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Nigerian instagram skit makers

Skit-making has become a full-time vocation for many people in Nigeria, and humans generally love humor. If you want to surf through Instagram just for laughs, the below-listed Nigerian Instagram skit makers are your sure bets for laughter.

  1. Broda Shaggi

Nigerian instagram skit makers

Samuel Animashaun Perry, popularly called Broda Shaggi, is one of the most popular Nigerian Instagram skit makers. He became a famous household name with his skit, “Jesu in Mushin .” He has not looked back since then. He is also an actor, musician, and creative director.

With a following of 10.4 Million followers on Instagram, it is obvious that his skits attract many people from all walks of life. His craft has transcended Instagram to YouTube, where he has millions of subscribers on his platform.

He says a determination to make his mother proud is a major factor in his success story. He recently won an award for Best Actor in a Comedy at the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards.

He is one of the famous Nigerian Instagram skit makers to follow.

  1. Sabinus

Nigerian instagram skit makers

Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ejeku is a Rivers State-born comedian. He became famous with his skit Mr. Funny. His signature comic character always gets into trouble for funny and ridiculous things. This has endeared him to the hearts of many, and he sure is one of the Nigerian Instagram skit makers you should follow.

The University of Port Harcourt graduate sees Mr. Ibu and Charles Inojie as role models and decided to upload short Instagram videos. He is undoubtedly one of the funniest and most popular Nigerian Instagram skit makers.

With 2.2 Million Instagram followers, his popularity keeps soaring. He recently won the award for content creation at the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards this year, defeating fellow famous Instagram creators Mr. Macaroni, Taaooma, and more.

  1. Mr. Macaroni

Nigerian instagram skit makers

Anytime you hear the word “oooin,” the Nigerian Instagram skit maker, Mr. Macaroni, comes to mind. Born Debo Adebayo and popularly called Mr. Macaroni is a famous Nigerian Instagram skit maker for the sugar daddy roles he plays in his skits.

He has diversified his craft as he has several skit series ranging from In-law series, Professor Hard life series, Politician series, and social issues series.

He is also an actor who has featured in quite a several movies. He is also an activist.

With 2.8 Million followers on Instagram, he is undoubtedly one of the most popular Nigerian Instagram skit makers.

  1. Taaooma

Nigerian instagram skit makers

Maryam Apaokagi is a comedian, content creator, brand influencer, and most popularly known as a Nigerian Instagram Skit maker and signature motherly slaps in those skits.

She plays multiple roles in her skit. Taaooma has played roles such as Baba Tao, Mama Tao, Tao, Teni, Tayo (aka young money Tee) and many more.

She has been nominated for several awards and has gained critical acclaim as a skit maker and brand influencer. Her skits are funny and very relatable to many Nigerians. Her 3.8 Million followers on Instagram is a testament to this.

Her pages are a source of fun and laughter for many on Instagram. She should be on the Nigerian Instagram skit makers you should follow.

  1. Twyse

Nigerian instagram skit makers

He is one of the first comedians to play multiple roles in a skit. The Edo State-born comedian is one of the most popular Nigerian Instagram Skit Makers. He plays several roles, such as Taofeek, Mummy Tobi, Daddy Tobi, Sade, and Tobi.

He is also a filmmaker, brand influencer, video editor, etc. Ereme Abraham has 1.3 Million followers on Instagram, which is a testament to his influence as a funny skit maker.

  1. Lasisi Elenu

Nigerian instagram skit makers

Nosa Afolabi, popularly known as Lasisi Elenu, is a Nigerian Instagram skit maker. He is regarded as one of the most versatile in the industry, with varying themes in his skits.

He has shed light on several societal woes ranging from insecurity, economy, cybercrimes, and philosophy. He also has skits depicting different professions by comparing Nigerian practice to practice overseas.

The skit maker with over 4 Million followers has also delved into acting as a vocation. Nonetheless, his Instagram page is still a destination of laughter for many.

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  1. Maraji

Nigerian instagram skit makers

This is another lady on the list of top Nigerian Instagram skit makers to follow. Gloria Oloruntobi started her career by miming songs and lip-syncing videos, but she has become one of the most famous Nigerian Instagram skit makers in recent years.

Her role plays of several characters in her skits can be one of the pioneering role plays in the Nigerian skit-making genre of entertainment as she started as far back as 2015. She has been featured in music videos of artists like Yemi Alade and Falz. Her Instagram page is lively and funny.

  1. Josh2Funny

Nigerian instagram skit makers

His appearance alone, particularly the oversized suits, will make you laugh at first sight. But then, with various shiny coats in various colors, he dishes out laughter and comedy to his fans and followers.

The popular Nigerian skit maker also sings his version of popular songs with his mass choir in funny-looking suits.

Joshua Alfred has over 2 Million followers and has shown no slowing down.

  1. Kiekie

Nigerian instagram skit makers

Olubukunmi Adeaga Ilori is a content creator and fashion influencer. She humorously delivers her fashion content, which has earned her a spot on this list.

She is also a TV host and a creative director of a fashion brand. Her page is soothing, calm, and funny. Her 1.4 Million followers on Instagram will agree that she is not a pushover when it comes to content creation.

  1. MC Lively

Nigerian instagram skit makers

He often depicts an angry and frustrated Nigerian in his skits in a funny manner. Often referred to as Barrister Mike in his skits, Sani Michael is one of the foremost Nigerian skit makers and content creators.

He came into the limelight with his skit “Agidi,” which showcases real-life issues. He has since become a sensation and has been invited to several stand-up comedy shows. He is also an event host and has featured in several films.

He has also diversified his skits to depict other societal issues in Nigeria. His over 2 Million Instagram followers are a testament to his prowess as a funny Nigerian skit maker.

The above list is not exhaustive, but you are guaranteed a good time on their Instagram pages once you visit. You never know; you may even become a follower.

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