Girl Code: 15 Unwritten Laws of Friendship

by Praise Eso
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girl code

Girls’ Codes are the unwritten rules of friendship. Boldly written on the heart templates, they come naturally, but sometimes, you might need to remind yourself to keep yourself in check with your girls. 

Every true friendship flourishes on the wings of the girls’ code. Perhaps you haven’t found that safe space in your friendships, it’s likely that you haven’t been heartily observing the girls code. 

girl code

Girl Code

Just as respect is reciprocal, love is also a two-way street. It’s like the aroma of a sweet-smelling perfume wafting through the air. When you try your best to make your friends feel safe and wanted, they feel it and can’t help but make you feel the same way.

Girls’ Code contains the rules that foster loyalty and love between you and your girls. Of course, there are a number of them. We’ll look at the 15 girls’ code that you should never break.

Girl Code for Girls

girl & girl

The girl code should not be broken

Your girls are not just your friends, they are your sisters, and you should make them feel that way. You should show them that you have their best interest at heart. Let’s explore the top 10 out of all that exists:

  1. Be honest with your friend

A girl must always be honest with her girl. Whether or not she solicits your opinion. Don’t belittle her when you tell her the truth; instead, be affectionate. As an illustration, your girl might put on an outfit, but it just doesn’t look right. Never assume that she will be upset or that it won’t matter. That’s why you’re there for her—because it matters.

“Babe, what will you do without me, let’s get you ready!”

“The combo no too dey, but you fit wear am sha.” ✖

  1. Respond when your girl asks for your opinion

When a friend asks for your opinion, she needs someone to support her or correct her. Never make her feel as though her concerns are irrelevant. No matter how often she asks you how she looks, even if she has already examined her outfit a thousand times in the mirror. Always give her a response. Give her your honest opinion, even if she has already told you she is going somewhere and is now asking again.

“You can decide not to go, what does your heart say?”

“Wo, don’t stress me, I thought we already talked about this.”

  1. Never leave your girl behind at a function

No matter how tired or grumpy you might feel, it would help if you didn’t leave her behind when the two of you go out together. Girls watch out for other girls. The presence of her friend makes her feel secure. Make her feel valued. Even if you need to leave right away, urge her out or, even better, explain the situation to her.

” Babe, what do you think about leaving now? I’m getting uncomfortable.”

” I’m leaving now, meet me at home?”

  1. Always be in her corner

This commonly occurs in Nigeria, sadly. Therefore, throwing your friend under the bus when she messes up, especially in front of others, is never appropriate. Instead, stand by her no matter who she is up against. Since you must always stand by the truth, this may seem unrealistic. But why not stand by her in public while correcting her in private? That way, the correction will stick, and she will know you have her best interest at heart.

“Alaye, you too, be calming down small small, you dey shout.”

“B, don’t stress it, let’s get out of here.”

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  1. Let formalities go

Being free is one way to make your friend feel the connection of your friendship. Be affectionate when speaking to her. Let every part of yourself loose with her. Show that she is your sister, even around others. Ask as many questions as you can about her. Never believe the lie that “I don’t want to talk about it.” Although it’s important to respect others’ boundaries, she is your friend, and you are the best person to understand her. You are, therefore, aware of when to back off and when to exert pressure.

“Now, don’t give me that, bá mi sorò, baby.”

“It’s you that said I should leave you alone oo, and I’m leaving you.”

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  1. Buy her thoughtful gifts

Make a note of the word “thoughtful.” You don’t have to perform beyond your capabilities. What matters is that you have her best interests in mind. Don’t just buy her presents on her birthdays. Acts as simple as taking her out to have fun or getting her a gift on your way home will warm her insides.

“I got some matching necklaces for us!”

“I didn’t think you’d like it, so I didn’t get yours.” ✖

  1. Shower her with compliments like freebies

Become her biggest hype girl. Despite what everyone is saying, be her pillar of support. She is constantly attentive to what you have to say in every circumstance. So, act as that encouraging voice. Make her feel better when she’s down. Make her feel better when she’s feeling good. You have to do that.

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  1. Give her the best advice

Your words ought to be invaluable. Give her the best advice and tell her what you would have done if you were in her shoes when she asks for your opinion. In your interactions with your friends, practice empathy. It aids in providing the best guidance.

  1. Keep her secrets to yourself

Nobody likes a snitch. Keep your tongue under control. She shared them with you because she trusts you. Telling them to even one outsider is betrayal. It is still betrayal if you share them as examples with another person. You’re her confidante, so keep her secret as an oath that binds you.

  1. Be her biggest cheerleader

You shouldn’t feel like your friend is trying to overshadow you. Be proud to be her biggest supporter and wing woman. You benefit when your friend succeeds. Never feel envious of her successes. Share every opportunity with her. You can be sure she’ll follow suit. Wear the best friend tag with pride. 

“Yeahhh!! That’s my best friend. We’re winning big. This is just the beginning.”

“Yeah, my best friend got it. It’s nothing big.”

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Girl Code for Guys

Because girls don’t adhere to these codes, many lovely friendships have ended. However, they are simple to implement. Your approach to these girls codes concerning guys will demonstrate how much you value your friend and how far you’d go to protect her.

  1. Know her boyfriend

Believe it or not, it is your business. You ought to be familiar with the man she is dating. It would be strange for you not to know this since you are close to her. You talk about your crushes among yourselves when you’re feeling one. So why shouldn’t you be acquainted with her partner? And if you need to talk to him, be sure to let your friend know everything you said. It fosters trust.

  1. Never date her relative without her consent.

Family members are off-limits, and even if there is a potential romantic connection, get your friend’s approval first. A relationship with a relative without her knowledge would be a betrayal. Even though you might be afraid of her response, give it a try. You never know.

  1. Never date your friend’s ex 

This kind of betrayal is the worst. Either way, the breakup may or may not have hurt. But dating your friend’s ex is a painful backhand without her permission. Whether you date him in secret or appear to flaunt him in her presence, none of these choices are appropriate. To inform your friend before beginning a relationship would be an act of love and empathy.

  1. Never allow a guy to come between you

Before any guys entered, you built your relationship. So a guy issue shouldn’t sever your friendship with your friend. When uncertain circumstances arise, you should remain composed and open to discussion rather than making assumptions. You must have enough faith in your girl to confide in her when circumstances appear uncertain.

  1. Tell her if her man is unfaithful

Don’t play the “I don’t want her to get hurt” card. What better way to break the news to her than by yourself? She will be hurt more than you imagine if she learns the truth herself or from outsiders. So, as soon as you learn, figure out a way to tell her and be there for her.


There are more, but these are the girls’ codes that you shouldn’t joke around with. They are important to the health of your friendships. So remember that you should start by being the kind of friend you want to have. There is no doubt that you will draw people who are like you. 

What do you think about these codes? Drop a comment below. Even better, send a message to join our whatsapp community and see people air their opinions without filter.

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