WhatsApp Influencer Marketing – How to earn money on WhatsApp as an influencer

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Whatsapp Influencer Marketing

WhatsApp Influencer marketers are already on the path to joining other social media influencers like Instagram and Snapchat.

There used to be an era whereby WhatsApp hardly made the list of popular social media applications for influencers. However, the hands of the clock have ticked, and WhatsApp is now more than an ordinary chatting application where people can grow their audience base.

WhatsApp is a messaging application that allows you to communicate with people, either with the use of text or audio files. The app also has other unique features like voice and video calls, WhatsApp groups, status updates, and others. Ironically, WhatsApp status is the primary medium of engaging with your audience as an Influencer on WhatsApp.

What exactly is WhatsApp Influencer Marketing

WhatsApp Influencer Marketing is a form of social media marketing, whereby influencers use their influence to promote products and services to their WhatsApp audience. Many of these products often fall within the area of specialization of the influencer.

Who is a WhatsApp Influencer?

A WhatsApp influencer is someone with broad knowledge or authority on a particular niche and can influence his WhatsApp audience into taking some specific actions. 

This is not limited to inflicting them to make some purchases, encouraging them to take some steps, educating the on subjects related to their fields, and giving them regular updates and several others.

WhatsApp influencers earn money by recommending products/services to their audience. This can be affiliate marketing, partnership, selling personal products, and many more.

Is WhatsApp influencer Marketing the same thing as WhatsApp TV?

WhatsApp influencer marketing is not the same thing as WhatsApp TV. Though the two medium of generating income is centered on their audience.

However, their model of operation is quite different. WhatsApp influencers always have a high level of engagement with their audience. They focus more on proving Insight from his area of speculation.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp TV often majors in entertainment and the likes, with an uncensored audience and less engagement.

Moreover, WhatsApp influencers have a more targeted audience. This is why they often use the likes of affiliate marketing, referral program, and personal product selling.

Unlike most Tv, which are hell-bent on advertisements. Plus, they don’t often have WhatsApp influencer marketing is a means of growing your audience on WhatsApp and influencing them to take action based on the information you post on your status as massive followers as WhatsApp TV. Charging for a daily status view is not always recommendable.

How to Become a WhatsApp Influencer

WhatsApp Inluencer

WhatsApp Influencer

WhatsApp Influencer, unlike several other social media influencer marketing, doesn’t require hundreds of thousands of audiences. With an active audience of about 1,500, you are already a big name to reckon with in WhatsApp influencer marketing.

The essential thing is to engage your audience with good content. i.e., information that stands represents your knowledge in that field.

Of course, you need a broad audience to achieve your cause. Meanwhile, you should focus on those who value your information. Apparently, the best way is still to grow your audience base.

How to grow your audience as a WhatsApp influencer

Building your audience as a WhatsApp influencer is not as hard as you must have imagined it. Neither is it as easy as I am trying to make you believe. But trust me, it is something viable. All you have to do is start with your regular WhatsApp viewers. Post worthy content and relate with them. After some weeks of proofing what you have in stock for them, seek their help to repost and share.

  1. Ask your friends to repost

Becoming a WhatsApp influencer starts with your influence on your little audience. Proofing to them that you are worthy of their attention should be the first thing to do. Afterward, seek their help to introduce you to others.

They will surely do that if they find your content worthy.

  1. Host online programs on WhatsApp

Hosting or co-hosting impacting WhatsApp programs should be one of the first things on your list as an influencer.

This helps you to have direct access to a large number of audiences at a go. Plus, you can easily influence them to save your contacts so they can be in constant touch.

  1. Serve as guest speakers on online programs

While hosting online programs, every time might not be that easy to do. Making yourself available as a guest speaker will go a long way in growing your WhatsApp audience.

Naturally, getting an invite as a guest speaker already acknowledges your expertise in that particular subject. The next thing to do is take your chances and woo them to save your WhatsApp number. While you do the same…

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  1. Promote yourself via other social media

Yeah, promotion always goes a long way in helping you grow as an influencer on WhatsApp. Share your contact on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and several others.

  1. Do referral contest

This is one of the most practical ways to grow your WhatsApp audience quickly. People are always looking for simple ways of making money. And seeing a referral contest is something they will want to do.

