Health Benefits of Drinking Water: A Guide to Intentional Living

by Hiqmah Oyekola
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health benefits of drinking water

Water is a necessary compound for the survival of all living organisms on Earth. Our bodies are made up of about 60% water and we cannot survive more than a few days without it.

According to the Guinness Book of Records, an Austrian man survived without drinking water for 18 days as he was a captive in prison in 1979. But, it was also reported the reason he survived was because he was licking condensation off the prison wall.

Water is a necessary element all living organisms depend on to survive. More than half of our body systems are made of water constituents, so we need water to survive. We lose lots of water through perspiration, respiration, and excretion and the only way to restore the amount of water lost is through drinking water.

You’ll discover in this article the importance of drinking enough water and tips to help you take more of it.

How Much Water Should I Take?

The Daily Adequate Intake for all Age Groups

  • 1-3 years should take 4 cups or 32 ounces.
  • 4-8 years groups should take 5 cups or 40 ounces.
  • 9-13 years should take 7-8 cups or 56-64 ounces.
  • 14-18 years should take 8-11 cups or 64-88 ounces.
  • Men (19 years and older) should take 13 cups or 104 ounces.
  • Women (19 years and older) should take  9 cups or 72 ounces.
  • Pregnant women should take 10 cups or 80 ounces.
  • Breastfeeding women should take 13 cups or 104 ounces.

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Health Benefits of Drinking Water

The health benefits of water are numerous. Drinking water is the first and the best way to lose weight as it has zero amount of calories. Below are the health benefits of drinking water in more detail;

  1. It maximizes physical performance

Dehydration causes loss of performance of the body and it may lead to an unproductive day. Energy is required to work and a dehydrated person cannot work effectively. If you don’t stay hydrated, your physical performance can suffer and you won’t have sufficient energy to perform effectively.

  1. Water helps to maintain blood pressure

Blood pressure is the pressure of blood on the walls of your arteries as your heart pumps blood around your body. It changes to meet your body’s needs and it is normal for your blood pressure to go up and down throughout the day. 

Many things can spike the blood pressure to increase or decrease. Both low pressure and high blood pressure are unhealthy. The normal blood pressure level for an adult is 120/80 mmHg. Drinking adequate  water helps to maintain the normal blood pressure.

  1. It prevents kidney damage

Not drinking enough water can lead to kidney damage. Your kidneys are also essential for removing waste through urination. Taking enough water helps the kidneys to work more efficiently and also helps to prevent kidney stones. Drinking adequate water helps to balance the functionality of the kidney and reduces other excretory problems.

  1. It forms saliva and keeps the mouth clean

Saliva helps in digestion and it also helps to keep our mouth lubricated. Drinking water also keeps the mouth clean, as it prevents tooth decay.

  1. It helps to improve mood

Insufficient amounts of water can also affect your mood. Dehydration causes fatigue and confusion as well as anxiety in humans. Water allows the brain, spinal cord, and other sensitive tissues to function properly.

Dehydration may also make the brain function less properly. Staying hydrated helps you to think properly and critically.

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  1. It helps in digestion

Another benefit of drinking water is that it helps in digestion. Take water before and after food.Water helps to digest food properly. Dehydration can cause the following problems:

  • Constipation
  • Heartburn
  • Ulcers
  1. It helps keep skin bright

Adequate intake of water will not only help you stay hydrated but also promote the production of collagen on the skin.

  1. It prevents overall dehydration

Dehydration is the result of your body not having enough water. And because water is imperative to so many bodily functions, dehydration can be very dangerous. Severe dehydration can result in the following:

  • swelling in your brain
  • kidney failure
  • seizures 

Always make sure to drink enough water to make up for what you lost through sweat, urination, and bowel movements to avoid dehydration.

  1. It facilitates movement across airways

Dehydration makes asthma and allergies worse as airways are restricted by the body to minimize water loss.

  1. It makes minerals and nutrients accessible

These dissolve in water, making it possible for them to reach different parts of the body.

  1. It boosts performance during exercise

Drinking water helps to stay energized and boost performance during exercise or strenuous work.

  1. It lubricates the joints

Cartilage, found in joints and the discs of the spine, contains around 80 percent water. Long-term dehydration can reduce the joints’ shock-absorbing ability, leading to joint pain.

  1. It helps to deliver oxygen throughout the body

Blood contains 90 percent of water, and blood carries oxygen to different sections of the body.

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Tips to Drink More Water

  1. Carry a water bottle with you and refill it throughout the day.
  2. Choose water over sugary or fizzy drinks.
  3. Opt for water when eating out. This will save money and reduce calories.
  4. Serve water during meals.
  5. Add a wedge of lime or lemon to your water. This can help improve the taste.

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Some Facts About Water

Here are some facts about water:

  1. Babies and children have a higher percentage of water than adults. When babies are born, they are about 78 percent water, but this falls to 65 percent by the age of 1 year.
  2. Fatty tissue has less water than lean tissue.
  3. Men have a higher percentage of water than women. 


Water is an important factor in a man’s life and it’s a universal medicine for all ailments. We have discussed the health benefits of drinking water, how much water you should take daily and also tips that will help you take more water. Stay hydrated!

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