maximizing hobbies into stress relievers as a nigerian student

Stress is something natural for all Nigerian student. But too much of it is not good for health and productivity. As such, there is a need for some fun activities to ease up the tension.

This can be hobby or any fun activities. And the interesting part is there are many ways you can maximize hobbies into a stress reliever as a Student.


Why do you need hobbies as a Nigerian Student?

As said earlier, everyone needs some fun, including students. Though stress is unavoidable, it can be relieved with some fun activities.

Generally, as humans, life throw several unwanted stresses at us; however, the level is a bit more refined when it comes to a Nigerian student.

And this is one of the many reasons you need some fun activities to engage yourself to. A hobby, to be precise. 


Types of Stress Students encounter in Nigeria

Life of a Nigerian student can be burdensome and demanding, some of the major stresses they face are;

  1. Financial stress

The financial demands of being a student can be exasperating. Many students depend on their parents for financial support or pocket money as they call it.

This pocket money is sometimes unable to cover every need of these students, which will inevitably lead to financial stress.

Causes of financial stress

  • Unforeseen circumstances: Most students have their pocket money fixed no matter the changes to their needs.
    When sudden needs arise, they have to forgo some other necessities to settle a pressing one.
  • Unpaid salaries: This is tragic to both guardians and their wards because unpaid salaries for guardians may lead to low funds for their wards.


  1. Academic stress

Arguably, the most everyday stress students experience.

Attending lectures, studying for tests and exams, doing assignments, attending tutorials and others all take their toll on students.

Also, some lecturers act like their course is the only course students offer; therefore, they must give it all of their attention.

Causes of academic stress;

  • Busy time-tables.
  • Inconsiderate lecturers.
  • Bad academic habits.
  • Unfamiliarity to academic schedules; victims are often new students.


  1. Future stress

The years of studentship are very formative ones as they are vital in preparing young adults for the future.

Asides from the academic objective of being a student, students also focus on their career paths which could be sometimes arduous.

Many students try to evade this stress by practising the Peter Pan Syndrome in which they try every possible means to avoid discussions about the future.

Causes of future stress;

  • State of the country
  • Wanting a better life than your parents
  • Indecision


Tips to choosing the right hobby as a Student

Considering the causes of these forms of stress, it is necessary to engage not only in hobbies that’ll lift your spirit but also those that’ll help you develop into the best well-rounded person you can be.

In doing this, you have to find yourself activities that will flow with your study schedule and wouldn’t cause any form of stress and are simultaneously enjoyable and productive.

8 Interesting Hobbies to Engage in as a Nigerian Student

Here are some cool solution-oriented hobbies to the stress students face;

  1. Reading

An art the majority of our generation has failed to master. The question, “how do I relax by reading when I’m tired of reading?” may pop up.

However, the problem with students that ask this question is that they mistake reading for studying. A novel can be read and also be studied.

According to this context, studying is reviewing things already learnt in order not to forget them.

While reading is the act of looking at any form of written information and interpreting it to understand.

Benefits of reading:

  • It facilitates relaxation.
  • Increase your brain power
  • Keeps you informed
  • Prepare you for good night sleep
  • Brain and mind exercise
  1. Learning a new language

Language learning may involve some studying, but it sure is fun, being able to communicate in a foreign language.

It helps improve your intelligence and will be a plus to your resume.

(Research proves) that the brains of bilinguists operate differently than those of monolinguists.

Benefits of learning a new language

  • It gives you a better sense of perception.
  • Makes you a global citizen
  • More respect and admiration from people
  • It avoids dementia.
  • Job opportunities.
  1. Writing

You don’t have to go into journalism before you master the art of writing. Journaling is one way to start – penning down your thoughts and ideas, experiences, goals and objectives.

It will help keep you organised and focused. Research by James Pennebaker, a psychologist at the University of Texas claims that regular journaling boosts the immune system.

Benefits of writing

  • It promotes self-discovery.
  • Exposes you to millions opportunity
  • Makes you an authority in your field
  • Earn money in urgent needs
  1. Exercising

People mostly think of exercising when it comes to keeping fit or losing weight oblivious to the fact that it keeps the mind in shape as well.

Study shows that exercising helps to reduce stress and improve one’s mental health condition.

Benefits of exercising:

  • Productivity
  • Helps you have a good night sleep
  • Helps your brain think better
  • Makes you feel alive and happy
  1. Volunteering

Your hobbies can also put a smile on people’s face, or tackle a social issue. Whichever it is, volunteering is an ideal and healthy way to put your leisure hours to good use.

There are so many ways to involve yourself.

Some do not even need special skills; while some are even from the comfort of your home. Google searching for ways to involve yourself is a great way to start. Or join the insight’s writers’ community.

Benefits of volunteering:

  • You get to gain experience in other fields
  • Meet more people
  • Exposure to unique ideas and opportunity
  • Popularity


  1. Photography

An easily workable hobby! You don’t need any special types of equipment; your phone is enough.

Go outside with a creative or artistic mentality and create beautiful photos of nature, people and events.

Benefits of photography:

  • It boosts your confidence.
  • Also helps reduce stress levels.
  • Expose you to the beauty of nature
  • Lucrative skills for some fast income
  1. Music

An excellent way to start is by learning to play a musical instrument as a study shows that it improves brain performance.

Music may not be your thing, but it’s not enough excuse for you to miss out on some good music.

Relieve yourself of stress by listening to well-harmonised songs.

Benefits of listening to music:

  • Improves the brain’s functionality.
  • Keeps your company
  • Make you entertained
  • Promotes expression of emotions.
  1. Meditation

Meditation comes in very handy for every student as it helps to power the mind and make you more energetic to handle daily routines.

What makes it more fun is that it’s easy to practice. 5 to 10 minutes from your whole 24 hours is enough per day.

Benefits of meditation

  • It’s an energy booster.
  • Helps you focus
  • Prepare your mind for a good sleep
  • Expertise your brain and mind


If you don’t have hobbies, the examples above are highly recommended.

If you already have hobbies take time to review them, remember that as a student your hobbies have to be enjoyable, manageable and productive.


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His interests are health and lifestyle, current affairs, sports, and arts.


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