Exploring Nigerian Campus Fashion Trends: From Traditional to Modern

by Nick Uzochukwu Igbokwe
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Style is a way of expressing who you are without having to speak. When it comes to exploring the fashion trends in Nigerian campuses, a lot goes into the equation. Campus fashion trends in Nigeria are unique, with a mixture of modern and traditional fashion trends. 

Campus fashion trends have always been mirroring different lifestyles, cultures, and religions. Even with the growing Western influence, students have been able to blend these two trends, thereby creating a wearable everyday style.

For many students, campus life is an age of awakening where they can explore and experiment with different social behaviours away from the haven of home. Most are willing to spread their wings and try things they couldn’t before. 

This newly found freedom affects everything about them, including their sense of fashion. Most of them reinvent their style. In Nigerian campuses, specific fashion trends have taken people by storm; we will discuss some of them in this article.

Top 13 Campus Fashion Trends in Nigeria 

  1. Cargo pants

Cargo pants are part of those fashion trends that have taken over campuses in Nigeria. Students love these fashionable pants because it is perfect for their everyday school look. Be it bright, dark, or light-coloured, they are usually worn with different tops, ranging from tee shirts to formal button-down shirts. 

As for footwear, students pair cargo pants with sneakers, dress shoes, or whatever their dress code adjusts well. One reason students love cargo pants is because it is one of those democratic garments that fit everyone.

  1. Skinny jeans

Although Gen-Zers claim that this garment has gone out of style and should be removed from the list of fashionable outfits, skinny jeans remain the go-to denim option for most women and some men. In Nigerian campuses, skinny jeans are worn by almost everybody. 

You can dress them down or up; it depends on the top you pair with them. Skinny jeans look great on everyone, but it all boils down to the fit of the jeans and considering your body type

  1. Crew necks

Crew necks, popularly known as round necks or t-shirts, are one of the fashion trends on Nigerian campuses. This outfit is worn by everybody regardless of their gender. Some students prefer it extra-large while some are fitted. 

Round necks are paired with baggy, skinny, or cargo pants. Students love rocking this outfit because it is comfortable and goes well with almost anything.

  1. Mom jeans

Mom jeans are another kind of pants that have put a lot of Nigerian students in a frenzy. They are fashionable pants that have a loose fit through the legs. One benefit of this style of jeans is their just-right roomy fit. 

Students usually wear fitted tops or body suits to balance the look. But some have been seen to pair the loose-fitted jeans with oversized tops to give a casual and effortless look.

  1. Crocs

Crocs are every student’s best friend. Who doesn’t love them? They are affordable, comfortable, and with some chic styling, can pair well with literally any outfit. From going to classes to attending fellowships, Crocs will go perfectly with any outfit a student will throw on. 

Comfort and practicality are essential for surviving Nigerian universities‘ chaos of classes and exams. Crocs can serve both purposes.

  1. Slides

If Nigerian students are not wearing Crocs, they are wearing slides. Just like Crocs, they are super stylish and comfortable. The fashion trends worn by students to classes or even when they want to hang out with friends. Nigerian students pair slides with almost every outfit.

  1. Joggers

Joggers are fashion trends that Nigerian students go to when they want a laid-back and comfortable look. When students are tired of wearing jeans, they select sweatpants from their wardrobe. 

Students love joggers because they never go out of style and their casual yet very stylish look, can be rocked in different ways. Joggers can be worn with any top. It can be paired with sweaters, long sleeves, T-shirts, a cami, and crop tops.

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  1. Dashikis

This traditional fashion trend has been making waves on Nigerian campuses. Dashiki is a loose, brightly coloured tunic worn by both men and women. While some pair it with matching pants, some students prefer to wear it as a gown top. However, a lot of students rock it with skinny jeans or leggings.

  1. Kimonos

Still on traditional fashion trends, kimonos have become wardrobe essentials for Nigerian students. These jackets or vests can transform that plain black gown into something striking and exotic. Students often prefer kimonos made with Ankara material as its bright colours make for an eye-catching sight.

  1. Ankara wears

Students love casual and relaxed wear. Ankara is that material that can be both depending on the styles you choose to make from them. Nigerian students have been seen to sew cool and chic styles from Ankara material. 

Ankara can do everything from off-shoulders and cold shoulders to statement sleeves and corset tops. It is one of those fashion trends that Nigerian students can’t let go of.

  1. Mini skirts and crop tops

Any female student who considers herself a fashionista must have at least one mini-skirt and a crop top in her closet. Mini skirts have been a classic staple for years, but they are not just a necessity anymore; they have become a fashion trend. 

Some students pair mini shirts with crop tops, while others match them with something else. Some pair the skirt with a jacket or a T-shirt and the crop top with jeans or cargo pants. Girls love both outfits, giving them the edgy girl look.

  1. Tote bags

Most Nigerian students have a tote bag. It is their go-to bag for any occasion on campus. Tote bags are light and so easy to carry. Tote bags serve as that necessary stylish and casual bag for Nigerian students. 

Due to back-to-back classes, students need space to store books and lunch. Tote bags have all the space they need. Nigerian students also let their tote bags act as a personal statement as they add personalized prints.

  1. Ripped jeans

Ripped jeans have remained stylish for decades, and Nigerian students are not ready to let it go. Students dress down or up in all-campus fashion trends with their favourite ripped jeans. 

Be it with a leather jacket to give a goth style, a hoodie to provide casual, or a sheer blouse or cami to give a sexy manner, Nigerian students have rocked them all.

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In a Nutshell

As most Nigerian universities don’t enforce a dress code, students take this opportunity to express themselves. Nigerian students use this opportunity to show off their personalities. 

Students often need comfortable clothes because they may need to move around the campus from one class to another. They may also need to sit for an extended period in a chilly or, most times, stuffy classroom, and these campus fashion trends cover all the elements students need.

Edited by Priscilla Ajayi.

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