Win a Chery Car & Share ₦100 Million with iLOTBET EURO FREE Prediction

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Calling all football fanatics! Brace yourselves for the beautiful game’s biggest showdown, and get ready to experience UEFA EURO 2024 like never before with iLOTBET electrifying promotional fiesta!

We’re talking about roaring away in a brand new Chery car, claiming a slice of a staggering ₦100 million prize pool, and snagging daily bonus windfalls – all while reveling in the heart-stopping action of EURO 2024!

Predict the Champion: Unleash Your Inner Football Prophet!

Think you have a crystal ball for football predictions? Here’s your chance to prove it! iLOTBET’s Predict the Champion program lets you showcase your footballing foresight for FREE.  If your prediction holds true and you navigate the entire bracket flawlessly, you’ll be cruising away in a head-turning Chery car – the ultimate bragging right for any true football devotee.

But that’s not where the magic ends! Even if your bracket takes an unexpected turn, you can still emerge victorious. iLOTBET is breaking down a massive ₦100 million prize pool into four stages, rewarding those with accurate predictions throughout the tournament. So, the more on-point you are, the bigger your chunk of the loot!

Bet & Draw: Every Week’s a Victory Lap!

Feeling like Lady Luck is on your side? Then step into the Euro 2024 Betting Rebate arena! Every week, iLOTBET is showering the top 100 participants with the highest wagers with a refreshing ₦1.5 million cash injection. And that’s not all! The ultimate champion who places the highest stake across the entire EURO 2024 period will be driving away in a stunning Chery car. Remember, the key to unlocking these prizes lies in strategic betting – so hone your skills and get ready to be a champion!

Bonus Rain: Daily Downpours of Delight!

Hold onto your hats, football fans, because things are about to get even more exciting! iLOTBET isn’t just sprinkling prizes, they’re unleashing a daily Bonus Rain! Throughout the EURO 2024 tournament, get ready to be showered with a deluge of ₦10 million in bonuses hitting your account at various times throughout the day – 8:00, 12:00, 16:00, 20:00, and 22:00. Stay tuned and be alert – these bonus bounties are perfect for fueling your football betting fire and amplifying your enjoyment of the beautiful game.

So, don’t just be a spectator – be a part of the action! Sign up with iLOTBET today, unleash your football passion, and get ready to celebrate a EURO 2024 brimming with winning moments!

Wondering how to join in? It’s simple:

  1. Register or log in to iLOTBETwith your mobile number.
  2. Head to the “Promotion” section and select any of the EURO 2024 promotions before the deadlines for each stage.
  3. Flex your football knowledge and make your predictions for the chosen stage.
  4. Sit back, relax, and watch the magic unfold!

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