How to Stay Calm Under Pressure: 7 Useful Tips

by Rachael Philip
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stay calm under pressure

Stress is, no doubt, a part of modern life. How we handle stressful situations or stay calm under pressure is more important.

Most Nigerians are used to stressful situations because it is the typical lifestyle in the country. Have you ever been under so much pressure that you felt like you were losing yourself and had so much desire to control that situation?

Maybe you just got a new and better-paying job offer from an unexpected source. You got so excited that you accepted it without considering the full expectations and pressure from the job. Or a new project was assigned to you despite your tight schedule, and you’re on the brink of losing your mind. Perhaps you simply needed to withdraw money from the ATM, only to realize that there’s an issue with your bank.

Whatever stressful situations you encounter that threatens your sanity and stability, this article will provide all the right tips to stay calm under pressure.

7 Ways to Stay Calm Under Pressure

  1. Take a slow and deep breath

One of the things that pressure does in a human body is to put the body in fight mode. This mode makes it release hormones designed to get you ready for a fight or react without thinking. It is also why you sweat profusely under pressure.

If you want to stay calm under pressure, you should take slow and deep breaths at intervals. It will help shift your body from fight mode to relaxing mode and stop the release of stress hormones.

Just take a deep breath through your nostrils, all the way into your belly. Hold on for a few seconds and breathe out slowly through your mouth. Do this over and over for a few seconds and watch yourself get calmer.

  1. Take a break 

Usually, when you are in challenging situations like a tight deadline or overwhelming tasks, the last thing you think of is taking a break. At that moment, all you want to do is to rush through the work and complete them as quickly as possible. But have you thought about the work output?

Your state of mind – relaxed or stressed – is an important factor that determines your work output. If you’re under pressure, your productivity will be significantly low.

Taking a break could be going for a walk, taking a cup of tea or coffee, or lying down in a quiet environment for a few minutes. It doesn’t stop you from delivering on time. In fact, it would help you stay calm under pressure and provide a better output.

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  1. Engage your mind with positive thoughts

The worst thing you can ever do to yourself when faced with pressure is to occupy your mind with negative or scary thoughts. This will only increase your level of anxiety and panic, which could be detrimental to your health.

Instead of using your time to imagine the worst, engage your mind with positive and healthy thoughts. Staying calm under pressure may not seem as easy as it sounds, but it’s not enough reason to sacrifice your mental health.

  1. Try to practice meditation

Meditation has proven to help people stay calm in stressful situations. It can also change the brain over time to help you better manage your emotions and remain calm.

Most people think that meditation is about sitting cross-legged and making “hmmm” sounds, which is partly true. But have you considered sitting quietly and focusing on your breathing? Just counting how many times you breathe in and out and listen to your body relax?

Without a doubt, meditation is the most beneficial way to relax and stay calm under pressure.

  1. Surround yourself with positive people

Take charge of your life!

If your friends or colleagues are toxic people, minimize your time with them and focus on other important things. Spend time with positive-minded people who would cheer you up rather than depress you with their words.

It will help you stay calm in stressful situations.

You can achieve this by first drafting a list of names of people in your life. Then, select those who you know add value to your day or make you feel appreciated. Be discreet in your conversation with those people whom you think are not good for you.

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  1. Celebrate yourself and be grateful

Practising gratitude at all times is one of the most helpful ways to live and escape unnecessary pressure.

Being grateful for everything and celebrating your wins – no matter how small – would help you maintain a positive mindset and stay calm in stressful situations.

Have you tried taking your time to write out five things that you are grateful for every day? If you haven’t, try it and see how much better it can make you feel.

  1. Don’t deny yourself sleep

Getting enough sleep is the most straightforward technique to stay calm under pressure. It is essential to your health, so you don’t end up with insomnia or in a situation whereby you’re unable to sleep and then feel worse because of lack of sleep.

When you are in a stressful situation, get a good night’s sleep to calm your nerves and relax your muscles.

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It is quite impossible to have total control over whatever life throws at you. Work, home, school, or other places you may find yourself are potential sources of unnecessary pressure. But it is very much possible to learn how to stay calm under pressure or in stressful situations. So, practice these strategies, and hopefully, you’ll see the changes.

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