Simple Interior Decoration Ideas For Your Home Office/Workspace

20 Ideas for Your Home Office/Workspace Interior Decoration in Nigeria

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Interior decoration ideas

Interior decoration is very important as working from home can be one of the most exciting journey. Although it depends on how you look at it, you could be inspired daily by interior decoration ideas in Nigeria to be more productive at work simply by looking around your home office or workspace and working effectively as a freelancer.

If you live and work in Nigeria, it might be challenging to decorate your workspace because of the work load you already have to do. But I assure you that there are so many ideas for interior decorations in Nigeria that even some may not come as surprising to you, only that you have yet to pay much attention to those ideas for interior decorations in Nigeria.

You could do many things to improve your home/office interior decorations. These interior decoration ideas are amazingly easy to execute. Whether you have a room dedicated to work or want to use a portion of your room, interior decorations in Nigeria go as simple as moving furniture or adding a flower pot. You can have elegant home/office interior decorations while on a budget in Nigeria.

20 Ideas for Your Home Office/Workspace Interior Decoration in Nigeria

Here are 20 ideas for your home office/workspace interior decorations in Nigeria.

  1. Let in some fresh air

As much as you’re working from home in a closed environment, it could greatly aid your productivity to sit across a sliding door or window, which you could leave open at times. Likewise, your home/office interior decorations must be within the apartment as a freelancer.

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  1. Add a sticky note board

Creating a space on your wall to add colorful sticky notes is one of the most productive interior decoration ideas. The notes help you remember things you should do each time. Arranging them in colors and style adds the beauty you need.

Interior decoration Ideas for your home /office work space

  1. Allow some comfort

Indeed, you’re not in your bedroom, but simply having a chair with a cotton backrest would help you be more productive than sitting in a cane chair all day. Allow some comfort. Adding a comfy chair is one important idea for interior decorations in Nigeria.

  1. Put up some family frames

A great way to reassure yourself you’re loved and not just working for yourself alone is to put up some of the most cherished picture frames of your loved ones. You won’t just take your home/office interior decorations a notch higher, but you will be massively inspired for work!

  1. Add a transparent shelf for fluids

Chances are you sit long during work and get tired and thirsty. Adding a small glass shelf to hold your water and fluids in their bottles is a great way to show off your interior decoration ideas and stay hydrated!

  1. Add colorful pen holders

Adding colorful transparent pen holders to your table gives your table a great aesthetic look. It might seem little, but it is one of the most used interior decoration ideas.

  1. Display your collectibles

One of the many interior decorations in Nigeria is to display your collectibles on your shelves or side table. It could be a collection of rocks or pretty pens and pencils. It is sure to give your workspace a face-lift.

  1. Wallpapers that are positive-vibes themed

Great wallpaper for your home/office interior decorations could be one with tiny prints that say “Girl Boss” or “You Can Do It.” That adds some style and positive energy.

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  1. Do some colour-blocking

A stand-out idea in interior decorations in Nigeria is to color block your wall. A great color mix idea is to use white and black.

  1. Hallway offices

You can create your workspace in your hallway. A shelf and chairs to tuck in would stand out yet showcase your interior decoration ideas.

  1. Try out a corner

You may need a corner in the house. For interior decorations in Nigeria, a corner of your living room can easily be turned into your home/office workspace.

Interior decoration Ideas for your home /office work space

  1. Plants and flower pots are welcome

Feel nature by putting some plants and flowers on your shelves and tables. You can use Ankara-themed vases to step up your game in interior decorations in Nigeria.

  1. Use vertical spaces

A long, empty wall could be put to good use. A few half shelves for your collectibles and books by the wall, and you birth one of Nigeria’s most beautiful interior decorations.

  1. White light is great

Lighting up your home/office workspace with white light is a great way to improve productivity. Think of a beautiful chandelier to improve your interior decoration ideas.

  1. Set up an unwinding space

It could be a long space from your desk to your window. Allow space to linger so you can walk back and forth after each work period. A comfortable rug on that floor/walkway shows great ideas for home/office interior decorations.

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  1. Don’t be afraid to paint

A more pronounced way to restrict your home office from every other place in the house is to paint. For example, a corner of your living room could undergo painting, and there you show great interior decoration ideas.

  1. Use demarcating curtains

For home/office interior decorations, demarcating curtains are useful in creating boundaries, especially where there’s limited space. The kids can be more aware that mom is at work and would step out through the curtains once she is done.

  1. Get a laptop stand/holder

A good laptop stand or holder will add a welcome difference to your home office look and help your posture. So go for your choice’s color and use this cool tip for home/office interior decorations.

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  1. Arrange your books by height and material

Putting books of the same height together on a shelf makes it look neater and even more beautiful when you have books with similar covers, like leather, cloth, etc., together. So declutter your shelf and see what magic that does to your home/office workspace.

  1. Go for pattern-themed decor.

You can have an array of patterns in your home/office workspace, from your wallpaper to your desk, chairs, and bookshelves. So, pick out your most cherished patterns for elegant interior decorations.


Working as a freelancer at home in Nigeria could be quite tiring and boring. However, a good, neat, and nice-looking workspace could go a long way to help yield effective work experience. I am sure that using the above-listed interior decoration ideas in Nigeria could go a long way. Being creative about the whole interior decoration idea would also be of great help.

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