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beautiful woman in jewelry

How to make People to compliment you in Nigeria 

Sorry, the original title of this article should have been “how to force people to compliment your beautiful and glamorous look“. Or apparel. I mean, are they blind that they don’t know they ought to compliment the wonders of God in your life.   You are wearing a clothe worth tens of thousands of naira and […]

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ways to make money on youtube
Business Insights

10 Amazing Ways You can Make Money on YouTube

5 Minutes read10 Amazing Ways You Can Make Money on YouTube as a YouTuber in Nigeria Note This article used to be a premium paid article. However, to celebrate my blog, 1st year anniversary, I am giving it out for free. Please don’t miss it!How much do you think an average Nigerian with quality content […]

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make money as a blogger in nigeria
Business Insights

12 Lucrative Ways to Make Money from Blogging in Nigeria

If you ever wonder why everyone is going into the blogging business in Nigeria, the answer is pretty simple, there is a lot of money in blogging in Nigeria. And the money I am talking about is not only about Google AdSense money. Obviously, it is part. But that is just only one option. There […]

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100 most powerful people in Nigeria
Insight Ranking

100 Most Powerful People in Nigeria in 2021

100 Most Powerful People in Nigeria in 2021 Like every part of the world where the power that controls the event of things lies among a few people. The same story applies to Nigeria. A country with over 201 million population. Amidst these millions of people are few minorities who have been able to gather […]

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how to set up your home office in Nigeria

Comprehensive Guide on how to set up your home office in Nigeria

Setting up a home office in Nigeria is not something entirely new to Nigerians. Especially this era where freelancing has become the order of the day. Many Nigerians, particularly the youths, are now involved in different kinds of online businesses where they do not need to meet their clients physically. This means Nigerians are not […]

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how small businesses can benefit from fintech companies in Nigeria
Business Insights

How Small Businesses Can Benefit from Fintech Companies in Nigeria

With the fast pace at which fintech companies are growing in Nigeria, is there any way small businesses can benefit from this trend? One of the fundamental problems startups and small businesses in Nigeria face is integrating an easy and swift payment portal on their business website, especially those with customers based outside Nigeria. When […]

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Decline of Agriculture in Nigeria

Why you should venture into Agriculture in Nigeria

Nigerians – both the lettered and the unlettered now find it easy to launch scandal on the government because of its flippant attitude towards the agricultural decline in Nigeria. Everyone claims the government has relied so heavily on the “black gold,” which has blinded us to other economic sectors. Well, did they speak the truth? […]

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Depression in Nigeria

Depression in Nigeria: Suicide In Our Ivory Towers

Depression was what happened to Americans, with their self-absolving need to turn everything into an illness. …we don’t talk about things like depression in Nigeria but it is real” Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche, Americanah. The reality of depression in Nigeria Our attitude towards depression in Nigeria is awful; we act as if it is alien to […]

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upwork tutorial: How to make money on upwork

Upwork Tutorial – How to Make Money on Upwork As a Nigerian?

Upwork is an online marketplace where people offer their digital skills in exchange for money. It is a freelance website where people around the world, including Nigerians, can register and work with clients from different parts of the world by marketing their digital skills and get paid in US dollars. Types skills you can offer […]

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colour psychology

Understanding the Connection Between your favourite colour and your emotion

Have you ever woken up with a mixed feeling of which particular cloth colour you should wear?  Have you been confused about the colour you should choose when shopping for bags, shoes, curtain and even handkerchief? Yeah, you probably don’t know there is a connection between your favourite colour and your mood. It is called […]

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