6 Virtual Interview Tips to Ace your Next Interview

by Sulaiman Halima
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Virtual interview tips

Over the last few decades, technology has improved the general living standards of many people. Among a few of the technological advancements that have made life easier are virtual interviews and video conferencing calls. In Nigeria, interviews are no longer restricted to face to face conversations between employers and potential employees. Hence, the importance of virtual interview tips that are also applicable to video meetings and conferences.

Virtual Interviews and Video Conferences

Virtual interviews and video conferencing calls became popular during the covid-19 pandemic because people had to maintain social distancing. These interviews are job-seeking interviews that do not take place in person. Instead, the interviewers use video conferencing tools to see and speak with candidates. Virtual interviews tend to be less stressful and candidates can easily evaluate companies from the comfort of their homes. It reduces the risk of losing money or life on travel for a job interview that may not even favour you. 

Many job seekers, especially fresh graduates, are rejected after these interviews because of some avoidable and overlooked mistakes. It is important to take virtual interviews as seriously as face to face interviews. Your goal is to impress the interviewers as quickly as possible and you need certain virtual interview tips to do this.

Preparation strategies can make the difference between impressing your interviewer and having your CV tossed into the trash. Knowing some virtual interview tips by heart, to an extent, guarantees your success in the interview. 

Whether it is a video conference call or a virtual interview, the rules are similar. Therefore, this article will discuss some of the most efficient virtual interview tips you should always apply. 

 Virtual Interview Tips to Guarantee A Smooth Experience

  1. Formal background

In many cases, the interviewers would ask you to switch on your camera. The use of a formal environment and background is one of the most important virtual interview tips to never forget. If you have a designated home office space, that’s the best. If not, there’s always the option to choose a neutral background from whatever virtual meeting tool you’re using. Zoom, Google meet and Microsoft Teams have this feature. Your goal is to maintain a professional environment throughout. 

One of the virtual interview tips that fall in this category is paying attention to audio interference. The best place to conduct a virtual interview is a quiet location. You want to ensure that you don’t keep asking your interviewers to repeat themselves. 

Also, ensure there’s optimum lightning in your location of choice. Preferably, sit near a window so that the camera can capture your face very clearly. Ensure that your environment is tidy if you’re not using an automated background. Clutter always draws attention and you don’t want interviewers focusing on that. 

Lastly, inform your housemates about the interview and ensure you cage all the housepets if any. You should also turn off all the home gadgets and silence the cell phone(s) too as they are all potential sources of distractions.

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  1. Standard device

Next on the list of virtual interview tips is the use of an exceptional technological device. Virtual interviews and video conferencing calls require certain technological tools like a hardware system like a laptop, desktop, or cell phone, the required meeting software and a strong internet connection. 

Make sure you test the functionality of the software you’re using. Be certain that you can navigate through it in case your interviewer asks you to perform an action from your end. Also, try and test your device before the meeting time as you wouldn’t want to delay your interviewer because your system is not working properly.

To avoid unnecessary breakdown of the system during the interview, make sure your system’s battery is full and has a strong and reliable internet connection. In addition, ensure to turn off your notifications on that particular device so you’re not distracted during the interview. 

Lastly, position your camera such that you look directly at the camera to make it equivalent to a face to face interaction.

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  1. Dressing

Among the easiest virtual interview tips that enable your interview success is your appearance. Dressing matters a lot when going into any form of interview. It is the first thing that your interviewer will notice, and apart from affecting your posture, it will also determine how your interviewers will receive you. 

To succeed in a virtual interview, dress for the job you want, as professionally as you would when going for a face to face interview. Avoid clothes with excess stripes or patterns that may distract the interviewers. Keep your look positive and formal and ensure to wear a style of cloth that suits your body. Also, do not wear the same colour as the background colour you have. 

Though you can dress from head to toe if you want, since the interviewer will only see what is on the screen, you can dress professionally from the waist upward. Therefore, take it seriously when preparing for a virtual interview as this virtual interview Tip can make it possible to succeed in any virtual interview. 

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  1. Composure

Of all the virtual interview tips, if you don’t have this one, there’s very little chance you’ll get the job. You should master the ability to be calm and in control of your emotion when going for an interview. Use your body language and facial expressions to portray your confidence and personality to your potential employer. 

The most important aspect of being composed is your communication skill. Ensure to look at the camera when you speak. Speak clearly when the need arises and make eye contact with your interviewer when you speak. You should also avoid any form of interruption during the interview. Try to signal when you want to talk or ask any question and give affirmations by nodding your head, to show that you’re attentive and can understand. 

In addition, your posture and body language should be professional. Sit up straight and make sure to speak in a relaxing tone and have a positive facial expression to portray your confidence and personality to the interviewer. It is also important to watch your grammar, express yourself properly and try to correct yourself immediately you make any blunder is a great Virtual interview tip. Be prepared to answer personal questions without losing your composure. Make sure that your response is polite. 

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  1. Punctuality

Keeping to time is one of the most important virtual interview tips. It is important to take punctuality serious because being late to a scheduled interview gives the interviewer a bad impression. It’s a subtle indicator that you don’t pay attention to important details which is an important soft skill in all businesses. 

Also, remember that no organization would love to hire an indiscipline person. The way you behave at the interview is a reflection of how you will behave when you’re finally hired. Therefore, you are to practice signing into the meeting and be ready at least 20 minutes earlier than the appointed time. 

  1. Logical preparations

This is one of the most important virtual interview tips as it determines how you’ll perform after every other thing is set. Practice greeting your interviewer just like the face to face interview. Also, thoroughly consider your purpose and qualifications relative to the position you aim for. Research the company you’re applying to. It will help you get a clear picture of the target organization. 

Also, study the job description and be ready to tell the interviewer why you want the job and what makes you the best candidate for the position. Prepare for the common interview questions, study your resume, prepare for the possible questions specific to your position of interest, and try to answer without pausing. As you’re preparing, don’t forget to think of intelligent questions for the interviewer. It will prove your knowledge of the organization as well as your seriousness. 

Lastly, practice your gesture by speaking your answers aloud. You can as well rehearse with friends or acquaintances or even in front of a mirror to familiarize yourself with the answers.

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I hope these virtual interview tips will increase the chances that you’ll win over the heart of your potential employer. Thanks for reading. 

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