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7 Virtual Meeting Etiquette for Nigerians            

by Esther Adeniji

It is hardly impossible to not attend a virtual event in 2022. Especially if you are in the tech space, this is why you need to learn about virtual meeting etiquette.

Virtual meetings, sometimes called online events, are meetings between two or more people via online meeting platforms.

The most used platforms for virtual meetings in 2022 include; Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, FreeConference, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Slack Video Call, and Lifesize Go.

Individuals or organisations can organise virtual meetings. For example, virtual meetings are organised for online events such as job interviews, training, business negotiations, etc.

Unlike a physical meeting, a virtual meeting is cost-effective, easy to plan and allows attendants from any region. Moreover, a virtual meeting can be planned and fixed in a day, and all the attendants would get the invites that same day. This is one of the reasons you see many organisations and training institutes opt for virtual conferences nowadays.

Like physical events, virtual meetings also have some etiquette attendants are supposed to follow. However, in most cases, organisers are not expected to tell you about this etiquette because you are expected to have known them.

Not to worry if you do not know about virtual meeting etiquette; I’ll share them with you in this article.

7 Virtual Meeting Etiquette for Nigerians            

  1. Acknowledge the meeting invite

virtual marketing etiquette

As a virtual meeting attendant, you would be expected to receive a meeting invite before the meeting day. Therefore, a virtual meeting invite will likely be sent to your mail. Ensure that you do not only read through the invite but acknowledge that you will be present.

Acknowledging the invite is important because it enables the organizer to prepare for you. Most people do not read emails, so organizers can sometimes assume that you did not see the invite or did not even receive the mail.

  1. Practice on the meeting platform before the meeting date

virtual marketing etiquette

Another important virtual meeting etiquette Nigerians should learn before attending meetings is getting familiar with the meeting platform before time. This tip is applicable only when you have not used the platform before or are not familiar with it. It is also helpful if you are the one making the presentation.

Ensure you have access to the platform on your laptop or mobile device before the meeting date. Knowing how to use the platform would reduce the anxiety you might get during the meeting.

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  1. Ensure you have stable electricity and internet connection

virtual marketing etiquette

This is one issue most Nigerians have to deal with regarding virtual meetings. We all understand the country’s electricity situation, so hence the need to always have a plan B.

For internet connection, test your internet strength before the meeting. Some meeting platforms like zoom and skype always require a strong internet connection for you to keep up online. So, ensure you have all these checked before joining the meeting.

  1. Avoid distractions

virtual marketing etiquette

For most virtual meetings, you are expected to be in a quiet space; either in your room, office, etc., in a situation where you are the speaker. If you find yourself in a noisy area while attending a virtual meeting, ensure you inform the participants as soon as you join the meeting so that it can be sorted out.

In most cases, the meeting can be postponed until you are comfortable. Also, while at home, avoid playing background music and movies, cuddling your lover, and having side discussions with people near you.

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  1. Join the meeting at least 5-10 minutes before the meeting time

virtual marketing etiquette

This is a time-saving virtual meeting etiquette you should always take note of. Luckily for you, tools like Google Calendar and Task Scheduler can help notify you ahead of the meeting. Ensure you join the meeting before it starts. This shows that you are well prepared for the event.

If you had to join in late due to situations beyond your control, apologise immediately you get in and state why you could not join in early. Remember, the people attending the virtual meeting are also those you would see at a typical physical meeting, so be courteous.

  1. Mute/unmute your mic when necessary

virtual marketing etiquette

The only time you are expected to have your mic unmuted in a virtual meeting is when you are the speaker, asked to unmute, or have to take permission to attend to something urgent—not muting your mic when you are supposed to can lead to distractions from your end.

You might even end up forgetting you have your mic unmuted. So, it is best to always mute yourself when you are not the one talking. It is one virtual meeting etiquette you should not forget.

  1. Do not interrupt the speaker

virtual marketing etiquette

When the speaker is talking about a point you find opposing to your view or suggesting something you are not in agreement with, you should write down your points, wait for the speaker to finish talking, and then take permission to voice your opinion.

Interrupting the speaker while talking is not a decent way to raise a point during a meeting. You are only allowed to chip in your point if the speaker asks for your input during the discussion. Otherwise, wait for the speaker to be done. It is a good virtual meeting etiquette to not interrupt the speaker.


Virtual meetings have come to stay, and people are getting used to attending them. Hence, it would be best to keep yourself in check by learning the proper virtual meeting etiquette. In addition, you should learn other virtual meeting etiquettes, such as sitting down while attending the meeting, avoiding eating during the meeting session, and jotting down key points from the meeting.

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