10 Perfumes for Women You Should Know

by Morenikeji Odebiyi
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Perfumes for women

For women, luxurious and elegant perfumes have a unique touch or ability to elevate one’s presence or confidence when one steps into a room or secluded place. Wherever you go to, be it your workplace, events, a casino, rooftop, or gardens, you can keep heads turning in your direction through these perfumes.

The delicate combination of high-blend ingredients further emphasizes the captivating scent profile these fragrances portray, causing them to linger delicately and leave a trail of elegance and sophistication. Be it a woody scent, vanilla cream, or a floral bouquet, perfumes for women have the power to awaken memories and emotions, making them irresistible.

The elegance of a perfume does not only lie in its scent, but also in the image it represents, one of rich taste, as you can smell the richness in a perfume, the elegance, and its unique discernment. Thus, picking the perfect perfume, or acquainting yourself with the right perfume, as a woman is important. 

Here are a few fragrances we think you should pay attention to:

10 Perfumes for Women You Should Know

  1. Black opium by Yves Saint Laurent

Perfumes for women

Black opium

Also known as the “rock n roll” rendition of the brand’s original pushing opium scent, this black opium tends basically to your sense of smell.

It will send your senses soaring with its addictive and invigorating composition. It comprises pink pepper, orange blossom, vanilla, and coffee, and a few sprays will give you the confidence and subtle, yet strong presence you need to command the room.

  1. La vie est belle by Lancome

Perfumes for women

La vie est belle

Known to be tested about 5,000 times before it is deemed perfect for complete use, La Vie est Belle is that perfume. The carefulness and detailing that goes into making this perfume are curated by a perfectionist who has the best interest of its clients at heart. 

It has a sophisticated scent that translates to “Life Is Beautiful”, as it offers an olfactory floral explosion with notes of orange blossoms, jasmine and iris out to tickle your fancy. We’re sure you will enjoy it. 

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  1. Alien by Thierry Mugler

Perfumes for women


Thierry Mugler likes to stand out from the crowd, and they certainly do so, when it comes to their fragrance “Alien”. Their fragrances are an exposure to how good one can smell.

The fragrance Alien, just as its name, bestows on its user, an out-of-this-world blend of warming, mysterious floral notes. This fragrance is embedded in an amethyst bottle which can also serve as a refill so you can top it up in stores, all over again. A good marketing PR indeed.

  1. Good girl by Carolina Herrera

Perfumes for women

Good girl

Aside from the alluring scent that this fragrance gives, if you are familiar with Marilyn Monroe’s “Give the Girl the Right Shoes and She Will Conquer the World”, then you will agree with Carolina Herrera in the making of this perfume.

This fragrance gives the modern-day woman an additive amber scent that showcases the strutting power of a stiletto. It highlights a powerful, yet playful mix of scents such as cacao, jasmine, almond, tuberose, and tonka bean. 

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  1. Mon Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

Perfumes for Women

Mon Paris

It is a floral fragrance and it is made from Yves Saint. This scent is inspired by the city of lovers and traps in the spirit of an intense love affair. 

It is made with a combination of bold white chypre blends and orange blossoms, jasmine, and sensual musk, bringing to life this sweet and unforgettable aroma. It is stored in an elegant bottle, one that makes you want to pop one in your basket, how much more on your perfume table?

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  1. Idole by Lancome

Perfumes for Women


This fragrance is created by three outstanding perfumers, the ones who dare to dream. It is an innovative scent that is dedicated to a generation of icons. 

Idole exhibits complexity and creativity with an alluring rose, sensual jasmine, and a clean crisp chyre accord. This perfume is your one-way ticket to an everlasting scent wherever you go.

  1. Prada paradoxe

Perfumes for women

Prada paradoxe

This fragrance is very delicate yet, powerful. It exudes such boldness that can make heads turn when you are in the room. 

It has a delicate and soft freshness of neroli and also a vibrant warmth. It is a fragrance that truly captivates the softness of womanhood. Most interestingly, the bottle can be refilled, so you can have the bottle for as long as you want.

  1. Libre by Yves Saint Laurent

Perfumes for Women


If you are looking for an affirmative perfume, a scent that is confident and enduring at every chance it gets, and finally, one that gives “Girl Boss” energy then this is the fragrance for you.

Libre by Saint Yves is another fragrance that ticks all the “enchanting” boxes. Also since it was made for the contemporary woman, it offers a distinctive blur between masculinity and feminity. It is made up of powdery lavender, exotic orange blossom, bright jasmine, and a base of musk and vanilla to top it up. 

  1. Lady million by Paco Rabanne

Perfumes for women

Lady million

Screaming luxury and personifying wealth, Lady Million is a formidable fragrance. It shines brightly, for everyone who likes to see fresh flowers, and it is made delicately with the warmth of wood, sweet honey, and vibrant patchouli. 

It is beautifully housed in a bottle and is inspired by the biggest diamond in the world. You need one scent to keep you fully confident and walking in the room, like the star, you are.

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  1. J’adore by Dior

Perfumes for women


Meaning “I love you” in French, Dior has given us more than enough reasons to fall in love and to be even practical with our confessions. This elegant floral perfume has been created with the most beautiful flowers in the world including Damascus Rose, Sambac jasmine, Tuberose, and jasmine grandiflorum from Grasse.

It is an exceptional perfume that offers a one-in-a-million olfactory experience. 


These different fragrances are defined by their composition. Because of that, it is advisable to make a pick by studying your body type and paying attention to allergies in case of any. 

Perfumes offer exclusivity and an aura of sophistication at the same time. Aside from the meticulous packaging, these perfumes exude refinement and luxury making their wearers stand out in the crowd. 

It is important to note that these fragrances will smell differently, based on the way you apply them and sometimes, how you store them. Most importantly, they help you build your confidence and exude the softness and elegance of a woman. Make sure to get one today.

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Edited by Oluwanifemi Akintomide. 

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