The Top 10 Business Finance Apps to Build A Successful Enterprise

by Olunlade Toluwalase Joshua
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Business finance apps are apps that enable faster and easier management of finances. In this digital era, technology stands out and surpasses in many strategic areas of life. It makes finances more straightforward to manage than they used to be. Moreover, business finance apps come into existence with the advent of technology.

Tracking Your Expenses: Learn About The Best Business Finance Apps

Anyone without technical knowledge can download business finance apps. These apps save both time and money. Besides, business finance apps can send out invoices, manage customers, and pay transactions. These apps are beneficial not only to business owners but also to customers. 

Business finance apps also allow payment of bills and access to loan facilities, investment, and banking services. Also, people use these apps as expense trackers for small and big businesses, and they have performed well in past years. 

In this article, you will learn the best business finance apps to help you achieve your financial goals. 

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10 Mobile Business Finance Apps in Nigeria

  1. Piggy Vest

Piggy Vest is one of the best business finance apps you can ever come across. It is formerly known as the Piggy Bank. Piggy Vest has led many businesses to financial freedom. Gone are those days when you had to contribute your money to someone and collect it at the end of the year. Piggy Vest has come to occupy that place. 

Are you thinking of a way to save your money but you don’t know how to go about it? It’s fine. You only need to make Piggy Vest your business finance app as well as an expense tracker. Then, there you go!

The main target of this business finance app (Piggy Vest) is for business owners to control their expenses and save money online. You can plan to save money like N1,000 daily. Automatically, Piggy Vest removes the money from your bank daily. It doesn’t offer a savings option. Also, it allows its customers to make more money by adding some little perks to their savings.

  1. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a small business finance app usually for small businesses. The purpose of the app is to be your expense tracker and monitor your financial health. QuickBooks gives the option for you to use the app to manage your business finance. 

Moreover, QuickBooks helps you to generate invoices, create reports and even pay bills. It also helps businesses analyze data, pay, and receive online payments. Besides, QuickBooks is unique because you can pair it with POS devices to give quick receipts and expense trackers.

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  1. Fresh Books

Fresh Books is a business finance app that works majorly as an expense tracker. It operates via a mobile app. It is the best business finance app for small businesses. Fresh Books allows you to use other different apps with it by automating it. 

Also, this app allows you to organise your income and expenses in a category. So, when it comes to the time for the tax, you will know how to calculate it. Some of the features of Fresh Books are only available on its website. However, if you have a PC, it will be easier for you.

  1. Square business finance app

Square is one of the best business finance apps. It is a great point of sale (POS) app that allows users to pay and receive money. Square helps you to manage your inventory and track your expenses. It allows you to set up an online store in the app. You can also use it to prepare reports and analyze data.

  1. Intuit Mint

Intuit Mint is a business finance app which is also known as Mint. It is one of the best apps to manage your business finances by managing your income. Mint app does this by bringing together all your finances from account balance to income.

Also, Intuit Mint is an expense tracker. It gives you a clear picture of your financial health by showing you some of your financial details. Details like your weekly expenses, monthly expenses, the number of credit alerts you received, and the number of debit alerts you received. The app is available on the app store for iOS users and on the Play Store for android users.

  1. Inflow finance

Inflow finance is one of the business finance apps that allows you to link all your bank accounts in one place. It helps to track all your expenses categorically. Moreover, it tells you what to do and how to play the finance game with huge income and expenses. The app is available on the website, Play Store and App Store.

  1. Rydoo

Rydoo is one of the best business finance apps, formerly known as Xpenditure. Its purpose is to help you track your business expenses through the app. It eases the stress of hiring an accountant to do the work for you.

The app is a time saver because it helps to avoid manual input and paper-based reporting of expenses. All you need to do is upload the sales receipts on the app through the app or email. Once this is done, the app will extract the critical data on the receipt and put it on the app categorically. To generate your report at the end of the week or month, you can generate it in XML, CSV, XLS, or PDF format.

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  1. Wally

Wally is a business finance app that helps you manage both your regular finances and business finances. This app allows you to control your money by balancing your income and expenses. Understanding how to spend your money will help you set goals and achieve them seamlessly. Wally helps with just that. The app is available for both Android and iOS users.

  1. Concur Expense

Another business finance app covers many areas, from expense tracker to invoicing. The app helps you optimize your expense performance by showing you where you are and where to improve.

Like Rydoo, it allows you to take pictures of receipts and upload them on the app. It also permits others to access it once they know your password. It allows you to add as many bank cards as you want to receive and process payments. Concur Expense is a secured platform protected with co-corporate-grade security.

  1. Level Money

Level Money app is one of the apps to manage your business finances. It helps you stick to your budget. As a business owner, Level Money helps you save for more significant purchases like office buses. 

You can also connect the Level Money app to your bank account to help you manage your finances. It is free and available on Android and iPhone.


Business finance apps which you can also call expense trackers play a vital role in helping you to manage your business. Mentioned above are the best apps to manage your business finance in the marketplace. 

More importantly, these apps help you to improve your manner of spending. Before you know it, you already own a successful enterprise. Try any of these business finance apps today and thank me later!

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