Easy Smartphone Hacks for Nigerians: Students, Entrepreneurs & Teenagers

How to Make the Most of Your Smartphone in the Digital Era

by Figure Lawrence
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smartphone hacks for Nigerians

In recent times, many Nigerians have searched for ways to make money from the comfort of their homes. You continuously strive to use the Internet more, and with good reason. From the bombardment of opportunities online, it’s only smart to narrow your search to easy smartphone hacks that can get you the best results.

Everyone witnessed how the COVID-19 pandemic shook the world and made many people uncomfortable. This discomfort pushed many Nigerians to find sustainable ways to cope. They discovered the remote world for skill acquisition, business growth, and making a living. Since most Nigerian youths had no access to a laptop, they sought more knowledge of the Internet and exciting smartphone hacks to give them an edge. 

In this article, you’ll discover five extensive and vital smartphone tips to make the most of your device from the comfort of your home. 

5 Smartphone Hacks for Nigerians

  1. Proper utilisation of heavyweight video streaming platforms.

One of the more famous ways to make money from your smartphone is content creation for a broad internet audience. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, WhatsApp, and YouTube, can be monetized by creating content and promoting it to a specific audience. The process slightly differs for each app, but the results are similarly scalable. 

For platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, one of the core smartphone hacks for Nigerians is sticking to a particular niche and gaining a good following. For example, if you aspire to be a YouTuber, centralise your content on something as specific as beauty products for men. Your content would revolve around the latest beauty products in the market, the best way to use each product, and product reviews. Once your audience trusts you, they will advocate for you at no cost. 

The same applies to a person who has a passion for politics, fitness, movies, music; or anything at all. A good following and supportive audience is the way to make money from your smartphone using a video streaming platform. Sponsors would roll in for partnerships, and brands can advertise their products through your channel at an agreed cost. The possibilities are endless.

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  1. Use of lighter media features

Apps like Tiktok or YouTube shorts (videos 1 minute or less) are also invaluable. The next on the list of smartphone hacks for Nigerians is to use these lighter media features to highlight catchy moments of your average job. 

How would this benefit you? 

As a carpenter, nurse, farmer, dancer, or even student, uploading interesting clips of your day can help you make some extra bucks. It could be specific challenges you face in that job, jokes related to your line of work, or a catchy clip that passes a strong message.

It works the same way as streaming platforms. You will grow an audience of people interested in you and your work and can monetize organically or through sponsorship from people who need to advertise to your type of audience.

  1. Utilization of WhatsApp

An app like WhatsApp needs no introduction. An average Nigerian has WhatsApp on their phone, and you must have seen your contacts advertise their business on WhatsApp. There are WhatsApp TVs that exist with the primary goal of entertaining their audience with memes, video clips, or Twitter shots. 

This is one of the most helpful smartphone hacks for Nigerians because of how accessible WhatsApp is to everyone. For other smartphone tips here, you may have the excuse of not being active on such platforms. But WhatsApp? No excuses whatsoever!

A core tip that has been successful for many influencers in monetizing the platform is that WhatsApp algorithms work better when localised. Not just to a country but a region or state, or institution. An excellent example is a WhatsApp influencer and Delta-focused blog, ‘Tory of Delsu.’ This individual saw the need for centralising influence in an institution. It slowly expanded to completely own the audience in that region with no worthy competition.

This makes business owners easily approach such people for promotion and advertisements. Don’t forget the best part about this – all you need is your smartphone.

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  1. Harnessing the power of Twitter

Twitter is possibly the least popular app among Nigerians. However, compared to other tools for smartphone hacks for Nigerians, Twitter might just be the most effective. Twitter has the tools you need to thrive as a content creator, entrepreneur, brand, or average person, especially if you’re good with short, punchy lines. 

Growing a good following on Twitter might not be a walk in the park. Still, with original and quality content in the form of jokes, memes, and exclusive charisma, you can walk your way to tens of thousands. One of the best parts of Twitter is the ability to diversify your content. You can promote an existing business by introducing it to your new audience, starting a new business with an existing audience, or getting paid for promotional services.

As an individual, Twitter can help you connect to the world on a deeper level. You can stay up to date with your favorite celebrities, influencers, and news platforms. As a student, you have unlimited access to a world of opportunities. You’ll get first-hand information before many others. It is also an amazing place to make friends as you will find many people with a similar mindset or around the same location.

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  1. The world of e-sports

So far, all the mentioned smartphone hacks for Nigerians revolve around conventional social media apps and how to maximise them. But did you know you could earn heavily from playing mobile games?

Wait, what? 

Yes, you can monetize the time spent in gaming. The Nigerian gaming community is aggressively growing every day, and if you’re a game lover, you shouldn’t be left behind. Games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Call of Duty Mobile are perfect for monetizing. Note that these games are fully online games with live players from all around the globe and are high-performance action games.

After learning to play these games to a reasonable extent, there are three parts to this process. 

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The 3 Steps to Full E-sports Integration

The first of the smartphone tips in e-sports is to join a good gaming community. Use social media or word of mouth to surround yourself with fellow gamers. It will help you better understand the scope of the games, make new friends and understand some terminologies exclusive to these platforms. These usually occur naturally during the first 2-3 months of regular gaming. 

The second step and first direct process of monetizing your gaming skill are by engaging in local tournaments of such games. This usually happens within groups and clans of such games. Taking it another level higher is bigger competitions like Solo tournaments, international competitions, and in-game battles for only the best of the best. When into full-time gaming, these events come up daily, with registration fees and very lucrative prizes.

The third process of e-sport smartphone hacks for Nigerians is streaming your gaming journey. This method is what the ‘baddest’ and biggest gamers use to earn heavy while gaming full-time or part-time. By gaming and building a stable following on social media and in-game communities, you’re creating your dynamic style to entertain people. 

In your e-sports career, two apps you’d want to make good use of are YouTube and Twitch. These apps directly pay you for the time other players spend viewing your gameplay, both wins, and losses. The Nigerian e-sports community is one of Africa’s untapped yet fastest-growing online communities.

These smartphone hacks for Nigerians are effective when properly followed and will amp up your smartphone usage for productivity. Making the most out of your smartphone this year is achievable. You can feed on Frederick Nnamdi’s YouTube channel for more in-depth content on smartphone productivity. He is a smartphone influencer with thousands of students that can vouch for his authenticity. 

I hope you find this piece useful to make money from your smartphone. Good luck on your frontier of opportunity, my friend. Is there something you’d like to share with us about smartphone hacks for Nigerians? Join our WhatsApp community today. Otherwise, leave a comment under this post.

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