6 Snack Ideas for Indoor Movie Date

by Adetola Rachael Iyanuoluwa
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Snacks for indoor movie date

Picture this.

It’s a Friday. You’re coming home from work after a long week. You haven’t seen your friends or significant other in days, and this weekend is perfect for a hangout.

But there’s a problem. You don’t want to go out; you want to be with them and laugh with them in the comfort of your home or theirs.

So what do you do?

Plan an indoor movie date.

Binge-watching a series is a perfect bonding time whether you’re meeting up with friends or your lover. But watching movies is only fun when you have something to munch on and spice up the moment.

Nobody wants to binge on episodes of Desperate Housewives or Griselda (if you’re a fan of drug crimes), without a bowl of snacks by their side. We understand that and have curated a list of snack ideas for that movie date to make a mini snack table.

6 Good Snack Ideas For Indoor Movie Dates

There are several munchies, — from salty to sweet to crunchy, — you can get for your movie date. These are six snack ideas that can suit your taste buds and your movie experience:

1. Go the classic popcorn way



Popcorn is the go-to for movies, whether in a movie theater or on your couch on a Sunday morning, watching a rerun of Ginny and Georgia.

It’s quick and easy to make— and you can tune the flavors to your taste. Caramel, for its sweet and salty taste, cinnamon, for its spicy taste, and sour cream, for the tangy taste.

Now, we prefer our popcorn with smoothies. Smoothies are quick fixes that go so well with the crunchiness of popcorn. But if you’re not into smoothies, consider pairing your bowl of popcorn with beer, fruits, or dark chocolate.

2. Go for Pizza



Many will argue that pizza is a meal— not a snack, and while it is a meal, nothing beats sharing slices of your favorite toppings with your friends over a movie date.

Pizza comes in handy when you’re trying to impress a date but you have minimal cooking skills. You can order it, and still get the home-made meal feeling. Ordering a half-and-half with your favorite toppings and favorite wine is a warm and cozy way to spend your date.

Pizza is also a crowd pleaser if it’s a girls’/guys’ night.

You can try different flavors with different toppings and share them with your friends. Pizza goes with almost everything — a protein shake, beer, wine, or anything you want to add to make your movie party a bang.

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3. Try The Crunchies



Finger foods are your best bet if you want to munch throughout your movie without staining your couch. Crunchies, like peanuts, chinchin, and chips, are a grab-and-go that will take little time to set up and last you through the whole movie.

You don’t have to settle for plain Jane crunchies; spice them up with different flavors and pairings. Crunchy snacks can also be paired with almost everything.

You can eat your chinchin in a bowl with milk like cereal— add dried fruits, like raisins, to compliment the taste. You also can pair it up with a cold or hot beverage, ice cream, fruit salad, and yogurt. And if don’t want those, try your chips with milk, fruit juice, smoothies, and even tea.

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4. Don’t Forget the Gummy Worms

Gummy worms

Gummy worms

Are you watching a horror movie or a thriller that has you on the edge of your seat? Then, you need something to chew on to relieve the tension, and if it’s not beef jerky, it’s sour gummy worms.

Gummy worms are a grab-and-go, and unless you want to make them from scratch, you can quickly get them at the store, alongside ice cream, fruit juice, or anything you want to pair with it.

5. Snag the Chocolate Bars


Chocolate bars

Like popcorn, chocolates are a classic go-to for any occasion.

You can whip them out at parties, during your lunch break at work, or even at the bus stop while you wait for your bus. They also provide the perfect sugar rush to get through the thrills of the movie you’re watching.

It’s a comfort snack that can partner up with many other snacks. Cakes are a yes, ice-creams are a match, and you could have a glass of water with it and still feel great.

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6. Fruits Are No Less Delicious

A bowl of fruits


Diced fruits are another good choice for movie nights, especially if you want to eat healthy.

Make a fruit bowl with fresh fruits like pineapple, mango, melon, apple, and grapes. Fill the bowl with your favorite fruits, and sprinkle some nuts or yogurt to spice it up. Fruit bowls are a crowd-pleaser because there’s always something for everyone in the mix.

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Snacks and movie nights go hand in hand. You should have something in your bowl, whether you’re a sweet-toothed Sarah who likes chocolate bars or crunchy Tom who’ll always go for crunchy snacks.

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