Red Flags Your Man is a Yahoo Boy

by Michael Dawodu
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12 Ways to Identify Yahoo Boys

What if we at Insight.ng develop an AI machine to help you identify yahoo boys in Nigeria? Maybe some sophisticated goggles such that when you wear them, you’d easily scan any man and know if they are into yahoo yahoo or not. We don’t have that strength abeg, that’s why I carefully wrote this piece for you.

If the name of the popular Instagram influencer, Hushpuppi rings a bell, you should be familiar with the topic of yahoo yahoo in Nigeria, but for the sake of better understanding for anyone reading this, let’s say “cybercrime in Nigeria”.

The Situation of Yahoo Yahoo in Nigeria

Make we no lie, we all have those friends who are yahoo boys. Some of us sef dey follow them flex thanks to the fact that we are benefitting one thing or the other.

Cybercrime in Nigeria has grown from being one of the most disgusting acts to the trendiest ones. Yahoo yahoo in Nigeria, as it is popularly called has become an alternative for many Nigerian youths to make fast money with little effort.

Let’s do a quick talk about the types of yahoo boys in Nigeria.

Types of yahoo boys in Nigeria

Person wey get mind start yahoo fit no get mind to add plus for inside. Hence, let’s see the types of yahoo boys there are before we table the matter of how to identify them.

  1. G-boy

G-boys are the common internet scammers and they come in diverse scamming formats such as;

  • Nigerian princes
  • Online dating
  • Instagram scammers
  • Nude blackmailers
  • Giftcard kings
  • Cashapp legends
  • Hospital patients
  • Bitcoin scammers

These are the tricky ways G-boys obtain finances from their clients.

  1. Yahoo plus

As the name suggests, it simply means yahoo yahoo on an advanced level. These type of yahoo boys engage in juju (fetish acts) to back up their internet scam. They believe these fetish acts give them some sort of spiritual support and makes them more successful in their internet scam.

Some of the fetish acts include; using body parts for sacrifice, engaging in shameful and insane acts (walking naked in a market for a given period of time, eating one’s excrement…), killing people for rituals.

In the end, popular opinion says that these types of yahoo boys don’t live long, as it is part of their fetish agreement.

12 Ways to Identify Yahoo Boys in Nigeria

That your rich friend or rich boyfriend might just be a yahoo boy disguising. Check out these 12 red flags that teach how to identify yahoo boys.

  1. When he calls all his friends blood, even acquaintances he just met

Personally, I avoid these types of people. They don’t want to know if they just met you 2 minutes ago, as long as you guys resonated for that period, you are automatically his mother’s son.

how to identify yahoo boys

They will do “my blood my blood” with you and you too will invest so much in your fake friendship. But the day this your blood will need blood, your blood will dry up at the shrine’s backyard. Brother! Sister! Run o!

  1. His idea of chilling is playing video games and smoking weed with 50 other friends in a hotel room

Know that neither him nor his friends can single handedly afford that hotel room. And if you like go and meet them when they invite you.

how to identify yahoo boys

  1. When he is always posting quotes on his status about enemies and betrayal

You see these ones, they are only fighting for relevance. They are their own enemies. Afeez abeg, no one wants beef an irrelevant person, rest.

how to identify yahoo boys

  1. When he is always sharing his mother’s advice

One of the best ways of how to identify yahoo boys in Nigeria. Before we talk about how bad they would be about keep people’s secrets, what about their fathers? Cause the way these yahoo boys all mention their mothers without any reference to their fathers is alarming.

how to identify yahoo boys

Abi una don use am do sacrifice? Oh! That puts things into perspective.

  1. When their mama always prays for them

Wale, let us not deceive ourselves, these doings are not momcy’s prayers. The doings are too loud. But our mothers sef pray for us. Talk truth Wale, you use your mama for this one.

how to identify yahoo boys

  1. When they give life advice

When some of these petty fraudsters hit some money, they reveal their inner Ubong King. Talmabout “I don’t just make money, make a difference”. Weyrey!!! Which difference have you made since you started making money? Wetin you don do for your family?

how to identify yahoo boys

These guys make it easy to identify yahoo boys. No go slack!

  1. iMessage games, anyone?

Tunde it’s okay, we already know that you have gotten yourself an iPhone. Congratulations and let us rest.

how to identify yahoo boys

  1. VC, anyone?

They don’t need to tell you that these ones have lodged in a hotel with 99 others. You are not even sure if they are the ones that paid or they went to greet one of their seniors.

how to identify yahoo boys

All you know is that they have lodged and they want to show off. Better don’t let these types of Yahoo boys trouble.

  1. When they want to be tricky

Identifying yahoo boys in Nigeria can be stressful. These guys can be tricky, they will post stuff like “God bless us that are hustling legitimately”. First of all, why do you have to announce that you are hustling legit? Who asked you? Ifeanyi, please talk truth.

how to identify yahoo boys

  1. The fear my return people

Shut up abeg! Weren’t you the one singing “If I broke na my business”? Now that you are broke you are making noise in our ears. Sapa is one word that we all understand and handle well. If you are broke just ask for help abi beg people to help you return.

how to identify yahoo boys

These ones make it easy to identify yahoo boys in Nigeria. This is how yahoo boys make noise when they are broke.

  1. When he saves many of his friends contacts with SINZU or OG as the first name

how to identify yahoo boys

One of the most authentic ways to identify yahoo boys is by going through their contact list. When you see names like OG Pablo, Don Richie, Sinzu baller etc. you already know who you are dating.

I mean it is possible for you to miss the signs above and get into a more intimate relationship with them. But when you notice this, rrrruuunnn oooo.

  1. Frame and Lomotif birthday gifts

Don’t tell me you don’t know about this. E be like say these yahoo boys don do meeting say dem no dey give pass frame and lomotif as birthday gift. The smoothest way to identify yahoo boys.

how to identify yahoo boys

Ways to Avoid Yahoo Boys in Nigeria

With all the trait exposed to teach you how to identify yahoo boys you are still asking how to avoid them? Just run away abeg, for the sake of your loved ones.

In case you didn’t read that well Sade, you have been shown how dangerous it is be involved with a yahoo boy. Don’t let urgent 2k be the end of you, run.

7 reasons why you should avoid yahoo boys in Nigeria

  1. Their wealth is ill-gotten, have some integrity.
  2. If you flex with them, your conscience would always prick you.
  3. The consequences of their actions may extend to you legally or spiritually.
  4. You’d lose your reputation in the society.
  5. You risk being used as a ritual sacrifice.
  6. You are only promoting a fraudulent act.
  7. You are promoting a stigma on Nigerians on the international stage.


We have a lot to do individually and as a nation. Although times are hard and unfavourable for us Nigerian youths, turning into cybercrime or encouraging yahoo boys isn’t the way forward. If you aren’t convinced you should read the stories of some of the most successful yahoo boys in Nigeria like Hushpuppi or Invictus Obi who even made it to the Forbes list.

More reason we should identify yahoo boys and avoid them in Nigeria is that with the internet, there are multiple ways to make money legitimately. To do this, you even need less of the facilities yahoo boys use, you can focus on fields like digital marketing, freelancing and many more.

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