How to Start Selling Data and Make Huge Profits as a Nigerian Student

by Hiqmah Oyekola
Selling data

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, data selling business in Nigeria has grown to be one of the most lucrative online businesses. This type of business generates a sizable revenue even with a modest initial investment.

Although the profit on this business is not high compared to other businesses like sales of clothes, shoes, and bags, it’s a business that can never go extinct because it is like salt, something a man can not do without.

If you’re a Nigerian student or a person looking to go into the business of selling data, this article will guide you on how to go about that. 

Who is a Data Reseller?

A data reseller is a person who buys data bundles from a platform or telecommunications firm and then resells them to customers for a profit. He or she purchases data bundles in bulk and resells them to customers in smaller quantities.

Data is highly consumed by almost everyone in the country, and students are not excluded. They need it for assignments, research, projects, etc. 

MTN offers 1.5GB for #1,200, and 1GB costs #1,000. A data reseller may buy 1GB of MTN data for as little as #450 and resell it for #600 or more. Data resellers purchase data in this form and resell it to their clients for more money.

To start up a data selling business in Nigeria as a student, you must sign up as an agent with a data reselling company. As a data reselling representative, you will receive a better discount rate for any data you acquire.

Requirements for Launching a Data Selling Business

The prerequisites for launching a data selling firm are as follows:

  • Smartphone or laptop
  • Access to the internet
  • Finance/Capital
  • Bank Account
  • Customers to sell the data to
  • A determination to earn big
  1. Finance/Capital

Starting a business venture requires funds, especially if it is legitimate. One of the methods to make money online without spending anything is not through the sale of data. You need to invest or spend money before you begin a data selling business. However, this does not mean you must empty your bank account or break the bank to start. You need money to fuel your wallet and this starts with NGN1,000.

  1. Internet accessibility

Internet access is also necessary to sell data and earn money as a Nigerian student. If you want to launch this business enterprise, your neighborhood’s internet connection should be reliable. Most data resellers find their consumers online and sell data to those customers. You must, therefore, regularly stay online.

  1. A bank account

Additionally, you need a bank account that can be used to receive payments. You get money from your clients through your bank account when you give them your account information after you have received orders from them. You can handle the order and transmit the info to your customer after you receive payment.

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How to Start Selling Data in Nigeria  

You need a reputable resale platform to launch a data-selling business in Nigeria. A reselling platform is a location or website where you may purchase data and airtime at a discount. These platforms allow you to acquire inexpensive data bundles online, even if you are not buying data in bulk, at the same price that banks do. 

In Nigeria, there are several platforms where you can buy data to start selling data. However, in this article, we will only discuss VTU King. Among the many available platforms, VTU King is one of the best. How to get started is as follows:

  1. Register On VTU King

Using VTU King is simple. To start up, all that is required of you is to register. After registering, you must add at least #1,000 to your wallet to buy data, airtime, and other things. 

  • First, visit the official VTUKing website here and register.
  • The word “menu” is displayed on a mobile browser in the top right corner.
  • Select “Buy Data” from the “Data Menu.”
  • Choose the network of your preference.
  • Enter your phone number and the data plan you desire.
  • Click “buy data.”

Note that: You must fund your wallet before using any of the services. Your data will be placed on your mobile line shortly after you click “buy data”.

  1. Market your business

The next thing to do after registering and funding your wallet is to market your business. People won’t know you sell data if you don’t tell them. So, promoting your business on social media, creating data selling flyers, and even word of mouth will go a long way to publicize your business.

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  1. Sell your data

Congrats, you can start selling now. A data seller has several selling options, including his website, social media accounts, and personal wallet. Many data sellers sell internet data today on Facebook and Instagram. A data reseller is a go-between for the telecom provider and the customer, and many people prefer this than buying directly from the telecom provider.

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Other Data Selling Websites

Aside from VTU King, you can register with the following platforms; 

  • Pay Cheap Nigeria
  • Mobile Airtime Nigeria
  • Recharge Hub

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is needed to start a data selling business?

Starting a data selling business is not something you have to break the bank for. You can start with as little as #1,000 and as much as #100,000, depending on your capital. But remember, the higher your investment, the higher your income.

How much profit can one make in a data selling business? 

In data selling business, you can make as much money as possible depending on how you market yourself. Data is not a business with lots of profit; the money made in this business is minimal, but it’s very lucrative because one can generate profit in a very short period.

As a student, you have a higher chance of making more money if you know how to market yourself well. You can tell your friends, coursemates, hostel mates, and even lecturers can buy from you. 


Selling data is an everyday business. Just like food, people will always buy data. In fact, these days, people consider buying data before food, so it’s a business that has high returns if you are dedicated to it. 

Oluwanifemi Akintomide edited this piece.

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