Tips on How to Survive in a Nigerian Public University

by Nick Uzochukwu Igbokwe
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Yay! You are fresh from high school and just got admitted into your dream university. To you, the school holds so much significance, as it is your parent’s alma mater. They’ve told you so much about this great citadel of learning, and you’ll be resuming in a few months. 

Now that you’ve printed your admission letter, it’s high time that you prepare for resumption. Aside from the specific provisions you’ll be taking to school, we have some pieces of advice you should consider handy. 

In this piece, we will be sharing with you a handful of tips on how to survive in a Nigerian public university. We will keep this list as “Gen Z” friendly as possible. After reading this list to the end, you’ll be well-informed on how to conquer the new interesting journey ahead. 

Without further ado, let’s examine how to survive in a Nigerian public university. 

5 Effective Tips on How to Survive in a Nigerian Public University

  1. Get a room on campus

Every Nigerian public university has on-campus accommodation facilities for its students. These facilities are situated tantalisingly close to lecture venues and are a godsend in terms of proximity. 

As a fresher or Johnny just come (JJC) like some people would say, you have no business staying off campus for the time being. Off-campus facilities come with numerous hassles, such as proximity issues, the potential of keeping bad company, and the tendency to feel that you have arrived, lol. All of the above are potential pitfalls for freshers—impressionable youths.

Thus, to avoid these pitfalls, kindly make a consummate effort to get a room on campus to survive in a Nigerian public university. “E get why.”

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  1. Learn how to bargain

One significant advantage Nigerian public universities have over their private counterparts is the cost of living. You can get essential food and quality clothing items at cheaper rates. However, this comes with a catch. 

In a public university’s general market, vendors know how to easily spot a newbie and they will attempt to take advantage of your naivety. That’s why we advise you to follow your parents or guardians to the market as frequently as possible before you resume your first year. It will go a long way in helping you survive in a Nigerian public university. 

Furthermore, the market isn’t a job interview; kindly loosen up. If you’re a guy, a clean pair of Crocs or sliders, a well-fitting sweatshirt and jogger pants would do the trick. A pair of jeans, a comfortable blouse, and slippers or sliders would work fine if you’re a lady. “Make them no call rich kid price for you.”

  1. Choose your squad wisely

Choose your squad wisely.

Choose your squad wisely.

You are in a new environment. There’s a higher chance that most of your friends in high school are away from you in university. There’s nothing wrong with that, as change is a constant thing in life. The university is a new challenge, and it’s time you make new friends. 

Get a new squad to navigate and assist you to survive in a Nigerian public university. However, while making new friends, your goals must align. You can’t be jostling for a first class and decide to befriend someone with zero ambition. It will end in tears. 

Hence, kindly take your time before elevating someone from acquaintance to friend. Y’all are going on a journey of four, five, or even six years together, and they could get fantastic running mates. This will surely help you survive in a Nigerian public university.

PS: A good squad has at least one social butterfly. Hence, pay attention to an outgoing buddy. They always come in handy!

  1. Steer clear from nefarious activities

Like every institution, Nigerian universities have the good, bad, and the ugly. One of the ugliest parts of Nigerian public universities is the everyday nefarious activities on campus. There are toxic happenings such as cultism, drug abuse, and “yahoo yahoo.”

Everything your mom and dad warned you about can easily be accessed in these so-called citadels of knowledge. So, it’s up to you to steer clear of them. Let’s start with cultism. Cultism has long been the bane of Nigerian public universities and has been around for almost a century now. 

Popular cultist organisations include the Black Axe, Pirates, Eiye Cult Group, and many more. These cult groups, formed decades ago are responsible for countless deaths in learning institutions. You might be approached to join a couple of them during your years on campus. Please, steer clear of them. A word they say is enough for the wise. My friend, “madira o.”

Then there’s drug abuse. We know you’ve seen those American college movies of drinking, smoking, and “having a good time” at parties. However, let’s clear up the notion that “there is nothing special about taking drugs.” The fact is drugs can make you do stupid things and slow you down, and if abused, they could cause irreversible psychological damage. 

Oh, are we mincing too much grammar? Let’s break it down then. Excessive use of drugs or drug abuse can make you run mad. Drugs like cannabis, cocaine, heroin, methadone, etc, are some of the more common hard drugs. Avoid them like the plague to survive in a Nigerian public university.

Last but not least to avoid is “yahoo yahoo”. It is a concept that needs no introduction, as you probably have a classmate in high school that dabbled in internet fraud. Yahoo involves an individual acting like he’s someone other than his real identity. He then scams an unsuspecting person at the other end of the spectrum. 

It is easily one of the biggest cankerworms in youths these days. Please avoid it, as they say, ninety-nine days for the thief and one day for the owner. My dear, “e go shock you.”

  1. Pay attention to your spirituality

If you are a Christian, don’t stop attending church now that you are free from your parents or guardians. If you are a Muslim, don’t avoid the mosque now that you’re out of your family house. If you’re a traditionalist, stick to your values and do not ignore your spirituality. All these are vital if you want to thrive in a Nigerian public university.

Every Nigerian public university has loads of fellowships and religious organisations. These organisations will likely attempt to catch you early in your stay on campus. Be careful because not all of them have sincere intentions. It’s better to stick with what you’ve been doing since you were a little child. 

However, if you decide to change, do your homework. Talk to an adult you trust, and make an explicit and informed decision. 

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In a Nutshell

Attending university is a surreal experience for the average Nigerian. It is a world of opportunities, a chance to network, and the perfect time to roll out of your shell. 

We understand that school life could be difficult at first. But if you follow the above tips, we are optimistic that you will survive in a Nigerian public university.

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