Are You the Best Man for an Upcoming Wedding? Here’s How to Crush Your Duties

by Nick Uzochukwu Igbokwe

Weddings require a lot of strategic work to bring about a beautiful result. That is why many couples appoint people to help them with the planning process—for grooms, this is usually the best man

The best man is the groom’s right-hand man throughout the planning process and on the wedding day. Hence, if you have been granted the honour of being the best man at your pal, brother, or son’s wedding, congratulations! 

However, you need to know that there is so much more to being the best man than just taking excellent photos and giving a speech.

If you want to go down in history as one of the finest best men and go beyond the groom’s expectations, you can’t simply turn up on the wedding day and hope for the best. Nope, there are a lot of preparations to be done. 

As the best man, things you’re expected to do include; throwing a bachelor party, keeping your crew on schedule, giving a speech, and ensuring the reception is alive, amongst other duties.

In this article, we will discuss several duties you can observe that help you emerge as that outstanding best man you’ve always imagined.

7 Best Ways to Crush Your Best Man Duties

  1. Throw a grand bachelor party

As the best man, you have to start making preparations many months before the wedding. It might seem overkill to start the planning so early, but the earlier you start, the less draining the job will be at the end. One such thing you need to plan early is the bachelor party. 

Get a list of those friends whom you want to be in attendance (you wouldn’t want any hostiles to be there). Make sure you nail down everyone on the list before their busy schedules get in the way. You can come up with a fantastic idea for the party, but it must be within the budget for the wedding. 

The most important thing is to ensure that the groom is put first and that whatever you do is according to his taste. You would want to avoid going through all the planning stress and discover that the groom isn’t wowed.

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  1. Always be there for the groom

When we say that pre-wedding jitters are real, you better believe it. Remember that the groom is only human and has emotions and feelings. The money and preparations for wedding planning might be too overwhelming for him. When he popped the question, he probably thought it would all be chocolates and roses. 

But now, he is dragged into the politics of cake flavours, meddling mothers, and table plans! So one of your best man duties is to ensure to check up on him from time to time. Let him know that someone is there to share his burdens with him.

  1. Show excitement at all times

As the second most important man of the day, you are the life and soul of the wedding. So one of your duties is to create a sense of excitement and occasion for the groom. You must always be upbeat (even when you are drowning in anxiety about the best man’s speech). 

If he wants your opinion on something you find incredibly dull, feign interest and keep a smile on your face. No matter what you feel about your friend getting married (maybe you are lamenting the fact that your days as single boys together are coming to an end), it is best to lock those feelings somewhere deep. Give him the impression of being the happiest person at the wedding, because that day is not about you. 

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  1. Give a thoughtful gift

Another important way to crush your duty as a groomsman is to organize a thoughtful gift for the groom. This duty isn’t compulsory, but it gives a lovely touch. The gift should serve as a reminder of how happy you are for him and a memento of the special occasion. The gift doesn’t have to be big or extravagant. Just something thoughtful and sentimental. 

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  1. Write and deliver an awesome speech

Now, this is the big challenge. The speech. The part of the best man wedding duties you’ve been dreading (if you are one of the rare types that love giving speeches or looking forward to giving one). 

One mistake you shouldn’t make is to presume that this is something you can pull out of the bag with a few days to go. You need to think about the speech in advance to reduce the stress that comes with it. Your speech should be touching. It should be able to cause a few tears and laughs.

  1. Know the guests

One of your duties as a best man in Nigeria is to do your homework for the guests invited to the wedding. You must mingle and converse with the guests, not just the ones you are familiar with, as this will make them feel welcome. 

Also, ask your friend to outline any problem guests so that you can control any potentially stressful or embarrassing situations. If Aunty Patricia is known for making inappropriate comments, you will want to know and keep an eye out for her.

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  1. Be the life of the party

Picture this: The newlyweds are having a golden moment, and the band or DJ is going strong, but the dance floor is empty. People may feel too shy or too big to go to the dance floor. Now, what do you do? Don’t panic.

As the groomsman, the guests will look to you for guidance. One of your duties is to ask a willing bridesmaid, mother, or relative to join you on the dance floor. Before you know it, you will be jostling for space. 

You are expected to be a good vibe at the party. Thus, getting drunk as the best man is a crime. You don’t want to ruin your friend’s wedding. You will also want to remember every moment of the special occasion.   

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The role of the best man is not an easy one to fill. However, if you can carry out all the best man duties in this post successfully, trust us that becoming the best of the best men ever wouldn’t be a farfetched dream.

Your duties as a groomsman are way more than what people take them to be. It involves- always being there for the groom, keeping the groom in high spirits, giving a great speech, throwing a good bachelor party, interacting with the guests, and ensuring that the reception is always lively.

Even if all these don’t come naturally to you, it is time for you to use all your willpower to become better. Give your friend a reason to trust you, knowing that you’ll perform all of your best man duties to the best of your abilities.                 

Edited by Priscilla Ajayi.

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