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Insight.ng is a leading content publishing website in Nigeria. We offer you the best insights in areas of Entrepreneurship, Career, Personal development, Freelancing, Digital Trends with some spices of a happy lifestyle. We are committed to showing you another unique lens to the way you do things. We believe you can do it a lot better, and we are committed to helping you achieve this in a grand style.

Insight.ng is a one-stop destination for all Nigerian and Africans.

At insight.ng, we aim to inspire, encourage and coach Nigerians. 

Our goal is to;

  • Help you achieve your dream career
  • Help you become more productive entrepreneurs
  • Teach you self-discipline and efficiency
  • Expose you to the nooks and crannies of freelancing business in Nigeria
  • Spice up your lifestyle and make it livelier and fun


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Insight.ng Blog

This is where all activities start before it channels down to all our other pages.

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Insightpreneur (YouTube)

Because we believe in the importance of motion graphic, we create quality video contents that show Nigerians on how they can improve on their Business Ventures and Careers. We bring in successful entrepreneurs across various industries to come and share their sad and success story with Nigerians.

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Free Webinar

We host free monthly and annual webinars where bring in business experts to come and connect and communicate with our happy audience live and direct. This Free monthly webinar often holds on our Telegram page, or sometimes on our Facebook community.

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Spice & Lifestyle

In everything we do, we will never forget to add some spices of happy lifestyle to give Nigerians a sense of completeness. We walk through the street of Nigeria to get Nigerians views on different trends in Nigeria. And we air it on your Insight Spice YouTube Channel. We also discuss different topics as regards how to live a happier life in Nigeria.

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Meet The Team

Taiwo Sotikare

Taiwo Sotikare

Founder & CEO, Insight.ng

Taiwo Sotikare is a business enthusiast who is passionate about helping small businesses grow. He believes in the power of knowledge and is dedicated to giving Nigerians the best information on how to grow their businesses. Beyond business, Taiwo is equally committed to the general growth of Nigerians across different areas of interest such as lifestyle, lifehack, career, studentship, and personal development.

As the founder and CEO of insight.ng, Taiwo leads and oversees the general activities of the company, particularly in the areas of innovation and marketing. As a tech enthusiast, Taiwo also occupies the position of Chief Technology Officer of insight. ng where he is responsible for the management of the technical needs of the company.

Micheal Dawodu Manager insight.ng

Dawodu Michael

General Manager, Insight.ng

Dawodu Michael is currently the acting manager of Insight.ng. He is one of the pioneer members of Insight.ng as a paid writer before taking over the office of the Chief Editor of Insight.ng. While working as the Blog Chief Editor, Micheal worked beyond the scope of the working contract and contribute effectively to the growth of the company in all rounds. This earned him the promotion of company manager.

As the acting manager of insight.ng, Micheal works hand in hand with the CEO in the efficient management of all the activities of the company. Together with the CEO, and other staff members, he ensures the productivity of other sections of the Insight.ng company like; Insightpreneur, Insight Spice, Insight Biz Club, and the blog, Insight.ng

halimat chisom chief Editor insight.ng

Chief Editor, Insight.ng

Halimat Chisom Atanda is currently the Chief Editor insight.ng where she reviews and enhances the quality of every post on insight.ng for structure, flow and relevancy. She is equally the Team Lead of Insight Writers Community, where she manages the company team of writers and editors, build an excellent relationship with them and treat each writer with fairness, courtesy, and objectivity.

As the Company's Chief Editor, Halimat works closely with company Executive Members in strategizing how the promote the blog and generate more traffics. She is a graduate of FUTA, Nigeria, and a published author of a book titled “Imagine” on Wattpad, and has several short stories written for fun. When she’s not working on website content, Halimat is either reading, sewing or learning computational drug design.

oluwakore akinmoluwa team lead insight spice

Oluwakorede Akinmoluwa

Team Lead, Insight Spice

 Oluwakorede Akinmoluwa is currently the Team Lead of Insight Spice, a subsection of insight.ng that focuses on lifestyle, entertainment, and trends. Oluwakorede is one of the pioneer members of Insight Spice, set up in September 2021, and has been very instrumental to the creativity, innovation and development of both the team and the project itself. 

As the Team Lead of Insight Spice, Oluwakorede monitors the activities of the team in creating beautiful, entertaining and “SPICEFUL” content. He also works hand-in-hand with insight.ng Marketing Team to promote Insight Spice and boost its reach. As a man of creativity, Oluwakorede features in all sections of the Spice activities, ranging from Lifestyle, Vox Pop and Trends

ADELEKE, Paul Ifeoluwa, insight.ng creative manager

Paul Adeleke

Creative Manager, Insight.ng

Paul Adeleke is an exciting creative who studies Architecture at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. As a creative, he focuses on graphics art, creating beautiful and well-detailed artworks. Paul is passionate about seeing things done with particular attention to the finest detail and this fuels his passion for design. He sees design as a means to express his core values in the simplest and most easily understood way.

This passion and work ethic are some of the reasons he currently holds the role of the Creative Manager at Insight.ng. As the creative manager at Insight.ng, Paul works hand in hand with every executive member of Insight.ng, especially the Marketing Department to ensure the productivity of every aspect of Insight.ng through the contribution of well-detailed and appealing creatives.

When he is not occupied as a graphics designer, he loves to explore architecture as well as other fields of design, conducting informal research and exploring new ideas.

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