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  • Own the front seat on our website homepage for a whole 336 hours
  • Position your services at the fingertips of our 50,000+ monthly readers
  • Embrace the opportunity for continuous lifetime conversion from our rapidly growing community of readers and contributors. is the leading and fastest-growing media brand in Nigeria. Thanks to our culture of creating insightful content that spurs Nigerians that love everything we do. We’re obsessed with positively engaging Nigeria’s ever-changing audience and masters at driving impact through digital media.

This gives us enough power to help interested content partners and associates in promoting and marketing their businesses to our audience through sponsored posts. accepts sponsored posts in the following forms:

  • Articles: Articles can range between 500 to 3,000 words, and you will get up to 3 do-follow links. Depending on how comprehensive the article is. 
  • Press releases: You can write a short and long press release about a new development in your organization or the launch of a new product. Press releases equally attract do-follow links.
  • Videos: Create a promotional video along with short content that we can embed on our website for visitors to consume.
  • Interviews: Book an interview session with us to promote yourself as an entrepreneur or business owner. There are ZERO restrictions here. If you’ve ever needed to brag about your expertise, this is your chance.
  • Infographics: Create engaging infographics about your business or course and promote it through our blog. 

What’s In It For You?

Ideally, our thousands of weekly readers will become your potential customers. Therefore, we advise you to employ great salesmanship in your content to convert these potential customers.

Your sponsored post will last on our website’s front page for up to 2 weeks. And it will stay permanently on our blog afterward.

So, even after having our numerous readers view your posts on our home page for 14 days, you continue to gain and convert potential customers from our rapidly increasing community.

Who creates the sponsored content?

You can send us an article/content of your choice following our advice of employing great content that converts. You can also add short videos and pictures that better define your purpose.

If you are not sure your content ideas will do justice converting potential customers to actual customers, we will be happy to help. We have a selected team of talented content creators that will take pride in providing exquisite content for your business. Even better, these writers know their readers and can connect the content with our readers’ interests.

What Do You Have To Do To Get This Offer Right Now?

We provide mouthwatering offers at unbelievably cheap rates for this lifetime visibility:

  • If you will be creating the content yourself, you only have to pay N75,000 
  • If you need the help of our talented writers, you pay N90,000

PS: For every sponsored post you submit on our blog, we give you up to 3 do-follow links to any website of your choice.

Ready to multiply your audience reach?

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