The Role of Co-working Spaces in Fostering Entrepreneurship in Nigeria

by Boluwatife Adedokun
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Over the past years, there has been a rising demand for co-working spaces in Nigeria, contrasting the traditional professional landscape. This has brought about a trend of an evolving work culture in the country. This rise has catalyzed the emergence of co-working spaces that can accommodate the fluctuating demands of freelancers and project-based workers.

Working amidst professionals in different industries can make you an authority in your business and strengthen your identity as a startup, especially if you want your business to scale in Nigeria.  

In this article, fasten your belt as we take a ride to uncover the role of co-working spaces in fostering Nigerian entrepreneurship.

What is a Co-working Space?

A co-working space is a community of centers, collaboration hubs, and social spaces designed to accommodate people from different companies to work, share expertise, and explore new ideas. They’re a convenient space for remote workers to continue to meet and collaborate with colleagues.

Most co-working spaces have shared facilities, services, and tools, and this helps to spread the cost of running an office, giving rise to a new breed of workers as companies embrace a more flexible way of growing their businesses. 

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The Role of Co-working Spaces in Fostering Nigerian Entrepreneurship

  1. Greater flexibility 

 Co-working spaces allow freelancers and startups to take shorter leases and flexible pay-as-you-go terms. It’s affordable for remote workers, individuals, and companies just starting.

Co-working spaces allow businesses to scale up or down, causing them to experience rapid growth or the need to downsize as circumstances change. 

  1. Community

 People who use co-working spaces feel like they are part of a community, and that was the purpose for which co-working was created— to help early web entrepreneurs escape the effort and isolation that result from working from home.

This happened to Malik, a freelance writer who complained of loneliness on a WhatsApp writers’ group due to working remotely. He felt a huge relief after he took the advice of one of the group members who suggested using co-working spaces at least twice a week.

A co-working space connects you with a group of like-minded professionals. Connections with others are a big reason people pay to work in a communal space instead of working from home for free or renting a nondescript office.

Even though the co-working movement originates among freelancers, entrepreneurs, and the tech industry, it has become increasingly relevant for a broader range of people and organizations. You can add co-working to your company’s strategy, and it can help your people and your business thrive.

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  1. Quality and commitment-free space

With co-working spaces, you get to use professional facilities in a fully-equipped shared office space without committing to a long-term contract. You get to choose from thousands of hot desking locations with the utilities, internet, and furniture all setup and ready for your arrival.

  1. Networking 

Co-working spaces provide collaborative environments for expanding your networks. It helps grow your network, find new clients, and collaborate with like-minded professionals. It also gives you the needed knowledge and access to various exciting networking events in your locality.

 When you share a physical space with workers from your industry and beyond, you unlock potential opportunities and build strong and long-lasting relationships with new people.

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  1. Productivity

 Sharing a co-working space with many driven and focused coworkers is a way to enhance your productivity. Many workers find it difficult to slack off when someone else is around, so having to leave your house to a space dedicated to working helps regiment your schedule.  

  1. Creativity

Whether you’re working in a different industry with others or you simply need a creative solution to a tricky problem, chatting with friends and colleagues helps kick-start new thought processes, allows you to introduce perspectives and ideas you hadn’t considered, which gives you a broader view of what you are working on.

You also access people’s wealth of knowledge and experiences in that same field, as no one is an island of knowledge.

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  1. Greater cost efficiency

One of the main benefits of a co-working space is greater cost-efficiency. By sharing things like office facilities, reception services, internet, and printers with employees from other companies, businesses on a tight budget can avoid service charges and cut out many of the usual overheads associated with a long-term real estate lease.

With a shared workspace, you can rent a desk on an affordable hourly basis. For a more long-term solution or upcoming project, you can reserve dedicated desks for you and your team. Renting and maintaining a traditional office space can be prohibitively expensive, especially for startups and small businesses.

Co-working spaces offer an affordable alternative, allowing firms to access well-equipped workspaces without the overhead costs of long-term leases and office maintenance.

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Coworking Spaces in Nigeria

Coworking spaces are now rampant in different parts of the country. There are several co-working spaces in Abuja, Lagos, and Port Harcourt, to mention a few. Co-working spaces in Abuja come with several options, and you are free to choose from a range of ready-to-use, fully equipped offices with everything you need to get started with a price ranging from ₦ 199,900 per person per month.

You might also prefer custom offices when off-the-shelf simply isn’tisn’t enough. Here, you are free to customize all aspects of your space, including furniture and branding, from ₦199,900 per person every month.

You can also choose a professional on-demand office space depending on your preference. Perfect when you need to get your head down and do your best work. Prices range from ₦50,900 per day. Office membership allows access to day offices where and when you choose, at thousands of locations worldwide, from ₦ 58,500 per month.


The rising demand for co-working spaces in Nigerian cities is a testament to the changing dynamics of work in the country. With its cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and potential for networking, co-working spaces are becoming integral to the success of startups, freelancers, and small businesses.

The co-working industry is poised for sustained growth in the coming years fostering innovation, creating jobs, and driving urban development with proper regulation and continued innovation

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