How to become a pro-copywriter in Nigeria

how to become a pro-copywriter in Nigeria

Before learning how to become a pro-copywriter in Nigeria, lets understand the concept of copywriting. Copywriting is salesmanship in print. It is the act of using words to convince the reader to take your desired action. Imagine having the power to create little sales associates and sending them out to your targeted market. Well, that is what copywriting is about.

Copywriting has been around since the 20thcentury. It is an essential part of a business to get sales. It is more like the lifeblood of every business. So it shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Concepts of copywriting exist everywhere. From the billboards on the road to the emails you receive to adverts you watch on Television. They are all forms of a different element of copywriting techniques. Plus, it is a high-income skill.

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Copywriting as a high-income skill

According to Tony Robbins, a high-income skill is a skill that you will be able to leverage to get paid more. You can do it for a little period but a huge payout.

High-income skills are important almost more than ever due to the economic situation in Nigeria. Plus, the instability in our political system here in Nigeria. Copywriting may be all you need to be independent to a good extent from the uncontrollable hands of the Nigerian government. Which is why you need to learn how to become a pro-copywriter in Nigeria.

Examples of high-income skills in Nigeria;

  • Digital marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Web development
  • Project management
  • Coding
  • UX design
  • Photoshop

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Why You Should Learn How to Become a Pro-copywriter in Nigeria

According to, the average copywriter’s salary in Nigeria is #233,000. So if you consider the state of things in the nation, it isn’t a bad amount to earn. Moreover, as you sharpen your skills and gain more experience, your earning potential improves too. 

When unemployment is at an alarmingly high rate, companies and organizations are having to let employees go because of the tough financial times.

You must stand out as an individual and take control of your situation. A great remedy to this is learning a high-income skill to improve your standard of living and make you less dependent on the government and employers to provide jobs for you. Learn a high-income skill, like copywriting today.

There are so many reasons to learn copywriting. Apart from it is always in demand, it is relatively easy to learn and just like any other craft, with time and application, you get better. You can use the skills you acquire in copywriting for different careers like marketing, a better CEO, a better researcher, etc.

You do not need a bachelor’s degree to be a copywriter, but you need to get results for your clients through refined writing. Knowing the pain and understanding who you are writing the piece of copy for so that your copy suites them and draws them in. Though it might help you get a course that improves your ability, it isn’t compulsory.

Great Copywriting Books for Beginners

In my opinion, I will advise you to read books like:

  • The Adweek Copywriting Handbook by Joe Sugarman 
  • The boron letters by Gary Halbert 
  • How to write copy that sells by Ray Edwards 
  • Influence; “the psychology of persuasion” by Robert B. Cialdini 
  • The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan. S Kennedy

These copywriting books will equip you with the basics of copywriting. They will guide you through what to do when writing copy, along with effective tricks and advice from these experienced and successful copywriters. It is best to read as much as possible and blend the knowledge you have gotten from the different books to create your authentic style. They will help you learn how to become a pro-copywriter in Nigeria.

Types of Copywriting

There are numerous types of copywriting. However, in this article, we will only explain four. They are:

  1. Marketing Copywriting

Also known as sales copywriting. This is where the copywriter uses current fads and trends in his niche to meet consumer needs.

  1. Seo Copywriting

Search Engine Optimization copywriting or SEO is a copywriting genre whose main purpose is to create a piece of copy that will rank high in search engine result pages (SERP). This helps in improving the business visibility on search engines and enhance your online business presence.

  1. Creative Copywriting

This is copywriting that has to do with using words to write copy that uses words to create images and scenes in the mind of the reader that communicates an idea and makes the reader take the desired action the copywriter are looking for.

  1. Technical copywriting

This is copywriting done by copywriters who have a deep understanding of their niche and can communicate the factual and technical details of their client’s products/services to the readers. They give the readers to understand the product they are reading about and answer questions asked by professionals and people who are deeply interested in your niche. Technical copywriting is mostly suitable for technologically advanced industries where specifics matter.

Frameworks of Copywriting

There are so many formulae for copywriting; the following will help guide you on how to become a pro-copywriter in Nigeria.

  1. Attention, Interest, Desire action (AIDA)

AIDA is arguably one of the most common frameworks there is. It means 

Attention-grabbing the reader’s attention through the headline or an image.

