Nigeria’s Best Underrated marketable courses: The secret to lucrative futures

by Olatorera Oladeji
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underrated university courses

The word “underrated” means not valued highly enough. In many higher institutions of learning in Nigeria, there are many underrated marketable courses that students avoid. Schools end up “dashing” students in those courses due to the low application into such departments.

Most foreign countries rate these courses relatively high, but due to our orientation, we consider them less significant than other courses. The primary reason for underrating many of these courses is because we assume they have no market value, which is often untrue. Hence, it will be appropriate to enlighten us with Nigeria’s top underrated marketable courses.

10 Underrated Marketable Courses in Nigeria

  1. Marketing

Marketing includes advertising, selling, and delivering products to consumers or other businesses. It is an uncommon course in many higher institutions as a major discipline. A few of the schools that offer the course have made it a dumping ground for students rejected in other courses considered to be lucrative such as accounting and economics.

Fortunately for marketers, the boom of the ICT world has created a variant of marketing called digital marketing. Now, people who studied the so-called lucrative courses are taking online courses just to be a marketer.

  1. Microbiology

This course seems to be a course that universities give rejected students from Medicine, Nursing, and Pharmacy. It is one of the underrated marketable courses. We all got to understand its usefulness during the pandemic. It is a study of microorganisms and their patterns of actions. Understanding microorganisms helps us know how to tackle the issues they cause, including diseases.

Microbiology is a bedrock for more marketable courses. It’s quite sad that it is one of the most underrated marketable courses in life sciences.

  1. Agricultural science

Despite the advantage of having several agriculture practitioners in Nigeria, agriculture is still one of the most underrated marketable courses in the university today. Several students of agricultural science got admission to those courses against their will. They desired other courses.

Interestingly, in this era and phase of many youths seeking to migrate, countries like Australia are searching for agriculture practitioners to help develop their agricultural sector. So if you studied and are practicing agricultural science, it is very lucrative for migration purposes.

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  1. Human resource management

Until now, many higher learning institutions did not even offer Human Resource Management as a major course. Many established Human Resource Managers went the extra mile by taking professional courses in Human Resource Management.

The course has become more lucrative as there is an increased demand for Human Resource Managers in business.

  1. Philosophy

This is one course that several people do not understand its usefulness. As a Nigerian, you tell a person you are studying philosophy, and they roll their eyes. It is also quite rare to find anyone who actually chose to be a philosopher in Nigeria because of how underrated it is. I mean, what are the career options of a philosopher in Nigeria?

The good news is that philosophers are great thinkers! The very essence of philosophy is to examine critical issues and attempt to answer them concerning society. Anyone who studied philosophy can fit well into startups. This is because they think well and come up with the most unlikely questions.

They could also be teachers or take on lucrative administrative roles in almost every facet of society. The world loves great thinkers.

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  1. Material science and engineering

This course is not so common in Nigerian Universities; hence not many people study it. It is a hybrid of science and engineering. It emphasizes the processing, structure, and performance of materials. Material science and engineering are useful in building houses and help understand the best materials for different climates and various purposes.

It is also useful for manufacturing machines. A material scientist understands the kinds of material to design for x-ray machines, ceramics, and spaceships.

The course is so valuable in the engineering and science field, but it is one of the most underrated marketable courses in Nigeria.

  1. Education

Education is probably top of the list of most underrated courses in Nigeria. All of us are taught by teachers, but many do not want to be teachers. It is a broad field that covers training, teaching, and tutoring techniques dedicated to future professionals.

Many Nigerians do not consider Education a lucrative course due to the low pay associated with it. However, the world is now a global village. There are various opportunities for teachers to earn more via various online teaching platforms. The world is searching for tutors to train more professionals, and the demand for teaching is constantly rising.

You might want to check out Education as a course now.

  1. Mathematics

In Nigeria, there was a time when studying mathematics in higher institutions meant a shortage of job opportunities. This made the course underrated by most people. The great thing about studying mathematics is that you can work anywhere! In a bank, finance organisation, tech companies, engineering companies, and several other industries. It is one of the most underrated marketable courses in Nigeria.

  1. Psychology

Psychology is one of the most diverse courses to study in a higher learning institution. It can be divided into various parts; criminal psychology, industrial psychology, medical psychology, etc. Sadly, it is also one of the most underrated courses in Nigeria.

The above-listed parts are useful for Nigeria. Criminal psychologists can secure a job at top law enforcement agencies. The industrial psychologist could work in various companies and help with the market trend on consumer behaviour and the employees.

The widespread awareness of mental health has given medical psychology a boost. The stigma associated with therapy in Nigeria is gradually eroding. The practitioners in the field are gaining more prominence, and prominence leads to marketability.

In all, psychology is a lucrative course in whatever aspect of it you find yourself. However, people still don’t go all out to study it, making it one of Nigeria’s underrated marketable courses.

  1. Veterinary medicine

Perhaps the most underrated marketable course in Nigeria is a veterinary medicine. There are many factors that make up for underrating this course, and they are as follows:

  • First, not many institutions offer it as a course.
  • Second, not many Nigerians have pets, thus limiting vets to zoos, farms, or classrooms.
  • Third, the Nigerians who have pets mostly do not understand the need for a vet in their pets’ lives.

The tides are turning around for vets as more people are getting exposed to making vets take care of their pets. Some vets even own boarding houses for animals where the owners can keep them when they are unavailable.

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One of the most underrated courses is fast becoming very lucrative in Nigeria.

Studying an underrated marketable course may be difficult, particularly as questions like what will you do after school come up regularly. But with the ever-evolving world, there is always a space for any course. After all, it exists for a reason!

We know there’s more to this list. Feel free to start a conversation about this on our WhatsApp group.

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