Stress Management and Meditation Tips for Nigerians

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stress management

Living a comfortable life is the desire of many, and this is one major reason humans strive to make ends meet, engaging in all sorts of tasks that will at least make life worth living. Hence, the importance of learning about stress management and meditation tips for Nigerians.

This day, you are thinking of how to clear the house bills, next day you need to pay for the utilities, the next, you need to stock up the house, and there you are, wondering if there is ever going to be a day you won’t need to bother about a thing.

Should I be sincere with you? There is not going to be a day without something calling for your immediate attention and pushing you to “work a little more.” Unfortunately, this is where many get worked up and lose themselves to the struggles of life.

Why Should You Learn Stress Management and Meditation Tips for Nigerians?

Let’s bring it home, being human is one thing, and being a Nigerian is another. With the constant inflation on all goods in the country, there is absolutely no way you won’t need to add more effort to what you are doing if you need to keep your head above the waters.

Come to think of it, would it not have been better if it was just about what you buy? Then, at least, you only need to work an extra, but with the country’s current situation, there is an added pressure on an average Nigerian.

As expected, there is a rise in the numbers of people battling with High Blood Pressure. But, without me telling you, you know this is a silent killer finding its way into the bodies of people who are yet to understand how to manage the stress each day brings.

It has been established that going through stress is something you can not avert as long as you are still breathing, especially as a Nigerian trying to balance it all.

The good thing here is that you can manage it, and you must understand what you must do before you get choked by the unending troubles.

Easy Ways to Practice Stress Management and Meditation Tips for Nigerians

Interestingly, managing stress to keep your brain active and your body energised will cost you nothing but your readiness to embrace good health. So you ask, what are the things you need to do?

  1. Organise yourself

Having so many expenses to clear, goals to achieve, and certain heights to attain can make you lose yourself. You need to understand, doing everything at once is like doing nothing. Did you get that? It is impossible to be everywhere at a time, and neither is it advisable to try doing everything at once. You will end up doing nothing the proper way, which will lead to you thinking you are not just good enough.

Organising yourself starts with timing your activities, considering that you need a break to rest while at it. If there are so many tasks you need to clear, begin with the simplest of it all, which will take just a little of your time until you get to the last.

This way, not only are you doing what you want to do. You are doing them well without overworking your brain. I am certain you don’t want to live with a migraine.

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  1. Take a walk

There are times you feel you are not just doing enough, everything seems static, or your sense of reasoning is overworking. It would be best if you took a walk. Taking a walk doesn’t just help you energise your muscles and aid proper blood flow. It will expose you to why you should be glad you have what you feel is not enough.

That great feeling of “I am not going anywhere, just taking a walk” is going to help relax your brain, and you will be surprised at how refreshed you will feel, especially as you study the nature and creatures you come across. So don’t spend the whole of your day brooding. Instead, get up and take a walk!

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  1. Create an exercise routine

From time immemorial, it has been said that exercise is good for the body. This statement has been, still is, and will forever be.

I know you need to wake up early and be on the go. Oh! I understand you have to sleep late due to work on your table. I am not stopping you from doing all these, but let me ask you, what if you break down right now? Will you have the strength to wake up early? Will you do all those pending works? I bet you don’t want to break down; I mean, who will bring the money? And this is why you need to take care of yourself first.

Make it a duty to work out strengthen your bones and ligaments. It is not just about sitting or lying down all day, but that body to work. Go jogging? Is it press up? Do some squats? What about running up and down the stairs? Just find something that works for you. The aim here is to make sure your body fluid is being renewed daily. Do something!

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  1. Eat well and drink enough water

This is one very important thing. The body needs to be taken care of to keep functioning the way it should. Don’t be so bent on saving every dime to achieve what you want to achieve to the extent of forgetting that you need to feed yourself too. What is the essence of saving every penny to later spend it on sickness?

Eating good food will keep sickness far away from you because you have built an army against them. Do you know? Taking enough water in a day keeps the stress away. You don’t know? Well, now you do. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated. There is this awesome satisfaction it brings.

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  1. Get enough sleep

I understand that you have so many things to do, but you also should understand you shouldn’t overly cheat nature.

Sleeping is a way of renewing your strength and relaxing your brain from the pressure of the day. To manage stress, you must get enough rest. Are you always up at night due to your type of work? Create time to rest during the day. Is your job more of the daytime? Good, don’t stay up at night, close your eyes, and sleep.

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Some other ways you can manage stress through meditation as a Nigerian:

  1. Give yourself a good treat once in a while.
  2. Bond with like-minded people and shake off the toxic ones.
  3. Take life as it comes, and let a “smile” be your favourite mask.
  4. Sing! Dance! Life is beautiful that way.
  5. Look back on your achievements and pat yourself on the back.

Another great factor in managing stress is meditation. Do not mistake brooding for meditation. The first pins you on the spot; the latter helps you forge ahead.

Engaging in constant meditation is a way to keep your mind active and positive.

How to Facilitate Stress Management through Meditation as a Nigerian

Let’s quickly take a peep at some of the things you need to do to get the best of your meditating period.

  1. Find a quiet place for yourself. It could be your room or somewhere more serene.
  2. Take away every form of distraction like your phone.
  3. Think about the things you are grateful for.
  4. Remember about those you’ve made smile.
  5. Analyse your achievements and check out what you need to do differently.
  6. Highlight your setbacks and take note of the things that caused them.
  7. Get a pen and a book to jot down the ideas that come to you.
  8. Write down things you want to achieve and plan how you want to go about it.
  9. Remember to add the special time you want to give yourself that treat.


Now, these are just some of it. But believe, practicing how to manage stress through meditation as a Nigerian will make you see yourself in a better way. And you won’t be so entangled in the web of life called stress. It is your life, and you need to own it.

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