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Whatsapp TV

WhatsApp TV is one of the surest way to start earning some passive income in Nigeria.

It is simply an act of growing your WhatsApp status viewers and engaging them with beautiful video and text content.

What is a WhatsApp TV

WhatsApp TVs are entertainment or education channels on WhatsApp that upload text and video content on their status to engage their audience.

WhatsApp TV owners earn money via Advertisements, Affiliate Marketing, or marketing their personal brands.

How to start a WhatsApp TV in Nigeria

Starting a WhatsApp TV in Nigeria does not require any technical skills or knowledge whatsoever.

At least you aren’t paying for hosting, web development, or any technician. You already have the magic you need in your WhatsApp application.

The only work you need to do is to seek people to save your WhatsApp status while doing the same at your end.

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Essential tools you need when starting a WhatsApp TV

  1. WhatsApp Business

I often recommend WhatsApp business to anyone who wants to join the WhatsApp TV business.

This does not mean you cannot use your regular WhatsApp application. No!

The point is WhatsApp Business helps you to easily interact with your audience by leveraging all the unique features. This includes Catalog Manager, business profile, quick replies, label chat, and Automated messaging.

  • Catalogue Manager: to feature your advertisement packages, including the price and conditions. 
  • Business Profile: To brand yourself and stand out as a media and advertisement platform.
  • Save messages: To save messages with the aim of reusing them to answer frequently asked questions. 
  • Quick replies: To reply to your audiences fast and ease as you will be getting multiple enquiries 
  • Labels: To label chats like new members, advertisers, affiliate
  • Automated Messaging: To send away messages when you are not online so that the people know you will still get back to them. 
  1. Brand Name

Your WhatsApp TV needs a befitting name.

This can be your name or something interconnected to your niche. You can also consider your nick—for example,

This makes it easy for people to memorize your name and also recommend it to their friends

  1. Logo 

Logo severs as your brand identity.

Any time people see your WhatsApp TV logo on a post, they will know that post belongs to you. Creating a logo for your WhatsApp TV should not be hard at all.

You can design a free logo with Canva. Or Hire a professional logo designer at DigitalPud

  1. Status Saver

It would be best if you have multiple applications and software to generate nice video files and pictures.

Applications like Status Saver help you to download videos on Instagram, Twitter, and even other people’s WhatsApp statuses. Another great application is Downloader for Instagram. You can download all these applications directly on the Google play store and Apple Play.

  1. G-mail

You need an email to save your thousands of contact numbers directly. This will help you to save as much contact as you want to without limitation. Plus, you can easily back up your contacts in case you change your phone. 

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How to grow your WhatsApp TV viewers

Your WhatsApp TV is not qualified to be regarded as a WhatsApp TV until you’ve attained a good number of daily WhatsApp status views.

In fact, this is what qualify you to be regarded as one. Getting people to join your WhatsApp TV is not something super hard. So far, you have something exciting to offer you are good to go.

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The 11 best tips to grow your WhatsApp status views

  1. Tell your friends

Your WhatsApp friends are your first audience when starting a WhatsApp TV.

All you have to do is buzz them and seek their help to help you promote your WhatsApp TV.

You can also send a short broadcast to them and ask them to help you to upload it on their status. 

Here is a quick example:

“Hello fellas, I am starting a WhatsApp TV,

and I would like to help me upload this post on your status.

Thank you.


Simple right? 

  1. Advertise on other WhatsApp TV

It is said that advertisements will always generate an amazing result for those who know the secret.

You can promote your WhatsApp TV on other WhatsApp TVs with the kind of audiences interested in your TV. You can also use the likes of Facebook or Instagram. 

  1. Referral Contest

I do not recommend this for a TV that has less than 300 contacts. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t do it.

The beauty of this is it will make it appear as if you are giving back to your audience.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, you are getting something in return. In fact, something more as you still get access to the contacts of those who don’t win the contest.

As a matter of fact, this is my favorite method as you stand a chance to get thousands of new audiences at a minimal price. i.e., The price does not decide the result you will get. 

  1. Advertise on WhatsApp groups

You can also send a broadcast to WhatsApp groups inviting people to come and join your WhatsApp tv.

Meanwhile, ensure you tell them what they stand to gain by joining your WhatsApp TV. Here is an example:

“Hello, fellow Nigerians, have you ever heard of InsightTV?

A WhatsApp TV designed to provide insights on digital trends, Entrepreneurship, businesses, career, lifestyle, and several others.

We also feature an entertainment gist on Fridays where we show you all the freaky freaky.

Yep! Just click on the link below and send me a direct message, including your name.

I will save your contact while you do the same.

Catch you up inside insight.hub.”

  1. Social media paid advertisement

You can also advertise your WhatsApp TV on other social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

You can also advertise on Nairaland. There are thousands of people who are looking for WhatsApp TV like yours.

Paid advertisement helps you reach thousands of people at a very low price. You should give it a trial.

