Top 10 Nigerian Comedy Movies You Need to Watch

by Morenikeji Odebiyi
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Nigerian comedy movies

It is just fair to have a good laugh to unwind after a heavy day’s work or a long workout session. To help you make a choice out of the several Nollywood movies that can make you crack your bones out of laughter, we have successfully curated ten Nollywood classics that are slapstick. 

These comedy movies will ease your tensions and relax you. Let’s dive right into it.

Top 10 Nigerian Comedy Movies You Need to Watch

  1. Wedding party

Spanning one day, with different events that make up A Wedding Party showcasing themselves, the already married couple, “Banky W and Adesua Etomi,” brings this comedy movie to life. 

Bringing to life an intercultural marriage of two tribes that do not see eye to eye. This movie shows how two younglings in love navigate their way to get married despite their tribal differences. You should see it too; it is worth the watch.

  1. Sugar rush

Released in 2019, Sugar Rush is an action comedy movie starring the Sugar sisters (Bimbo Ademoye, Adesua Etomi-Wellington, and Bisola Aiyeola). The movie shows the Sugar sisters claiming some money in the apartment of a chief who had invited them earlier for a party at his.

Problems begin when the mafia claims the money, as well as the head of EFCC, Anikulapo’s wife, and Anikulapo himself (the most feared man in the land). It is a must-watch, so you should add it to your watchlist.

  1. Phone swap

Phone Swap aired in 2012 and starred Nse Ekpe-Etim and Wale Ojo as its lead. It is a romance comedy movie that portrays the disturbances and struggles when a struggling fashion designer and an arrogant businessman’s phones are swapped at the airport.

Their lives take different turners as each begins to navigate the other person’s life. All these they navigate as it brings them closer to one another, and they eventually fall in love. It’s a must-watch that you should add to your list for a relaxed evening.

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  1. Kasala

Released in 2018, Kasala revolves around a young boy (Tunji – Emeka Nwagbaraocha) growing up in a slum alongside his friends. They have a party to attend and Tunji decides to borrow a car his uncle (a mechanic) is working on to attend the party.

Things quickly go south when one of his friends bashes the car, and they have five hours to raise the money to repair the vehicle before he gets back. They navigate fights, harassment, and jungle justice all in one day. 

Tired? This is the perfect movie to unwind.

  1. Chief daddy

This popular blockbuster was aired in 2018, starring amazing actresses such as Funke Akindele, Kate Henshaw, Joke Silva, Shaffy Bello, and the late veteran actress Racheal Oniga.

Chief Daddy shows the death of a billionaire industrialist and philanthropist who had many mistresses and suddenly passed on, leaving his family to fight and cause a stir as regards the splitting of his properties and inheritance. 

This fight spills into the burial arrangement as different attires from different parties. It’s a must-watch that deserves a place on your watch list.

  1. My village people

Famous comedian Bovi Ugboma starred in this comedy movie that aired in 2021. With Charles Inojie, Bovi Ugboma, and Amaechi Muonagor as lead roles.

My Village People shows the life of Prince (Bovi Ugboma), who has a weakness for women; it eventually lands him in trouble as he finds himself entangled with marine spirits and witches. A love triangle?

He struggles to break free as he runs helter-skelter to find help and let loose the marine spirit after him. A thriller comedy movie! A must-watch!

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  1. Your excellency

Your Excellency was released in 2019, a political comedy genre that stars Akin Lewis (Olalekan Ajadi), a political aspirant with Donald Trump, as his role model. His wife, Funke Akindele, proudly supports her husband as his backbone and would do anything for him, so far, it is legal and get him in the seat of power.

Although he was a failed presidential candidate, just as his political career was on another flop way, he was appointed by a majority political party, where he became a notable contender with the assistance of social media.

Regardless of its airing date, a must-watch still raking in numbers in the movie industry.

  1. The razz guy

Released in 2021, Razz Guy tells the story of a condescending executive and boss (Lasisi Elenu) who is eloquent and comported. But when an international business merger approaches, he is faced with a crisis when a cleaner at his place of work places a curse on him, causing him to lose his eloquence. 

The movie shows the arrogant and high-handed senior executive who earns himself a curse because he was condescending just as he was about to close a major deal that would benefit his firm. 

He must either find a way to lift the curse and secure the deal or resign from his job with immediate effect. Color your weekend with this comedy movie!

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  1. A naija christmas

Starring the late veteran actress Racheal Oniga and her three sons Kunle Remi, Abayomi Alvin, and Efa Iwara. A Naija Christmas was released in 2021 and belongs to the comedy genre. It explains a mother’s dying wish to her sons to bring home a wife and grandchildren. She later offers her Ikoyi residence as an inheritance as a reward for the first son who can fulfill her wishes. 

This new development pushes the sons to reconnect with their lost loves, meet new ones, and create new bonds that eventually set them up for love and beautiful journeys ahead of them. 

You should take some time this weekend to watch as they navigate the storm of love, friendship, and brotherhood.

  1. The merry men

Set in Abuja and released in 2018, The Merry Men is a Nigerian action comedy movie that shows four wealthy businessmen (Ramsey Noah, Ayo Makun, Jim Iyke, and Folarin Falana “Falz”) who look out for rich businesswomen to seduce and steal from the wealthy elite and give to the poor and have sex with the hottest women in town.

They face their biggest accomplishment when they face a political guru who plans to demolish an entire village to build a mall. These four men plan and scheme to save the poor villagers from the plans of the political guru.

This is a popular movie that has raked in numbers and has two sequels that were released after it. You should check it out.

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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Nobody wants to be Jack, so why not take some time this weekend to sit in and try a few of these movies? We assure you that you are in for a good laugh and time.

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Edited by Oluwanifemi Akintomide.


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