Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Dream Course as a Student in Nigeria

by Olunlade Toluwalase Joshua
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choosing a dream course in Nigeria

When it comes to choosing a dream course in Nigeria, students in Nigeria get a lot of worries. Unfortunately, this situation is quite recurrent, whether due to pressure from family members or even the insecurity of making such an important decision.

As a Student in Nigeria, your choice of course to study is very crucial in starting your career. Choosing the right course will determine how far your success will be in your institution, but the wrong choice may lead to pain, resulting in endurance for the rest of your life. Therefore, it’s important that before choosing a course of study, you understand and can weigh the factors to be considered to avoid future regrets.

7 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dream Course in Nigeria

Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing your dream course as a student in Nigeria:

  1. Know your ability

Choosing a dream course in Nigeria as a Nigerian student, you first need to know who you are. What you like and dislike, your characteristics, abilities, and preferences. So immerse yourself and think about yourself before thinking of anything else. Then, ask yourself valid questions and give yourself accurate answers.

Make a list of your interests, talents, shortcomings, and even where you need to improve. Also list the activities you like to do in your free time, the movies you want to watch, the subjects you like to talk about the most, the ones you can do without stress. Finally, analyze your qualities and everything that makes you happy or embarrassed.

  1. Course curriculum

Choosing a dream course in Nigeria as a Nigerian student means knowing what you are going to study, how long it will take, what secondary school subjects require when choosing a course is like reading a book summary. This allows you to have an idea of what is ahead of you in the years you will dedicate to study.

This is frequently the deciding element in whether you will be fascinated by the course or abandon it entirely. However, it’s best not to build up too much anticipation because, even if it’s a subject that interests you, there will always be one or several disciplines that aren’t so enjoyable — in other words, don’t get discouraged!

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  1. Course availability

Because not all universities offer the same courses or teach in the same manner, it is best to conduct extensive research on the course you choose to pursue at your desired college. If this happens, people often change careers due to the unavailability of such courses in the institution you have decided to study.

It is crucial to check out for courses of your future job before applying to any institution to avoid a story that touches the heart.


  1. Labour market

Having an overview of how the career of your choice job market is essential, as you will later be in the circle later in life. When choosing a dream course in Nigeria as a Nigerian student, you also need to consider its usefulness in the labour market.

This factor is critical in choosing a career path. Many careers and jobs are becoming less important and obsolete since new technologies and science replace them. Therefore, when you intend to choose your career, endeavour to check for the course relevance in the job market. An example is the case post office that has been replaced by phones. A relevant career today might become obsolete tomorrow.

And also, if you have a dream in mind, do research and find out what the prospects are for that area if the market is saturated or not.

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Therefore, it is worth doing research on the internet, reading magazines, talking to trained professionals, and looking for any other types of references to support your decision.

At this time, reconcile the results of researched trends with your desires and preferences. For example, taking a course that professionals are jobless can be a mistake. It will only be as investing in something that doesn’t have value for the future. In this case, it is better to keep such course as a hobby to avoid future regrets.

  1. Financial capability

As a student in Nigeria, after finding an excellent choice to study in the education market, check out the course’s costs. This is the factor that will be determined whether to choose the course or not.

Research what the course will cost you. Find out about the tuition fees, cost of living, etc. If the price is more than your ability is advisable to move to another city to study at a public university than a private institution. So be careful and don’t overlook this factor as it is vital to choosing a dream course in Nigeria as a Nigerian student.

  1. Opinion of others

You can listen to suggestions and advice from parents, family, and friends about the best profession to pursue. However, don’t forget while listening to them that your career is up to you. They won’t be there with you. So don’t distract yourself by the opinion of others. Instead, listen to your voice and follow your voice.

  1. Passion for it

Your passion and interest in your choice. It is fundamental to choosing a dream course in Nigeria as a Nigerian student. However, don’t pursue it because of money. Of course, you need to consider the pay for the career you will pursue; after all, money is a necessary part of life. However, entering a profession thinking only of financial return is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

Many promising careers will be on the rise for years to come, but are they for you? Information technology professionals, doctors, engineers: these are examples of professionals who have excellent chances of getting reasonable remuneration. But what if the areas that pique your interest are entirely different from these? Is it worth giving up what you like just in search of a higher salary?

No big salary can ease an exhausting routine that requires you to do something you don’t like. It will be excellent if you look for a career that may provide you with a bright future. However, you make every effort to align a thriving career with a profession where you see purpose and feel fulfilled.



Finally, as a student in Nigeria, don’t waste time and find out about the selection process of the chosen institutions. The sooner you start preparing, the better it will probably be to secure your spot.

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