10 Stunning Outfits You Should Have in Your Wardrobe

by Praise Eso
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No matter how humble fashion might have been in the past. It will always remain an essential aspect of society. Everyone finds a way to express themselves in different places, periods, and contexts. We call this “fashion”.

It’s not as complex as you perceive it. Fashion is simply a way of expressing yourself. And of course, if you’re a lover of comfortability, you can maintain that while looking stunning and authentic. A stunning outfit can make a difference!

Why You Need Stunning Outfits to Embrace Fashion

When you hear the word “outfit, what comes to your mind? Amid the barrage of thoughts that might come running, I’m sure that “clothes” is one of the prominent pictures that you can see. However, your outfit isn’t complete without the necessary adornments.

Adornments that will make people qualify what you wear as a “stunning outfit” at first glance. This shows that your outfit isn’t just an amazing combination of your clothes. But also, the addition of every important ingredient to make you look stylish.

In a world of fads, trends, and classics, there’s a need to fill your wardrobe with stunning outfits that can last the test of time. You might not be one to love dressing up or attracting attention but you can always make fashion out of little tweaks in your clothing, shoes, and accessories. 

So, relax and place your phone right in your palms. Let’s take a look at the stunning outfits you should have in your wardrobe either as a female or male. 

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Stunning Outfits You Should Have in Your Wardrobe 

  1. African native wears for guys

This is one of the most stunning outfits a guy can ever have in his wardrobe. Besides, you can never go wrong with putting on this outfit for any occasion. Except if it’s specifically stated to put on formal wear. African native wear adds charisma and has a special appeal to the eyes. You can wear them in short-sleeved or long-sleeved forms and pair them with Agbada or not. 

Screenshot 20220520 195505

African native wears are stunning outfits.

Depending on your taste, a cap is not bad at all to complete your stunning outfit. Just get a creative fashion designer to design some very nice styles to suit your taste and stature. Then, you’re good to go. Loafers, boat shoes, and other shoes (asides from lace-ups) give a nice appearance to this outfit. Meanwhile, the native wears say a loud “No” to sneakers. 

Even if you’re not a fan of native wear, you should have one or two of these outfits in your wardrobe. They are stunning outfits that can make you look unique and chic anywhere you go. So, it’s a must-have for every guy regardless of age.

  1. T-shirt on a pair of jeans trousers

Hey there, your t-shirts are your friend. Always there to help you out on days where you just want to dress down, feel comfy and at the same time look stylish. T-shirts are another stunning outfit you should have in your wardrobe and it applies to both gender. The fitness of the t-shirt determines how the outfit should be worn and the types of footwear that look the best with it. 


T-shirt on a pair of jean trousers. Isn’t that stunning?

You can wear sneakers, sandals, heels, and boots with this outfit depending on the kind of look you want. Pairing it with a jacket adds to the cool look too. And not to worry, your stature isn’t a hindrance at all.

  1. Dress shirt or casual shirt with formal pants

Formal pants come in different types and all of them fit well into a corporate environment. If you’re the cool and killer look kind of guy, then, this is one stunning outfit that you should have in your wardrobe. A dress shirt looks quite good when you tuck it into either chino, khaki, or dress pants and you were with or without a tie. 


Dress shirt with formal pants.

These pants look the best when tucked in because they are meant to be a snug fit around the waist and on the lower part of the body. They are aimed at being worn without belts. However, you can wear them with belts too. Pairing this outfit with a jacket and sneakers gives a classy look. You can wear it casually. The dress shirt can also be tucked out of all formal pants asides from dress pants and worn casually or semi-formally.

  1. Short black dress 

You might not be a lover of dresses. But your wardrobe shouldn’t lack a black dress that suits your taste and fits your stature. Black dresses are stunning outfits you should have in your wardrobe. Black represents class, business, and elegance. So, you don’t have to worry so much about matching colours with it. 

Screenshot 20220520 203438

Black dress.

Your black dress is your go-to for formal functions or parties where you wish to maintain a classy look. Black dresses can come in different styles but you should always opt for the short ones. Avoid wearing other dark colours with your black dress. Else, this outfit will look dull. Heels, either low or high, showcase your black dress in the best possible way.

