Privacy Policy for Business Websites: All You Need to Know

by Precious Emecheta

The greatest fear of every business owner is lack of growth. You would always want to do anything in your power to achieve continuous growth in your business. An important step you don’t want to overlook in achieving that is creating a privacy policy for your business website.

Privacy policies in your business website help your SEO and marketing efforts and also help you build consumers’ trust and keep them properly informed.

If you own a website, app, or platform that collects and uses any kind of information from its users, having a privacy policy is essential. Here, you’ll get to know what a privacy policy is all about.

What is a Privacy Policy?

Privacy policy is a document that informs your users on how and why you collect their information, what you do with the acquired data, and  whether you will share it with others. These policies, sometimes called privacy statements or privacy notices, serve as legal documents meant to protect both the company and consumers.

Privacy policies show your consumers that you take their privacy seriously in your business.

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Areas Where Privacy Policy is Useful

  1. Users data rights and how to exercise them

This includes contact information such as names, photos, email address, phone numbers, IP address uploaded on the website by the user. It builds users trust in your website.

  1. Users data collection and the purposes behind it

This includes the pages they access, the links they use, how long they spend on a particular page, etc.You can collect this information through surveys, customer transactions, and email newsletters. It helps to predict users’ preferences.

  1. Users complaints forms

A business owner can create an email dedicated to receiving complaints. E.g. ([email protected]).

  1. Data processing, sharing, and storage

This ensures that sensitive data, such as financial information or medical reports, are only accessible by an authorized person. This can be achieved through access control measures like, biometric authentication, deleting of data after the end of a contract, agreement or service, unless it is necessary to retain the data by law.

Privacy Policy Generators

Privacy policies can be created online using online privacy policy generators. Below are the five best privacy policy generators and their features.

  1. GetTerms

This privacy policy generator has flexible payment options and detailed questionnaires for customized docs. it’s fast and easy to use, and it ensures that your apps meet the gold standard of legal requirements.

Mohamed Igbal Hossein (Digital affiliate marketer) says, “It’s your trustworthy navigator through the legal labyrinth.”


  • Starter:$49 per website for a year.
  • Pro+:$69 Per website for a year.

Legal compliance: GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), CCPA (California Customer Privacy Act), and APA(American Psychological Association).


  • Comprehensive policy packs for full coverage.
  • Time and money-saving solutions.
  • Detailed policies for your business.
  • Easy Privacy policy creation.
  • Lawyers crafted policies for website compliance.
  • User friendly
  • Plain language policies.
  1. Termly

This privacy policy generator comes with a real-time auto-update with notifications. It has HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language) & code snippet publishing options, automatic updates as the law changes, customizable to match your business, and a security FAQ that summarizes their practices and policies, keeping your personal information safe and secured.


  • Free: minimal compliance, one basic legal policy, four policy edits, cookie policy and banner, Quarterly cookie scans.
  • Starter: $10 per website monthly. 2 legal compliance, ten policy edits, cookie policy and banner, cookie script auto blocker, monthly cookie scan, privacy regulation monitoring.
  • Pro+: $15 Per website monthly, unlimited legal policies, unlimited policy edits, unlimited banner views, weekly cookie scans, Privacy regulation monitoring, multi-language support, and multi-user permission.

Legal compliance: GDPR, CCPA.


  • Volume discount
  • Multi-user management
  • API Access
  • Wholesale pricing
  • Customer Reseller marketing materials.
  • Multiple domains and subdomains.
  • GTM consent mode.
  • Direct customer service

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  1. Termsfeed

This privacy policy generator adapts to your geographic location, has a lot of compliance options, and updates notifications when laws change.


Free: This privacy policy generator offers a free policy that comes with simple terms and conditions, a simple cookie policy, a simple disclaimer, a simple EULA(End-user License Agreement), a hosting page, a simple privacy policy

Legal compliance: CCPA, GDPR, COPPA, CalOPA.


  • Saves cost
  • Personalized legal document.
  • Constant monitors of the legal landscape

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  1. PrivacyPolicies

This privacy policy generator is straightforward to get started with. It works for websites, apps, and SaaS, is easy to access, and the documents are written in plain English. 


Free: This privacy policy generator is free, and it comes with policy revisions applied to your hosted privacy policy, HTML documents, Clauses for ads, and cookies.

Legal compliance: GDPR, CCPA, COPPA.


  • Educating users about their Data practices.
  • Obtaining informed consent from data processing.
  • Backup and recovery
  1. Iubenda

This privacy policy generator supports multiple languages, has ample customization, it’s cost-effective, and can geneabilitylicies in ten languages,


  • Essential:$5.99 per app for a month. A privacy policy and cookie policy generator, Autofill legal document, and legal document update.
  • Advanced: $24.99 per app for a month. All third-party services, Minimal iubenda branding, Basic integration, available in all languages, google consent mode.
  • Ultimate: $99.99 per app for a month. All third-party services, Minimal iubenda branding, Ability to inteabilityia APl, Seamless integration of documents in your app or site, available in all Languages.

Legal compliance: LGPD(local government development program) GDPR, CCPA


  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Privacy control
  • Allows record of processing activities.
  • Customizable cookie banner.

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There are key parts of maintaining a website that you must pay attention to as a business owner, such as keeping content fresh and engaging, dealing with security threats, and good customer interaction.

Gaining and retaining your customers’ trust is an effective way of skyrocketing your sales, as this helps to build your brand and helps your SEO and marketing efforts. Creating a privacy policy for your website is one way to top your game.

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