10 Wildest Things Nigerian Students Have Done in the University

by Favour Anthony
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University life offers a wide range of experiences. But when it comes to exciting and risky escapades, Nigerian university students will undoubtedly come out on top. 

As a Nigerian student, I can boldly confess that my experience at the university has been full of tremendous progress, crazy antics, and unforgettable memories. Nigerian students are exposed to a world of excitement, difficulties, and opportunities the moment they step foot on campus.

In this article, I will take you on a tour through the wildest things Nigerian students have done in the university as well as some of their most unbelievable experiences.

10 Wildest Things Nigerian Students Have Done in the University 

  1. Embark on violent protests and demonstrations

Nigerian university students are generally calm and law-abiding. But if you want to provoke them, just raise their tuition prices without providing a strong justification.

Over time, Nigerian students have engaged in violent demonstrations that have included vandalism of property, altercations with law enforcement, raucous movement of students into classrooms and offices, etc. These demonstrations are typically in response to sudden increases in tuition fees or an unwelcome development. 

The consequence of these demonstrations is usually the closure of school facilities resulting in the elongation of the academic programme.

  1. Engage in examination malpractices

Examinations can be tough and sometimes, the fear of failing could leave unprepared students with no other option than devise ways to “help themselves in the exam hall.” Owing to this, they adopt different forms of cheating during exams.

You cannot imagine how cunning Nigerian students can be when it comes to exam malpractices. They add a high level of intelligence and expertise to the act. 

They could effectively present innocent appearances to evade the invigilator’s suspicion, smuggle bulky textbooks and lecture materials into the exam room. They could also conceal cheat codes on discrete body parts, and leave no traces or proof when they are inevitably caught in the act.

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  1. Organize late-night parties

Nigerian students know how to throw a party like no other. For children who previously had their movements restricted by their parents, this typically feels like a time to free up and socialize.  

When you see a party flyer with the phrase “till mama calls,” you should assume that there will be plenty of partying, loud dancing, drinking, adult games, and crazy activities that generally result in fights. Oftentimes, no one will leave the party until the early hours of the following day. 

  1. Try out crazy food combinations

One of the wildest things Nigerian students have done in the university is tingle their tastebuds with a variety of weird food combinations. Food combinations such as; rice and okra, bread and palm oil, noodles and garri, eba and beans, spaghetti and yam, noodles and bread, kuli-kuli and ice cream, just to mention a few. 

These abnormal food combinations could be due to a variety of reasons, such as being strapped for cash (being broke), being unable to prepare a decent meal, or simply wanting to experiment with their digestive system. 

The typical course of events after that is for their stomach to become bloated, start to grumble, and they may spend the entire day in the toilet trying to force out their faeces.

  1. Give lecturers silly names only their inner circle understands

One of the wildest things Nigerian students have done in the university is give names to anyone as it suits them. Especially to lecturers who have obvious dents or impairments and won’t stop stressing them. 

You know how some lecturers may merely want to be a pain in the neck, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. Well, you’re probably too nice for a Nigerian student. Just so you know, even lecturers who are friendly to students have silly names that students have made up.

  1. Internet fraud

Every university student in Nigeria has a classmate who constantly brags about his “smart moves.” This kind of person always claims to have everything under control. 

Sometimes, we act as though we don’t know what they have done to amass their money. However, it is common knowledge that many Nigerian university students engaged in internet fraud and conned numerous victims to live the lavish lives they had always dreamed of.

  1. Substance abuse

Everything has a first time, but certain addictions are more difficult to break than others. People who later developed addictions to smoking, doing drugs, and being irresponsible most commonly began as drug and alcohol abusers in college. 

Students won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to learn about how drugs like cocaine, snuff, molly, and others are frequently used to gauge a person’s ruggedness and masculinity. 

  1. Pulling hilarious and outrageous pranks 

Nigerian students are renowned for their ingenuity and mischievousness when it comes to playing practical jokes. We take pleasure in making our friends laugh and giving some humour to the somewhat hectic academic life, whether it be through simple jokes or complex plans.

When it comes to pulling pranks, and practical jokes, one of the wildest things Nigerian students have done in the university is switching the labels on professors’ doors, leading to hilarious mix-ups and confusion. Another popular prank is filling a room with balloons while the occupant is away, creating a whimsical surprise upon their return.

These practical pranks not only amuse us but also help the students feel more connected to one another as we laugh and enjoy the delight of innocent mischief together.

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  1. Deny their friends when they get into trouble in the examination hall

There’s a saying that good friends go all out for each other and always have each other’s back. That’s not the case with some Nigerian students when their friends who allegedly enter the exam hall with “miracle papers” get caught. That’s when they would feign studiousness as though they were attempting the questions and could answer correctly, unaided.

  1. Tell lies to get money from home

In places with high costs of living, your pocket money cannot cover your daily needs, let alone give you the level of convenience you desire. 

Expenses ranging from the purchase of lecture materials to personal care items, feeding, and transportation fare can eat deep into your savings and leave you with nothing left. However, Nigerian students have an age-old practice of “add up” to deal with this imbalance in cash flow. 

To cover their regular financial needs in school, they lie blatantly to their parents. You would think that they would exercise moderation while doing it, but if they did, I wouldn’t include it on the list of the wildest things Nigerian university students have done.


While it is hilarious to note the wildest things Nigerian students have done in the university, it is equally important to remember that these behaviours are not representative of all Nigerian students, and they are not unique to Nigerian universities. 

Extreme or wild behaviours can occur in educational institutions around the world and are usually exceptions rather than the norm. Universities and authorities take steps to address such issues and promote a safe and conducive learning environment for all students.

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Article Edited by Priscilla Ajayi.

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