questions

Common Nigerian Job Interview Questions and Answers

If you have a job interview coming up, you are definitely in the right place. We want to share with you some common job interview questions tips. After submitting your CV to the organisation, you would like to work with, the company will want to ensure that you are the best candidate for the job […]

Personal Development Guide for Nigerians

Personal Development Guide for Nigerians

Why do you need a personal development guide for Nigerians? Personal development, which can also mean self–development, is a lifelong process of experiencing your inner self, which helps determine your life goals and upskill to fulfil your potential. It allows you to set and reach objectives and have a more fulfilling and happiness filled lifestyle. […]


Easy Ways to Stay Motivated as a Freelancer in Nigeria

“Freelancing is the best thing in my life!” You’ve seen and heard similar lines, and you’ve wondered why you don’t share the sentiment. There are a thousand reasons why freelancing might feel challenging, but by the end of this piece, you’ll be armed with surefire ways to stay motivated as a Freelancer in Nigeria. No […]

how to become a pro-copywriter in Nigeria

How to become a pro-copywriter in Nigeria

Before learning how to become a pro-copywriter in Nigeria, lets understand the concept of copywriting. Copywriting is salesmanship in print. It is the act of using words to convince the reader to take your desired action. Imagine having the power to create little sales associates and sending them out to your targeted market. Well, that […]

become successful freelancer. insight.ng

Tips on How to Become a Successful Freelancer in Nigeria

Becoming a successful freelancer in Nigeria is a fun, but time-consuming business. Freelancing is defined as a process of selling your services to employers with or without a long-term contract. At first, How to Become a Successful Freelancer in Nigeria Challenge Yourself With a Price Target The higher your aim, the higher your revenue. Even […]

upwork tutorial: How to make money on upwork

Upwork Tutorial – How to Make Money on Upwork As a Nigerian?

Upwork is an online marketplace where people offer their digital skills in exchange for money. It is a freelance website where people around the world, including Nigerians, can register and work with clients from different parts of the world by marketing their digital skills and get paid in US dollars. Types skills you can offer […]

housewife in Nigeria

Being a Traditional or Modern Housewife in Nigeria: A job or a lifestyle?

The first thing you should be assured of, this isn’t some criticism towards homemakers or, better still, housewives in Nigeria. Another critical factor to pin this explains being a “Housewife in Nigeria” as we distinguish the traditional and modern aspects. Although, there cannot be a balance to the topic due to diverse opinions. It has […]



The influx of many folks into the cryptocurrency space is notable as it is informed by the promise of direct control, decentralization, and fast transactions, including the massive ROI it offers to its users. This promise has been kept. Who doesn’t want to avoid the control and shenanigans of the banks you have to go […]

Tips to Choosing the Right Man as a Nigerian Lady

Tips to Choosing the Right Man as a Nigerian Lady

With the divorce rate in Nigeria intensifying, it is safe to say that many Nigerian ladies have landed in the wrong relationships because of ignorance of the tips to choosing the right man as a Nigerian lady. This guide centers on providing tips to choosing the right man as a Nigerian lady. But before embarking […]

Dreadful Cultural practices in Nigeria

Dreadful Cultural Practices in Nigeria That Need to be Abolished/Reformed

There are so many beautiful cultural practices in Nigeria; we basically have our (imposed) diversity to thank for that. Still we cannot deny that are some dreadful cultural practices in Nigeria that we need to do away with. What do I mean? Cultural Practices in Nigeria Nigeria as one of the most diverse countries in Africa […]

Decline of Agriculture in Nigeria

Why you should venture into Agriculture in Nigeria

Nigerians – both the lettered and the unlettered now find it easy to launch scandal on the government because of its flippant attitude towards the agricultural decline in Nigeria. Everyone claims the government has relied so heavily on the “black gold,” which has blinded us to other economic sectors. Well, did they speak the truth? […]

Depression in Nigeria

Depression in Nigeria: Suicide In Our Ivory Towers

Depression was what happened to Americans, with their self-absolving need to turn everything into an illness. …we don’t talk about things like depression in Nigeria but it is real” Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche, Americanah. The reality of depression in Nigeria Our attitude towards depression in Nigeria is awful; we act as if it is alien to […]

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