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  1. Checkered shirts

One stunning outfit you should have in your wardrobe is a checkered shirt. These shirts are evergreen. They come in different patterns and colours. You can either wear them as jackets or as shirts but don’t tuck them in. It is one stunning outfit your wardrobe should not lack. They look so cool with fitted trousers and jean trousers either buttoned or unbuttoned. This implies that a shirt can be worn within it either tucked in or out.  


Checkered shirts are stunning outfits.

You can never go wrong with this on a slightly cold day or a warm day. You can match your checkered shirts with sneakers, loafers, boots, and heels. As long as it’s a casual environment, you can never look odd in it.

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  1. Fitted tops with palazzo pants

You can wear several tops with palazzo pants. However, they have to be a snug fit on the body or a slightly loose fit depending on the type of top that you are wearing. Crop tops, off-shoulder tops, cami tops, sleeveless blouses, knotted tops and much more can be worn with it all depending on your style. 


Fitted top with Palazzo.

The amazing aspect about palazzos is that as much as you can wear them as casual wear, you can also wear them for formal purposes. A buttoned-down shirt tucked into palazzo pants and worn with heels screams “formal”. A long-length blazer worn over a top tucked into palazzo pants and paired with heeled boots is so stylishly formal. Can a stunning outfit be more than that? 

Moreover, putting on this stunning outfit in a formal environment is colour-themed. So, you can always stick with dark colours to boldly wear your outfit. However, in a casual environment, you’re good to go.

  1. Stylish blouses and shirts with a pencil skirt

If you’re a lover of skirts, this is one stunning outfit you should have in your wardrobe. This is because it gives off the boss lady’s vibe. Dress shirts, ruffled tops, bodysuits, and wrap tops look exquisite when you tuck them into pencil skirts. This is definitely for the formal environment.


A stylish blouse with a pencil skirt gives off the boss lady’s vibe.

The type of top to be worn depends on your stature and you might just not tuck in too depending on the type of top. You can pair it with heels, pumps, flats, and boots. Just to aid your appearance, you can add stylish belts as long as it fits. The pencil skirt falling below the knee and staying snugly fit always gives off the bossy vibe.

  1. Denim shirts and jackets

Get yourself some denim shirts and jackets and look good in these stunning outfits all the time. Jean materials have always been for the casual environment and that isn’t such a bad idea. Denim will remain the ultimate stylishly casual outfit that every person irrespective of gender should have.


Denim jackets.

You can wear a denim shirt buttoned down on a pair of denim trousers. A denim jacket on a short-length gown, a denim jacket on a palazzo-themed outfit, etc. Denim is never a bad idea as long as it is a casual occasion. 

  1. Ankara-themed outfit

In the past, Ankara might have been worn by only Africans. But in present times and even in the future, the Ankara fabric is globally and will remain globally recognized because the intensity of its African prints does not fade or change easily. It preserves its uniqueness and versatility in the best way possible. This makes it a stunning outfit you should have in your wardrobe.

Screenshot 20220520 203938

Ankara-themed clothes are stunning outfits. Why not try them out?

Fashion makes putting on Ankara fabrics so stylish that you can wear them in any form. Nowadays, there is a mixture of Ankara fabrics with t-shirts and dress shirts, and it’s such a sight to behold. Ankara-themed clothes are another stunning outfit you should have in your wardrobe in any style you want. You can have as many as you want, it never gets old.

  1. Lace fabric worn for women

This is the owambe fabric for every woman. Lace fabric comes in different types and patterns and you can always go for whichever you wish to buy. The styles that can be made with these are unlimited and the best way to look beautiful in them is by sewing a style that fits you perfectly. 


Lace fabric.

The lace fabric is a stunning outfit that is irrespective of age. Moreso, it is great to wear them at dinners and parties depending on the style.

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Your outfits describe you in more ways than you can imagine. Having a full wardrobe is not as important as appearance. It is only when you put on stunning outfits that can people marvel at your presence. Most people appreciate what they can see. So, you should never have a full wardrobe without having the essential clothes. 

Your outfit should make you feel comfortable and appeal to you first before any other person. Colours and patterns are also important features in combining and styling. There are a lot of styling rules to watch out for when choosing an outfit to wear. Also, don’t forget that modesty is key in all that you do.

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