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About Us:

Insight.ng is a leading digital media company established in Nigeria. We offer you the best insights in areas of Entrepreneurship, Career, Personal Development, Freelancing, Digital Trends with some spices of a happy Lifestyle. We are committed to showing you another unique lens on how you do things. We believe you can do it a lot better, and we are committed to helping you achieve this in a grand style.

Insight.ng is a one-stop destination for all Nigerian and Africans.

At insight.ng, we aim to inspire, encourage and coach Nigerians. 

Our goal is to;

  • Help you achieve your dream career
  • Help you become more productive entrepreneurs
  • Teach you self-discipline and efficiency
  • Expose you to the nooks and crannies of freelancing business in Nigeria
  • Spice up your lifestyle and make it livelier and fun


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Insight.ng Blog

The blog is where all activities start before channeling to all our other pages.

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Insightpreneur Webinar

Insightpreneur is a FREE WEBINAR series with a primary goal of giving Nigerians insights on building and running a successful business enterprise in Nigeria. We invite business experts to share ideas-focused talks on different online business ventures and become to succeed at them. This includes Freelancing, blogging, tech, etc.

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Insight Elite Networking

Insight Elite is all about Networking among top experts and influencers across different African industries. We connect Business Leaders, Career Coaches, Tech Experts, Lifestyle Influencers, and Campus Shappers to network, rub minds and share innovative ideas to impact the African Community and its people. We also do exclusive interviews with them and broadcast interviews on the Elite YouTube channel.

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Insight Digital Academy

Insight.ng creates digital courses to empower Nigerians and Africans with alternative digital skills and expose them to the digital market. With high-demand skills, Nigerians can leverage the internet and compete effectively in the global marketplace. Through this, we hope to reduce the strain on the Nigerian labor market and restore hope and fulfillment to individuals.

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Spice & Lifestyle

In everything we do, we will never forget to add some spices of happy lifestyle to give Nigerians a sense of completeness. Insight Spice is all about entertainmen and trends. It focuses on fun and exciting conversations like Girls Code, Bro's Code, Dating tips, Celebrity talks, etc.
It is one of our unique ways of helping you live a more happy and fulfilling life.

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Meet The Team

Taiwo Sotikare

Taiwo Sotikare

Founder & CEO, Insight.ng

Taiwo Sotikare is a business enthusiast who is passionate about helping small businesses grow. He believes in the power of knowledge and is dedicated to giving Nigerians the best information on how to grow their businesses. Beyond business, Taiwo is equally committed to the general growth of Nigerians across different areas of interest such as lifestyle, lifehack, career, studentship, and personal development.

As the founder and CEO of insight.ng, Taiwo leads and oversees the general activities of the company, particularly in the areas of innovation and marketing. As a tech enthusiast, Taiwo also occupies the position of Chief Technology Officer of insight. ng where he is responsible for the management of the technical needs of the company.

halimat chisom chief Editor insight.ng

Chief Operating Officer, Insight.ng

Halimat Chisom Atanda is currently the COO of insight.ng. 

As the Company's Chief Operating Officer, Halimat works closely with company Executive Members in strategizing how the promote the blog and generate more traffics. She is a graduate of FUTA, Nigeria, and a published author of a book titled “Imagine” on Wattpad, and has several short stories written for fun. When she’s not working on website content, Halimat is either reading, sewing or learning computational drug design.

oluwakore akinmoluwa team lead insight spice

Oluwakorede Akinmoluwa

Community Manager, Insight.ng

Oluwakorede Akinmoluwa currently serves as the Community Manager of Insight Friend and Family (Insight.ng online community) that fosters relationships with all members of the brand and the entire Nigeria and African communities.

As the Community Manager, Oluwakorede takes charge of every conversation in Insight Friends and family groups - both on WhatsApp and Telegram.

Oluwakorede is one of the pioneer members of Insight Spice, set up in September 2021, and has been very instrumental to the creativity, innovation, and development of the team and the project itself - before leaving the role to become the brand online communities manager.

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