Learn The Trendiest Words on The Street With Insight Spice Nigerian Slangs Dictionary

by Michael Dawodu
Insight Spice Nigerian slangs dictionary

What are those everyday Nigerian slangs that you hear and want to relate to but can’t? While we may speak slangs for the sake of fun and easy communication, slangs are much more important than that. They play a huge role in preserving cultures and the authenticity of a person. Insight spice Nigerian slangs dictionary is an ensemble of daily Nigerian slangs and the trendiest words on the street to give you a sense of belonging in the Nigerian society.

if you don’t want to get lost when you see people rapping Nigerian slangs, this Nigerian slangs dictionary is for you. Help yourself to the following most popular Nigerian slangs;

Insight Spice Nigerian Slangs Dictionary

  1. Sapa

Meaning: To be broke

Ex: Na small e remain make  sapa catch me

  1. Breakfast

Meaning: To be heartbroken

Ex: Femi is crying because his girlfriend served him breakfast

  1. Yawa

Meaning: Problem

Ex: No yawa nah, we are together

  1. Billing

Meaning: Unnecessary expenses from third parties

Ex: I don commot my hand for anything wey go attract billings

  1. Calcu/ 1+1

Meaning: To think hard

Ex: Omooo before I make any move me I dey 1+1/calcu everything oooo, make sapa no go follow me drag bread

  1. Jogor

Meaning: To be high…

Ex: I don jogor

  1. Dirty

Ex: My eyes don dirty

To be high

  1. Loud

Meaning: Something makes sense

Omooo bro this ur lappy loud gan ooo

  1. Crash

Meaning: To sleep

Ex: I’m tired, I just want to crash

  1. Rough

Meaning: To manage something

Ex: No matter bro I go rough am.

  1. Spark

Meaning: To be very nice

Ex: Omooo bro this your lappy spark

  1. Oporr

Meaning: A term to hail someone for having something in abundance.

Ex: Oporr fun Wariisii

  1. Ode

Meaning 1: A fool. Synonym: Mumu, see number15.

Ex: Chinedu na ode

Meaning 2: A pet name lovers or crushes call each other.

Ex: Ode, how are you

  1. Iffa hear

Meaning: A term used to portray disbelief. It literally translates “if I hear”

Ex: person 1: I just bought a benz
person 2: Iffa hear

  1. Mumu

Meaning: A fool. Synonym: Ode, See number 13.

Ex: You be mumu

  1. Freshest

Meaning: Someone who is beautiful or handsome

Ex: Taiwo is the freshest of them all

  1. Wasere

Meaning: A word used to praise or appreciate someone after a benevolent act. Literally means “you will prosper”

Ex: Thanks bro, wasere

  1. Fall hand

Meaning: To disappoint

Ex: Bro, you fall my hand

  1. Wahala

Meaning: Big problem. Plural: Wahalaux/ Wahaleaux

Ex: Your friend is giving me wahala

  1. G/ Gee

Meaning: Tight friend. Plural: Gees

Ex: You are my gee

Thanks G

  1. Getat

Meaning: Please leave me. Often used to avoid stress.

Ex: If you no getat, I will deck (check number 22) you

  1. Deck

Meaning: To land someone a deafening slap.

Ex: Don’t let me deck you please

  1. Las las

Meaning: Eventually.

Ex: We will be fine las las

  1. Agba

Meaning: A big boss. Mostly used by sycophants to hail a rich person or to tease people.

Ex: You be agba now, show me love

  1. Kala

Meaning: To be stingy

Ex: That guy kala

  1. Comrade

Meaning: A honorable or stranger that relates to your cruise (check number 27).

Ex: You are a fellow comrade

  1. Cruise

Meaning: To have fun, majorly by fooling around or teasing people.

Ex: It is all cruise my guy

  1. Whine

Meaning: To tease someone

Ex: I am just whining you to catch cruise

  1. No cap

Meaning: No lies/ Facts/ Pure truth. Often used to show accordance with a statement or idea.

Ex: No cap in what the lady said

  1. No vex

Meaning: Do not be angry. Used to pacify an angry person

Ex: Abeg, no vex bro, na mistake

  1. Moneybag

Meaning: A rich person

Ex: That girl has become a moneybag since she started dating the Yahoo boy

  1. Yahoo boy

Meaning: A guy involved in cybercrime.

Ex: Do I look like a yahoo boy to you

  1. Gbemi trabaye

Meaning: To transition to a higher level. Also means ginger me or get me high.

Ex: Olamide gbemi trabaye with his newest hit.

  1. Jaiye lo

Meaning: To enjoy one’s life.

Ex: Jaiye lo Tobi, you earned it

  1. Yoruba demon

Meaning: A handsome man who is good with his words and knows how to attract women but ends up serving them breakfast.

Ex: Femi is the name of a popular Yoruba demon

  1. Weyrey

Meaning: A mad person

Ex: That guy na weyrey

  1. Street

Meaning: Ghetto neighbourhood

Ex: Bro, I’m from the steets

  1. Yahoo

Meaning: Cybercrime

Ex: I want to go into yahoo bro, I’m tired of my financial situation

  1. Abeg

Meaning: Please

Ex: Abeg forgive her

  1. Sinzu

Meaning: A rich person. A name to praise a rich person

Ex: Shola is now a Sinzu o

  1. Juju/jazz

Meaning: A fetish or charm

Ex: Tope used juju/jazz on her boyfriend

  1. Urgent 2k

Meaning: Emergency funds often demanded during hard times

Ex: I am tired of them reaching out to me only when they need urgent 2k

  1. Beef

Meaning: Keeping malice with someone. A form of hatred or jealousy towards someone

Ex: Why are you beefing me bro?

  1. Momcy

Meaning: Common substitute used to say mother

Ex: I would ask momcy if can make it there

  1. Popcy

Meaning: Common substitute used to say father

Ex: Popcy gave me his old car

  1. Sef

Meaning: Also/ Too/ As well

Ex: Buy one bottle for me sef

  1. Wetin

Meaning: What

Ex: Wetin you want?

  1. Paste/ send aza

Meaning: Account number

Ex: Can I paste my aza?

  1. Olodo

Meaning: Someone who is intellectually dull

Ex: He was an olodo back then in school

  1. Grab

Meaning: To undersand

Ex: Don’t worry bro, I grab you

   51: Idan

Meaning: A common word among yahoo boys to display thier cyber prowess. it could as mean to be rich

Ex: I collect her bank details, emi idan

    52. Spending

Meaning: Someone that spends lavishly. it is a common word used to praise yahoo boys

Ex: Too much money… Spending

53. God Abeg

Meaning: To plead to God

Ex: God abeg run am for me

54. Otilor

Meaning: It is gone

Ex: That guy don high, otilor

55. O ti Zeh

Meaning: It has clicked or worked out

Ex: The contract don Zeh.. O ti zeh

Note: The Insight Spice Nigerian Slangs Dictionary is ever-growing. Additions will be made and you can contribute by commenting the Nigerian slangs you want to see in the Insight Spice Nigerian Slangs Dictionary.

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