How To Prepare for a Zoom Interview in Nigeria.

by Daniel Yakubu
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The emergence of online or virtual interviews is multiplying in every part of the world, including Nigeria. As a result, many organizations, companies, and institutions have remodeled their hiring process, including conducting job interviews through Zoom or other digital platforms. This article will teach you how to prepare for a zoom interview in Nigeria. 

There’s a perfect checklist that you must know and apply to prepare for a zoom interview. The quality of your preparation will determine your performance. Therefore, it is expedient that you study thoroughly to prepare for a zoom interview.

The Perfect Checklist to Prepare for a Zoom Interview

  1. Download the zoom app

One of the very first ways to prepare for a zoom interview is to have the app downloaded on your device. To download the zoom app using an android phone, kindly search for zoom in your play store and install the app on your phone. For example, if you are using an iPhone, tap on the Apple App Store, enter zoom in the search box and install the app on your phone.

To install the zoom app on your PC, Open your internet browser—type “” at the top of your browser. Next, press the enter key on your keyboard. Next, click on the download button under Zoom Cloud for Meetings. Zoom Cloud Meetings is the name of the Zoom app on PC.

After downloading the app, Locate and double-click to open up the file. When you do so, you can install the Zoom application on your PC, and the Zoom Cloud Meetings app window will pop up. Next, you can click the Sign-up option to create an account using your email address at the bottom right of the screen. Alternatively, you can use your Google or Facebook details to sign in.

  1. Confirm your meeting ID and password

To join any zoom meeting or interview, you must log in with your Meeting ID and Password details or URL link, which is being sent to your email to enable you to access the zoom interview. Therefore, always confirm your Meeting ID and Password details or URL link as you prepare for a zoom interview.

  1. Get a good and quiet place

Using a quiet place for your online interview cannot be overemphasized because you won’t want your interviewer to be hearing unpleasant noises or sounds during the interview, which possibly will not be a suitable remark on your performance and preparation.

Peradventure, you have some persons living with you in the same house, or you have a family and your kids might be playing around the house; you may want to find a way to excuse yourself from their midst and secure a quiet place in the building where you can comfortably have your interview without disturbance and distraction.

If you find out that your house cannot afford the level of quietness you desire, then you can make provisions to lodge in a hotel to enable you to have your interview in a quiet and serene environment. Choosing a good and quiet place is expedient to ensure that the environment you intend to use has electrical power to enable you to have a bright and well-lighted room. 

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  1. Use a professional or formal background 

Your background appearance is essential to prepare for a zoom interview. Choose a simple background that is less colorful and distracting. A background with too many write-ups is unsuitable for an online interview because it can derail or alter the interviewer’s attention. It is advisable to make your background a blank wall (preferably white) or a nicely decorated setting that will enable your interviewer to see your facial expressions and gestures. 

  1. Have a strong internet connection 

A strong, stable, reliable internet connection will help you avoid glitches during your interview. In addition, a strong internet connection will enable you to answer questions swiftly and vice versa. 

  1. Dress professionally

Your dressing has the potential to determine whether your interview will be successful or not. Your dress must be formal and professional when preparing for your online interview. Don’t wear a dress that has multiple colors. Choose a dress that is plain, clean, and pressed. Clothes with batches on them might not be suitable because they can distract your interviewer. Select a corporate dress that fits your body. Avoid the temptation to wear anything flashy and glittering if the organization has a preferred dress code. Please do well to dress that way to avoid disqualification. 

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  1. Turn off your notifications

Turn off every notification on your phone and any other device around you. For example, it is inappropriate for your phone to ring out during an interview. 

  1. Use the mute button often

Use the mute button when you are not talking to eliminate any distracting background noises. The importance of using the mute button when you are not talking is to prevent unforeseen sounds that may come from belching or coughing, as the case may be. Also, do well to unmute your speaker whenever it’s your turn to speak or answer a question. 

  1. Be in a good sitting position

Your sitting position must be comfortable and appropriate. Avoid sitting in a slouchy manner. Instead, sit up straight and forward. Maintain your focus and look into the camera with confidence while speaking.

  1. Have your writing materials with you

Having your writing materials is essential to preparing for a zoom interview. Your interviewer may likely say some things you may forget later, so it is only wise to have writing materials to help you note essential details and information.

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In conclusion, ensure you don’t forget to study or carry out quality research about the company or institution that is interviewing you. In addition, you must know their mission and vision statement. Finally, understand their core values, and prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, and psychologically for the interview. I believe this checklist will help you prepare for a zoom interview.

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