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Tips on How to Become a Successful Freelancer in Nigeria

by Godwin Oluponmile

Becoming a successful freelancer in Nigeria is a fun but time-consuming business. Freelancing is defined as a process of selling your services to employers with or without a long-term contract.

How to Become a Successful Freelancer in Nigeria

  1. Challenge Yourself With a Price Target

The higher your aim, the higher your revenue. Even if you haven’t begun on any platform yet, pick an income target before the next 30 days. You’ll have a 75% potential to beat half of the target. You’ll have a 25% assurance you’ll earn nothing.

  1. Tweak your Mindset

To become a successful freelancer in Nigeria, you need to change how you picture yourself. You need to reshape your consciously internalized framework. Counting six figures every month is what anybody can do, even if you are a newbie.

Do you know why? Because clients aren’t looking for experts or professionals. They’re looking for the best fit for their problems. That’s why my 3-hours old just-opened Upwork account sample secured a $170 gig in August. Yes, it was the proposal the client saw.

If you are entirely new, you have a good chance of winning at least $500 every single month. Just have a good mobile phone with a correct RAM of at least 3 Gig.

Let me shock you; you won’t make any dime if you don’t believe in yourself. Do you know that you can determine to be committed and still secure nothing? Probably you’re the person answering in affirmation to that. You’d experience that tragedy because you most likely didn’t believe in yourself.

How would you submit proposals or cold emails you copied from someone else? How would you attempt a job description you’re not even sure of how to do? When you don’t change your mindset, your outward self won’t approve it. So, telling yourself, you are who you want to be a successful freelancer will elevate your productivity in the freelancing business. But how can you do that? This question takes us to the third step.

  1. Brand Yourself

Branding is deep. You may never become broke again when your brand is well. People beg me to write to them every single day. I get to choose the client that best matches my pricing.

So, how should you brand?  Everywhere you are. Online or offline, wear the tag of who you want to be or who you think you are – a particular freelancer, maybe a freelance writer, or a freelance graphics designer.

Branding will necessitate you to have an online presence, e.g., your official website. International clients on Upwork and other platforms will rush you when you show them your online office.

Here’s a hint. Search for your name on Google. What you see is a determinant of how you’re branding. If you search for “Godwin Oluponmile” on Google, what you see are my Freelance success branding secrets. So, changing, upgrading, and reshaping people’s views about you is your brand. Either you’re on Fiverr or any other platform, try your best to appear as the best freelancer for anything you do.

  1. Learn and Read

Learn, learn more, learn and re-learn. Ask questions and read blog articles. Ask Google to clear some of the confusion you may encounter in your field. Amass role models and ask them questions. Also, read books relevant to your field every day. All of these will make you a successful freelancer in Nigeria and keep you motivated as a freelancer.

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  1. Build Vibrant Networking of Freelancers

To become a successful freelancer in Nigeria, it is important you learn how to build a network of freelancers in your field. Connect with them, relate as buddies, pick ideas from them, and communicate what kind of help you need from them.

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  1. Become an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur means you’ll be a boss in whatever you freelance in. Sell the knowledge, and make money helping people out. It is called passive income.

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  1. Pray

It is not by your power but by His grace. Don’t trust your efforts. Nothing victorious is without God approving it. Depending on your faith, this step is also a very potent one to becoming a successful freelancer in Nigeria.

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This article is a transcript of a lecture delivered by Godwin Oluponmile at the Insightpreneur 2020 Digital Conference held on Telegram. Join the insightpreneur group and digest other enlightening knowledge delivered by other guest speakers at the program.

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