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Insightpreneur Roadmap: The Past and Present of Insightpreneur Virtual Conference

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Insightpreneur 2023

Insightpreneur is an annual free digital conference curated by Insight.ng, with the primary goal of giving Nigerians and Africans premium insights on building successful businesses and careers.

To achieve this, we invite successful business experts and career coaches to provide ideas-focused talks on a wide range of subjects to foster learning, inspiration, and zeal to become successful and financially buoyant in Nigeria and abroad.

We have had 3 successful editions in the past 3 years and are currently working on the 4th edition which will happen between November 23rd and 26th, 2023, on the Insightpreneur YouTube Channel.

Beyond the annual digital conference, which is often held on the last week of November, every year, we also host free monthly webinars on our YouTube channels and occasionally on some of our Social media platforms. We often communicate this on our social media platforms, so we highly recommend you connect with us today if you are not doing that yet.

WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube

This year’s Insightpreneur Webinar will be held between Thursday, November 23rd, and Sunday, November 26th, 2022. The theme is “Wealth Building – The Not-So-Common Elements to Succeed.”

Guest Speakers:

  1. Eric Okafor: The Uncommon Elements to Start and Thrive as a Vlogger
  2. Stella Adebayo: The Non-Negotiable Components for Successful Grant Outcomes
  3. Ejiro Osakede:  Podcasting for Entrepreneur: How to Build Your Brand and Audience
  4. Chiamaka Joy Agbim: The Secrets of Building Wealth Through Affiliate Marketing 
  5. Olamide Oladoyin: Japa: Exploring Legitimate Opportunities to Relocate from Nigeria
  6. Suraj “Jarus” Oyewale: Unlocking Twitter (X) Monetisation: Strategies for Audience Growth and Engaging Content Creation
  7. Abdulmaleek Olakunle: Crypto Trading 101: The Basics You Need to Get Started the Right Way
  8. Makinde Azeez: From Blog to Bank Account: How to Monetise Your Passion


2022 Edition

Insightpreneur 2022

Insightpreneur 2022: Life & Business Transformation

Last year Insightpreneur webinar was held on YouTube Live between Thursday, November 24th, and Sunday, November 27th, 2022. The theme of the webinar was “Life and Business Transformation – Repositioning Your Business and Career for Global Relevance.” We had 8 line-up of successful speakers who shared thier tailored insights with us on how we can position our lives and businesses for global tranformation, through freelancing, journalism, Instagram, Tech, Business Coach, et al. Below is a list of the speaker and link to the session.

Guest Speakers:

  1. David Hundeyin:  Building a Successful Career in Journalism and Writing
  2. Adeife Adeoye:  How to Position Yourself for Global Opportunities as a Freelance
  3. Emmanuella Igwebuike: Positioning Your Business for Global Relevance On Instagram
  4. Charles Njoku: Exploring Global Opportunities in Tech Without Coding
  5. Clement Oyinlola:  Top Online Skills to Position yourself for Global Opportunities
  6. Chijindu Umunnakwe: Building a Career as a Life/Business Coach 
  7. Uke Enun Jnr: Repositioning Your Business for Global Relevance
  8. Omolayomi Olorunsola: Protecting Your Businesses from Legal Challenges/Struggles

2021 Edition

Insightpreneur 2021

Insightpreneur 2021

The second edition was held between November 25th and 28th, 2021, and we recorded about 3,500 registered people and 2,000 live participants across different sessions of the program. The webinar was held on YouTube Live on the Insightprenr YouTube Channel. The theme was “The keys to Building a Multimillion Naira Online Business Ventures in the 21st Century.”

The Guest Speakers

  1. Emmanuel Akpe: How to Market Your Business to Fetch Million Naira Every Month
  2. Esther Airemionkhale (EdTechPreneur): ABC of Digital Products Creation
  3. Fiyin Ebemidayo (Bremen): Secrets to Making Constant Millions of Naira Every Month as Freelancer
  4. Farombi Seun (Babafaros): Becoming a Successful Social Media Influencer in Nigeria 
  5. Fredrick Eghosa: Becoming a Millionaire Digital Entrepreneur in the 21st Century
  6. Timileyin Ojebode (Xpecial): Joining the Millionaire YouTubers’ Club

2020 Edition

Insightpreneur 2022 Flier

Insightpreneur 2020

We had the first edition of the Insightpreneur Webinar on our Telegram Group. The webinar was between November 26th and 29th, 2020. We recorded about 1000 Registered people and 350 live participants. The webinar theme was “Reveling the Secrets to Running a Successful Business in Nigeria.”

The Guest Speakers:

  1. Idowu Omowunmi (Mimiejay): Pro Tips to Becoming a Succesful Blogger in Nigeria
  2. Timileyin Moyofola (Timikettle): What Makes A Succesful Entrepreneur in Nigeria
  3. Godwin Oluponmile: Best Tips on How to Become A Successful Freelancer in Nigeria
  4. Aishat Alade: How to Start a Successful Mini-Importation Business in Nigeria
  5. Adebola Omofoye: How to Build a Successful Small Business in Nigeria
  6. Quadri Micheal: Personal Development and Insight – Bringing the Bests Out of Yourself

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