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  1. Share on Nairaland

Nairaland is the largest forum in Nigeria, and it is one of the best ways to advertise anything, especially things related to Nigeria.

And the exciting thing is you don’t have to use paid ads.

Merely dropping your WhatsApp link in popular trends will go a long way to generating hundreds of audiences for you.

Meanwhile, don’t over-spam, as your account is likely to be banned. And will not be held responsible whatsoever.

  1. Share on Social media

Sharing your WhatsApp TV on social media also helps you to increase the number of people that join your WhatsApp TV.

Platforms like Twitter and Facebook are much easy to get people as they help you to embed links in a post.

Plus, most of your Facebook friends are more like your real friends. Joining you on WhatsApp should not be something hard at all.  

  1. Partner with other WhatsApp TVs

Naturally, people have more than 3 – 4 WhatsApp TVs on their WhatsApp. Joining more is not a big deal for them at all.

You can partner with other WhatsApp TV as you both advertise for free on each other status.

  1. Watermark your number on your posts

As a WhatsApp TV, you will be posting several pictures and videos on your status.

Many people will love some of these media files. And they will save it and reshare on their WhatsApp status.

Adding your WhatsApp number to the posts will make it easy for other people that come across it to contact you and join your WhatsApp TV. 

  1. Host programs on WhatsApp

Learn how to host programs that will make many people contact you.

For example, you can do 3 days programs on mini importation.

Ask people to bring their friends and family, and you will be surprised by the number of people that will troop in. 

  1. Bonus – Volunteer for WhatsApp groups

If your friends are doing a program on WhatsApp and you feel you are knowledgeable in the area, offer them your help. Just like every WhatsApp influencer.

You can also do a short 2 hours lecture in the group and ask people who are interested to come to your DM.

From there, you have hundreds of new people who are looking forward to learning something from you. Thus, more status views.

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Chatting on WhatsApp TV

Engage your WhatsApp TV audience

How to engage your WhatsApp TV audience

 As your WhatsApp TV start growing, you might need some techniques on how to engage with the thousands of people on your WhatsApp contact.

The following tips should be of great help.

  1. Post exiting content

Posting content that your audience can relate to is a great way to engage your WhatsApp TV audience.

You can also upload short memes, etc. but ensure the pictures or videos are related to what your TV is about 

  1. Do Giveaway

We all love free gift, right?

Yeah, including those on your WhatsApp TV. You can do an airtime giveaway on your WhatsApp status.

Your status viewers will love it, and they will always look forward to more. Thus, more status views. We also do this on our WhatsApp TV Channel.

  1. Do chit-chat

What does this mean?

You can chat with a hundred audience by adding them in a broadcast.

Just send “hi” and wait for some minutes.

Send “How are you? I hope your day is going well?”

Give it some minutes and say

“I am doing just great too! I just want to say “hi”


Goodness! You do not know how real that cheat chatting looks!

Yep, I invent it! And the truth is those who didn’t reply to your message within the time frame will still not know it is an automated message.

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  1. Create a topic for discussion

You can create some interesting topics and seek their feedback.

Put this on your WhatsApp status to appreciate their contribution. 

  1. Chat

Yeah, you can also chat with your audience.

You can also relate with them if you are free. You aren’t a robot. It would be best if you enjoyed chatting on the norm.

And there are great people on your list. Please get to know them.

How to generate money on your WhatsApp TV

There are several ways you can earn money in this business; however, the following will be of great help

  1. Advertisement

Advertisement is the primary way to make money on your WhatsApp TV.

As you grow your status viewers, many people will be interested in promoting their business via your status.

Advertisement price is often based on your number of status views. Most popular WhatsApp TV charge 50:00kobo per status view. That means a WhatsApp TV with about 6,000 daily status views can charge N3,000 per Ad.

Please note that no one has set a standard price for WhatsApp TV advertisements. You can always fix your price yourself. 

  1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another super dope way of making money on via your WhatsApp status.

You can partner with brands and get a commission on each person that registers through your link. Insight.TV does this a lot.

And it is one primary means of generating money, as our audience is more targeted. Our advertisement price might not sit well with everyone. 

  1. Selling personal product

This is another fantastic way to earn money via your WhatsApp TV. You already have a broad audience; selling to them will not be something hard.

Interestingly, you get more conversions than people who advertise on your platform because you understand your audience better. And they also probably trust you more. 

  1. Network Marketing

This might be for you if you are a fan of network marketing. A trending Network marketing these days is Tradera!

I mean, you can earn super well in this kind of package as you have direct access to thousands of people. 

  1. Partnership

You can partner with different blogs, vlogs and several others by generating an audience to their blogs and getting a particular percentage from it.

For example, insight.TV is in close partnership with, and by agreement, we pay them a portion of our monthly income. i.e., as the blog grows, they grow, and vice versa for them too. 


Starting a WhatsApp TV is amusing, especially for someone who wants to start making money online.

However, ensure you prioritize everyone on your WhatsApp and treat them accordingly.

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