5 ways to avoid billing

5 Best Ways to Avoid Billing as a Nigerian

by Michael Dawodu

Do you ever wish not to get debit alerts? Learn the best ways to avoid billing as a Nigerian, make e no choke you! You know that feeling of happiness when you receive a credit alert, and the despair that comes with seeing the money leave your account bit by bit. It is like being pricked by a needle.

However, these bills we settle are either our basic needs that help us survive or unnecessary billings that suck resources like parasites. How do you differentiate between basic bills and unnecessary billing?

What are bills?

Bills are legitimate financial responsibilities you are tied to as they are vital to your survival as a human, and are also essential for the perfect flow of your daily activities. Examples of bills are;

  • Electricity bills
  • House rent
  • TV subscription
  • Groceries
  • Car repair
  • Taxes
  • Water bills

Advantages of bills

  • They help us survive as humans

As mentioned earlier, bills help us survive as humans. Without taking care of bills like groceries, house rent, and water bills, survival will be an impossible task.

  • They bring about comfort

Certainly, some bills are important to us because they bring about comfort. Bills such as electricity fall under this category. Imagine living in a home without electricity.

  • They bring about balance to our life

One of the things that keep us sane as humans is our ability to bring balance to life. Yes, there are some bills that seem unnecessary but are vital to bringing our lives some sort of balance and happiness, bills like TV subscription fall under this category.

  • They bring ease to our day to day activities

Suffer no dey tire you? As humans we are always in search of ways to make our daily activities less stressful. Bills like car repair will help eliminate the stress of walking under the hot sun daily.

Disadvantages of bills

  • None

There are absolutely no disadvantages of taking care of elements essential to your survival as a human. It’s like asking the disadvantages of breathing air. Are there any? Absolutely none.

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What is Billing?

Billings are optional responsibilities that are less significant to your survival. They often come suddenly and have a way of sabotaging plans and budgets. In fact, billing is an easy way to become an oloriburuku (unfortunate). If you still don’t have an idea of what billing is, here are some examples;

  • Urgent 2k
  • Sub for me na
  • Monthly maintenance
  • Pizza, and Cold Stone
  • Ball me bro
  • Make we link up bro/sis
  • Precious’ bone straight
  • Olamide’s hostel rent

Advantages of billing

  • None

Sadly, billing has no advantage. Hence, a valuable reason to learn the best ways to avoid billing as a Nigerian.

Disadvantages of billing

  • Fast route to becoming unfortunate

If you are looking for an exciting way to become miserable, billing is your option. Billing brings about an illusion of enjoyment while getting your life ruined.

  • Will make you broke

Yes, what billing does is give you unnecessary budgets that will help you lose money.

  • Can spoil your plans

Billing has high chances of spoiling your plans, especially if you are the type that feeds from hand to mouth. Imagine living such way and you decide to buy burger for Suliyat.

Similarities between bills and billings

  • They both require money to be spent
  • They are both responsibilities

Differences between bills and billing

  • Bills are very important while billings are optional and less important
  • Bills help make your life better while billings make you unfortunate
  • Paying bills can be a form of investment while attending to billings is a great way to lose money

5 best ways to avoid billing

Now that you have read through and totally understand the damages billing can cause, here are the best ways to avoid billing as a Nigerian;

  1. Don’t pick up that ‘August call’

Just like august visitors show up, these irritating calls will just keep coming. When you are broke, it seems your destiny is in immediate danger the moment you pick. It’s like these callers have consulted potent herbalists before calling you. Their words can make you go on to borrow for their sake.

best ways to avoid billing

Do you now see why you should avoid these calls? If the calls are so appealing that you have to pick, your first words should be, ‘I no get shishi’. Thank me later.

  1. Don’t reply their status or message them! (you know them)

Sometimes boredom makes us do things we should run away from. A good example is messaging your ex and catching feelings again. Truth be told, it is not boredom, they are probably toying with your destiny in your hometown. Haven’t you heard the adage, ‘let sleeping goats lie’? in this case, you are the goat because you see billing and let it attract you like a magnet (I feel say na ment).

Don't reply

Don’t reply their status updates as well, it’s a trap!

  1. Don’t flaunt it

Well, unless you can handle it. Small credit alert and you quickly went to post, ‘balling all day, nonstop’. If you can’t ball in life you better join Eyimba FC.

And it’s not like you have money like that o!

don't flaunt it

It would be best to be humble because after you post they cheerfully stroll into your life only to leave you with sapa after they have exhausted your honey.

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  1. Whine them back

In most cases, they message you first with “boss”, please, even if you are, it is best to respond with a similar or stronger name like chairman, baba, legend, agba, etc.

whine them back

Note that if you let them get away with whining you, your pockets go hear am.

  1. Fake sapa

There is nothing bad in faking sapa to save your life. Baba sky sef won’t consider it a sin. All you have to do is look broke in every way possible.

Fake sapa

You must always be caught unfresh! That way potential billers will see you and may even decide to help you. One of the best ways to avoid billing.

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The current socio-economic situation of the country is in so much dip that you can’t afford to mismanage the funds with you. It is best to HODL to the little you have so you don’t regret in the long run. People don’t really care, they just want you to do the transfer.

P.S: Contrary to what most people think, billing applies to every gender.

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