They know quite sure they have little or nothing to lose. Which, in your own case, will be a forever gain if optimized well.

  1. Advertise on WhatsApp TV

Many WhatsApp TV offers advertisement packages, even for their competition. In your case, you are not directly a competition, as you are an influencer, not a TV.

You can offer a gift like an eBook as a lead magnet. This helps you tailor your audience to the people that appreciate what you have to offer.

  1. Search for blogs that promote WhatsApp Influencer

Several blogs promote WhatsApp TV and influencers. This can be in form of paid ads or just for the goodwill of their audience. You can contact the popular bloggers in your niche. Or search for top influencer marketing platforms.

  1. Relate in Groups

Joining groups with like minds of your audience will help you grow faster as a WhatsApp influencer. Private chat with people to provide solutions to their problems. They will add you themselves and even help you promote your WhatsApp influence.

How to make money as a WhatsApp Influencer

Becoming an influencer might not be enough without earning some passive income for your content. There are several ways WhatsApp influencers make money via their WhatsApp status and the likes.

  1. WhatsApp Affiliate Marketing

WhatsApp affiliate marketing is the benchmark of WhatsApp influencer marketing. It is the act of promoting third-party products on your WhatsApp page based on an agreement of getting a commission on traffic or sales the company acquired from you.

This is easier to achieve if the product you are promoting falls within your niche. Your audience already knows you as an authority in the area. Getting a recommendation from you is all they need to carry out transactions.

Note: it is crucial to check out the type of product you will be promoting to avoid losing your influence.

  1. Advertisement

This is another exciting way of generating extra income as an influencer on WhatsApp. You already have a broad audience, which will attract advertisers to you. All you have to do is charge them accordingly to your audience size and influential power.

Please note that not all kinds of advertisements will fit you as an influencer. While it is not a must, this falls in your authority niche. The legibility of these ads also has some impact on you as an influencer.

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  1. Selling Personal Product

Selling your product or service is another exciting way of generating extra money off your WhatsApp audience. This was one of the primary reasons for the incorporation of Insight Spot, a WhatsApp channel owned by Insight.

Through the channel, the company has been able to promote several digital training and services directly to its audience.

Plus, it allows them to generate more traffic for their blog. Several other WhatsApp influencers also sell the likes of shoes, phone accessories, jewelry, and several others. In fact, Adidas advertises its products via WhatsApp status.

Meanwhile, do not overdo this. People can get tired of your content if you start over and stuck them with the same thing. Don’t forget they will buy it whenever they want to buy it.

  1. Referral or Network Marketing

No matter your viewers’ size, network marketing will always earn you some cool cash. And the good news is there will be one referral program or networking marketing you can do.

Meanwhile, ensure you check the credibility of any networking marketing you want to introduce to your audience.

  1. Partnership

This is not the same thing as affiliate marketing. As an influencer on WhatsApp, you can partner with several business outlets.

This means you join them to host a program or sell a particular service. In this case, you do not have to earn based on referral, but as a team for the program. This can be a blog, a video course, and many others.

  1. Blog or Video Blog

Couples of blogs and blogs get their audience directly through WhatsApp. In fact, it is a good starting point. You share your blog or video link on WhatsApp with a short snippet on your WhatsApp status. If we love it, we will carry it along. And even subscribe to your blog or YouTube channel.

How to engage with your audience regularly as a WhatsApp Influencer

You are not qualified to be an influencer if you do not know how to engage with your audience as an influencer. Apart from regular posting, you need to also attend to your followers’ messages.

This can be a further inquiry about some subject matters. Or a conversation that strings through the post. Either way, you need to give them a little of your attention, though you do not have much of it.

Couples of influencers use WhatsApp Business to help them do auto replies and the likes. You can also try them out.


Becoming an Influencer on WhatsApp is something interesting. Plus, you get to see the result of your work in just a short time. And with over one and a half active WhatsApp users, growing your audience is not something complex at all.

Following all the instructions mentioned above is enough to guide you to build your WhatsApp audience to over 2000 within just two months.

We are always interested in creating a pathway for businesses to improve. Let’s talk on Whatsapp, and discuss ideas that can skyrocket your business sales. While you do that, subscribe to our newsletter to get a weekly package of business insights.

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