The purpose of the headline is to get interested readers to read the next line. 

Remember, with copywriting; you can sell everything to everyone. In business, it is much more profitable if you focus on a niche and a particular audience. Imagine this: Would you rather get treated by a doctor who claims to be an ‘all-purpose doctor’ who treats everything ranging from cold to cancer and also claims to be into other careers like electrical engineering or a doctor who is specialized in the particular area of illness. If you’re like me, I guess it’s a no. so it is more beneficial to be specific in your headline and address a targeted audience and hence address them so.

Interest– as the name implies, this is where you start generating interest in whatever you’re trying to sell. You give the reader fresh information about your product that excites the reader and wants your product even more.

Desire– this is where you state the benefit, not the feature but the benefit of the item of what you’re selling, and you back it by proof, either factual, technical a=and/or social proof (testimonies by satisfied customers). This is very important because what people say about you is way more powerful than whatever you can say about yourself.

Action- this is where you ask for the desired response you want the reader to take after reading your piece of copy. It can be to buy, subscribe etc., whatever action you want your reader to take.

  1. Problem – agitation – solution

This is one of the most popular frameworks there is

It refers to STARTING/IDENTIFYING a PROBLEM, then you AGITATE it and emphasize the gravity of the problem and the negatives and downsides that will happen if the problem isn’t solved, then you give a SOLUTION to the product, which is the product you’re trying to sell.

“The three reasons why” in copywriting

This is where you answer three questions which are;

  1. Why are you the best?

Here you state why you have a competitive advantage over your competitors.

  1. Why should I believe you?

This answers the question by giving the reader credibility either by social proof (testimonies from satisfied customer) and certificates or awards from your industry that improves your credibility.

  1. Why should I buy it right now?

This creates a sense of urgency in the reader and states how the offer only lasts for a while or is for a limited number of products.

Equipping yourself with different frameworks and using the one you decide to use is important, for it serves as a guide to executing your copy to get results for you.

Easy Ways to Set Up a Copywriting Business in Nigeria

To become a pro-copywriter in Nigeria these are the steps if you’re looking to get your copywriting agency started;

  1. Learn the basics

Cover as much as possible to learn. How to write basic copy that gets results. If possible, enroll in a training, there are so many courses available online. Study copy that has gotten results from the past, and gets familiar with frameworks that work best for you.

You can look for a copywriting expert that has so much content online which you can use to your advantage. There are people like Dan Lok, Anik Singal and many copywriting focused podcasts have so much content online about copy it is like you have access to their life and just by consuming such, you can only do yourself a world of good.

  1. Get the necessary instruments

Get a laptop and access the internet and advertise your services on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. In addition, you can join platforms of your niche and seek prospective clients there.

  1. Specialise

Choosing a niche bigger isn’t always better. When starting, it is better to be super targeted and choose a niche that you can serve. After a while, you become a specialist and recognized in that field, which can only do you a lot of good.

  1. Develop a service catalogue

Get a business plan that will explain the kind of services you will perform, the rates you will charge, your accounting systems and how you plan on acquiring new clients for your business. Because no business can survive without customers and how to retain customers and create meaningful business relationships.

  1. Brand

Develop your brand get a logo, differentiate your business and state the advantages of why working with your agency will provide many benefits for their business.

  1. Promote the brand

You can look for clients by looking for close friends and family members that own businesses and work for them for free. Another way is to get a commission with every sale you make with the sole purpose of getting the results. Remember to ask them for referrals to other business owners that you can hire you on a contractual basis.

  1. Deliver exquisitely

After getting your customers, you should focus on getting results for them. It is best to focus on not so many companies/businesses to intensify your focus. Having your attention all over the place, which most likely will not give you the best results you can.

Or, if you are getting enough clients, you can start outsourcing some of the duties and so that you can focus on acquiring customers and managing your staff to get the best possible results for your clients.

Also, you should have a copywriting business model that you can easily understand and implement because that is the secret of scaling your agency and increasing clients and profit.


Copywriting is a very important skill to learn with numerous benefits. It can help you to understand why people buy things and what motivates people to take certain decisions. If you can apply yourself and master it, it is like having the ability to print your own money. Meditate on these tips to master how to become a pro-copywriter in Nigeria.

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