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Top 10 Tech Blogs in Nigeria

by Ahuzi Vincentia

Are you a tech bro or sis? Or are you looking to take up a career in the tech industry? You will need a tech blog to gain more knowledge about your niche and stay up-to-date with tech trends and news.

Many skilled Nigerian techies create a blog where they share their knowledge with other individuals in the tech industry. This information could be in the form of tutorials, reviews of tech products, guides, news and other educational content. Some top tech blogs in Nigeria market the latest tech products for brands, which helps to create awareness and visibility of the product brand.

The 21st century dwells on the development and use of advanced technology. Therefore, this is deemed a better time for tech blogs in Nigeria to come up with quality ideas and credible tech insight for Nigerians and Africa as a whole.

In terms of the general aspects, tech blogs in Nigeria have some similarities between them. However, many vary in categories, resources, facility, and other qualities.

In this guide, we compiled a list of top 10 blogs in Nigeria that can guide you through your tech journey.

Top 10 Tech Blogs in Nigeria

  1. Tech Cabal

tech cabal logo

Tech Cabal

Tech Cabal is currently the highest-ranked tech blog in Nigeria. It was founded in 2013 by Bankole Oluwafemi and is based in Lagos, Nigeria. On hearing the name, you must have guessed that the blog provides everything related to tech. But what the blog provides is far more than you have imagined.

This platform provides insights on technology developments, startups, mobile and the internet in Africa. The blog displays different tech categories, which range from tech news, business, fintech, cryptocurrency, commerce, and so much more. A visit to the blog exposes you to numerous insightful contents. Sometimes, users who search the blog without a specific topic find themselves lost in the broad content categories available. However, this should not be a big deal once you have a specific topic. Many individuals have learned many things about tech and enhanced their skills by subscribing to their Newsletters. They have thousands of users subscribed to their newsletter.

Tech Cabal brings professionals together to share their tech knowledge and experience with the public and the latest advancement in the tech world.

  1. TechNext

technextn.g logo


TechNext is a site for tech reviews, news and analysis of Nigeria’s tech industry. They publish technology articles and business content emphasizing the African situation. Tech Next is one of the top blogs in Nigeria that focus on the influence of technology on the continent. You can find in-depth reviews of gadgets, startups, DIY, tech events and other informative content.

  1. Ogbongeblog logo


Ogbongeblog is one of the well-known tech blogs in Nigeria, founded in 2008. They cover tech topics related to mobile devices, electronics, and news on many apps. The website is not just prominent for its blogging but also for other fascinating features, which are full of Nigerian content. For example, the platform provides text tutorials, including tips on blogging, WordPress tips, Facebook ads tips, and so on. In addition, Ogbongeblog is known for its in-depth educational technology content.

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  1. NaijaTechGuide



Paschal Okafor founded NaijaTechGuide in December 2006. Currently, he’s one of Nigeria’s most reputable tech bloggers and analysts. Also, his blog is one of the best technology blogs in Nigeria. This platform provides gadget reviews, tech tips, specs, exploring newest essay generator, guides, and price comparisons of mobiles, laptops, refrigerators, generators and other tech gadgets. On NaijaTechGuide, you will get reviews and information on any tech device you want to ask about.

They provide well-detailed content that covers everything the users need to know about a particular tech topic or product. While their content is on mobile devices, they also provide fintech updates for readers. With the high content available on the blog, users may get confused about how to navigate the site and search for a particular topic. However, this difficulty is reduced by providing a search box where users can type the topic they want to read about and easily find it. NaijaTechGuide is a renowned website and won several awards a few years ago.

  1. TechCity

tech city

Tech City

Techcity is a blog for reporting the latest tech news, gadget reviews, tips, specs, latest introductions in the tech market, and online services. In addition, they provide educational content and entertainment simultaneously, leaving users to decide which category they prefer to stay on.

Techcity’s content is focused on the Nigerian audience, but other content targets international communities. Techcity is one of the best tech blogs in Nigeria, Africa, where emerging technologies are displayed and discussed in a language understandable by everyone, including non-techs.

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  1. MissTechy

misstechy blog


Looking at the name, you probably guessed that a female founded the platform. MissTechy is a Nigerian tech blog founded by Tobi Ayeni on the 9th of February, 2015. Tobi is one of Nigeria’s most popular female tech bloggers and tech enthusiasts. The platform provides reviews on the latest mobiles, information on the latest developments in the tech industry, and talks about young women taking the tech industry to another level.

The blog also has a YouTube video version where different tech products or topics are being reviewed and discussed. MissTechy is a prominent tech blog in Nigeria that has gained wide acknowledgement in the tech space.

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  1. Geek.Ng


Geek.Ng is another popular Nigerian tech blog which was founded in 2013. The blog covers a wide range of topics related to technology. Geek. Ng provides a series of content which comprises tech reviews, how-to guides, gaming, DIY guides, internet security and other tech tips.

For example, you can get tips on how to transfer files from a Samsung phone to a Macbook, ways to unlock a disabled iPhone/ iPad, tips to secure an Android application, and so much more. Also, many leading tech brands advertise their products on Geek.Ng.

  1. Naija Know How



Naijaknowhow is a tech blog inaugurated as a company in 2015 by Franklin Obioha. The platform is centred on helping non-tech individuals to analyze and clarify tech issues. Naijaknowhow blog publishes the latest trends, news, phone specs, step-by-step guides, reviews and other information about the tech industry.

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  1. Tech Category


Insight was founded by Taiwo Sotikare in 2020. The media brand has a goal to show the world how to do things uniquely. It has dedicated a category to technology where Nigerians can learn how to leverage the internet and compete effectively in the global marketplace. The tech category will educate you on cryptocurrency, the metaverse, and the internet. There are analysis and reviews on different tech related issues. also provides detailed information on technology through its community, YouTube Channel and newsletter. 

  1. TechPoint

techpoint logo

TechPoint Africa

TechPoint is a Nigeria tech blog founded by Muyiwa Matuluko and Adewale Yusuf in January 2015. It is one of the tech blogs in Nigeria, with more visitors to date. The blog is centred on tech-related issues, gadget reviews and startups. Techpoint provides well-detailed user content through podcasts, newsletters, videos and reports. They also provide content to enlighten Nigerians on the latest tech development, tech stories, events, and awards in the tech space. In addition, TechPoint provides opportunities for startups to gain information for their startup projects.

You can read the articles in Technology category to learn how to leverage on technology.


Whether you are searching for the solution to a particular tech issue or looking for the latest tech trends, these Nigeria tech blogs specified above provide the best ideas and information you could get. These tech blogs got you covered, be it phone hacks, reviews, gadget prices, news and other tech-related problems.

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