Top 10 Must-Have Classy Shoes for Men: How to Look Hot Effortlessly

by Nick Uzochukwu Igbokwe
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Shoes are not just mere accessories. They are what complete our wardrobes. The perfect pair of shoes for men can do a lot. It can boost your confidence, make an impression, protect your feet, take you to good places, carry you through muddy situations, and even give you the little push you need to win a race. 

Jimmy Choo once said, “The right shoes can make everything different.” We can also learn from Cinderella that a great pair of shoes can change a person’s life. Taking a page from the book of these famous individuals, we can see that shoes are an essential part of our daily lives as they take us to places.

Another power shoes have is to transform an outfit and your outlook. The proper footwear can either build or break your look. So it is essential to have the right shoes to appear stylish. 

From attending a big party to running errands to chilling with the big boys, here is a detailed guide to must-have classy shoes for men. We’ve done a hard job for you. You’ve just got to look hot effortlessly!

Top 10 Must-Have Classy Shoes for Men

    1. Brogues



As you can see, Brogues is the first on our list of must-have shoes for men. This shoe will quickly become a staple in any man’s wardrobe. You can wear this shoe to complete a more formal or casual attire. 

Brogue shoes can be worn with anything and due to their durability, can be worn day in and day out. These classy shoes for men will make you fit in seamlessly in practically any setting. The key is wearing closed-laced Brogues with formal wear and an open-laced design with less formal wear.

  1. Suede chukka boots

Suede Chukka boots.

Suede Chukka boots.

Although it is not as dressy as brogues, Suede chukka boots are still more fashionable than sneakers. Chukka boots have become popular because of their solid sports and military history. Ankle-high chukka boots are typically made from calfskin with an open lace system and two or three pairs of eyelets. 

These classy shoes allow for tremendous versatility. Chukka boots go nicely with a suit and perfectly with washed denim and a white T-shirt.

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  1. Loafers



Loafers are slip-on shoes that usually have a decorative segment. They are comfortable, casual, and relaxed. You can either dress them down or up. Loafers shoes for men can be rocked all year round. Like the brogues and chukkas, loafers work with casual and formal outfits. 

Penny loafers (with a slit at the top) provide a simple option. Whereas the Gucci bit loafers (with a metal ornament) are less formal and can be worn with a suit. Loafers are classy shoes that will make you look dapper and elegant with no effort. They are must-have shoes.

  1. Chelsea boots



Chelsea boots, or Paddock or Dealer boots, are ankle-high and close-fitting boots with an elastic side panel. The side panel ensures ease of wear and makes it easy for the foot to slip in and out. With its iconic design, the Chelsea boot is trendy. Chelsea boots come in various colours; you can always go right with leather or suede. 

It has a simple and clean silhouette that lends itself to different dress styles: casual or formal; take your pick. Leather Chelsea boots are perfect for an evening outing with friends, while the suede will work throughout the day. It is a less formal variant of Chukka boots.

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  1. Sneakers



Looking for a pair of shoes to wear without the unnecessary formality of dress shoes or even loafers? That is where sneakers come in. Sometimes, even the most dapper men would like to go casual. 

These must-have shoes for men are ideal because they are smart-looking and comfortable enough to do your daily activities without looking sloppy. Sneakers are great for every type of casual outing. 

  1. The Oxford Or Derby dress shoes

Derby shoes.

Derby shoes.

Having an Oxford or Derby in your stylish men’s collection is obligatory. The key difference between the shoes is that Oxfords have closed lacing while Derbys have open lacing

Also, Oxford is more formal than the Derby. These classy shoes for men are highly versatile and can be worn across various functions and settings, whether at a wedding with a suit or a pair of well-fitted dark denims.

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  1. The double monk strap shoes

Double Monk strap shoes.

Double monk strap shoes.

As its name suggests, the double monk strap shoes originate from monks who used to wear them as a more protective option than traditional sandals. Double monk straps are versatile and can be worn across a broad range of settings. 

It is available in different colours, but the brown and oxblood variants are the most popular. The double monk strap shoe is ultra-stylish and can be formally worn with a suit or casually with blazers and jeans.

  1. Running shoes

Running shoes.

Running shoes.

The more things get bad, the more men run. So, it is time to lace up and cover a few miles. Still, these shoes for men are not necessarily for running these days, as they are prime for casual outfits and trendy athleisure looks. 

Whether it is some errands you are running or some friends you’ve got to meet up with, casual running shoes are the best option you’ve got.

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  1. Slip-on



Slip-ons have been associated with men too lazy for laces, but it is also an essential part of the chic men’s collection. Slip-ons shelter your toes halfway and are always ready to move with you. 

They are comfortable and easy to wear. Slip-on falls under the casual bracket of shoes for men.

  1. Sandals



Whether it is during the long months of summer or vacation, every man needs to have a pair of skin-free sandals. Sandals are perfect for letting your feet breathe. 

They are also instrumental on the beach, keeping your shoes sand-free. Sandals stay on even when wet. That certainly makes it a must-have shoe!

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In a Nutshell

This list has covered both formal and casual options of elegant shoes for men. Getting these shoes will ensure that you are always dressed in unity with both the setting and intention of your outfit. A good outfit needs to be matched with the ideal pair of shoes. The right shoes can make a huge difference. 

Edited by Priscilla Ajayi.

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