15 Things to Discuss On Your First Date With a Nigerian

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things to discuss on your first date with a Nigerian

Life is definitely in stages, a time to get acquainted, a time to build friendship, and a time to make meaning of it when the need arises. When that time comes, you shouldn’t run out of things to discuss on your first date with a Nigerian.

Ever wondered why the phrase “first impression lasts longer” is so well used? This is because every first meeting determines what happens next. It could either leave a good impression in the heart of that person you are meeting or make them vow never to meet with you again.

Just like most people, you do not want to be in the second category. But, there is this unexplainable fulfilment that comes when you realize that you’ve left a good impression and you are appreciated even on a first date. Wow! Such a remarkable feat!

Unfortunately, several people are still scared when they need to go on a first date or have a conversation with someone for the first time. Are you one of these people, and you are looking for ways to overcome the first date phobia? I have got you covered on this.

It is imperative to understand how to chip in questions, bring out topics and make the conversation flow without breaking a sweat.

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15 Things to Discuss on Your First Date with a Nigerian

  1. What do you do in your free time?

Asking this question not only helps you discover what they love to do most, giving you an insight into the kind of person you are with, it also helps you know the type of things they would love to spend more time doing. What better way to build friendship than knowing what works well for the other?

  1. Movies or Music?

I am sure you are aware that people would pick movies over music any day, any time. Instead of assuming what the other likes, start a conversation by asking which your date prefers, and be specific with your question. Asking “what are your likes and dislikes” can be tiring to answer, so make your queries more simplified.

This could help in determining if your next date will be at the cinema or a music concert. Remember to ask what genre of music or type of movie they love to see.

  1. What are you good at?

So many people love to blow their trumpets and make people understand the things they can do with so much ease and regard as their talent. You will be adding a plus to your scores if you ask this question. It makes your date feel important and an opportunity to tell you what they are so good at. No one will be cool around someone who doesn’t care about how good they are in a particular field. Do not be one of those “someones”. Instead, mark your territory and show genuine interest when they tell you about their rare gifts.

  1. What is your nickname?

One way to get more familiar with a person is by learning the pet names given to them and calling them that name they love the most. If you do not know their nickname, make it one of the questions you need to ask. Make it fun by asking them how the name was gotten and what makes it unique to them. When you are openly interested in what they love, they tend to warm up to you.

  1. What is your definition of a home?

This is a very tricky topic to discuss, a type of question that shows how intelligent your date is and explains how accommodating they could be. However, if you are looking for a long-lasting relationship, this is an important question you should ask and take note of.

  1. Do you love adventures?

Getting along requires many things, and knowing if your date is someone who views items just like you is critical. For example, if you love to travel around the world, it is not out of the ordinary to want someone who would be eager to tour the universe with you, but how would you know if you do not discuss it?

This is an avenue to strike a balance in your social life. Either you are ready to tone it down or hype it up.

  1. What is your favourite food?

This is a simple but important question you need to ask also. Knowing the type of food that could make your date give a huge smile is another plus for you. Imagine turning up with that great meal? Yeah, right! You just scored a point.

  1. Where would you love to live?

Just in case you need a lasting relationship, you definitely want someone who would love to be around you. So here is the point to understanding the kind of lifestyle your date loves. Without much digging, you will get to know if you have the same taste or something you need to work on.

  1. What are the top things on your list?

This question helps you know how goal-oriented or ambitious your date is. Asking this question has, over the years, helped many get a clear view of the kind of personality a person has. Finally, you will get to know if it is all about an exorbitant lifestyle or a simple life.

  1. What’s the worst job you’ve done

If you aim to get close and be a part of their daily life, this is one of the things to discuss on your first date with a Nigerian.

Having this topic being trashed makes them very open with you. Sharing the good and bad sides of their job experiences gives an impression that they have known you for a long time.

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  1. Which are you, love, morning or night?

Make sure you ask your date this question. Asking the reason for their choice is as important as the question itself, as this helps you understand what time of the day they love to be either indoors or outdoors.

  1. When is your birthday?

Oh yes! A fundamental question you need to ask. Not just that, you also need to keep the answer at the back of your mind. If you must, jot it down somewhere to remember.

It would not speak well if you ask this question and still forget that one particular day. Everyone loves to be celebrated.

  1. Do you love to cook?

You should ask this question to know what you are going into. Cooking is great, but not everyone loves to be in the kitchen for hours. Asking this question tells you what to expect. If you are a good cook, but your date does not love to cook, this can be an excellent time to volunteer to do the cooking and present it as a fun game.

  1. What is your social life like?

You might be searching for someone who has a private life. This is the time to know. Or do you want to know if your date keeps a long row of friends and loves to party? Ask away and get to know them better!

  1. Which celebrity do you admire?

Remember, we are a reflection of who we follow? Nice! The kind of celebrity your date loves or regards as a model explains deeply the type of person they are. Is that a good one or something you do not want to associate yourself with? You get to know! Cool right?

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These are just some of the things to discuss on your first date with a Nigerian to get to know each other better. Meeting someone for the first time doesn’t have to be complicated or nerve-racking. However, it should be fun and memorable.

The next time you fix a date, own the floor and make a good time out of it. Remember, do not be the only one doing the talking, be a great listener and avoid asking your questions like an interview session. Make it fun by answering their questions too. If your date is terrible at asking questions, volunteer to answer the questions you’ve been asking from your end as they also answer. Ensure you learn the things to discuss on your first date with a Nigerian so as not to end up in an awkward situation.

Cheers to great togetherness.

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