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Is Tech Industry the Future for Nigerian Youths

by Ahuzi Vincentia

The future for Nigerian youths happens to be shaken by the country’s high unemployment rate. Due to this, many youths are acquiring tech skills as it is also becoming more in demand. The pandemic lockdown prompted the huge adoption of tech; young people can do many things with technology. The lockdown is an eye-opener to the world, as the work environment also changed. Remote work became popular in different industries.

While everyone was battling the pandemic, many people, especially the youth, were exploring the internet and aiming to figure out a means to earn money while on lockdown. It became clear that the future for Nigerian youths can be found in the tech industry. So, unsurprisingly, Nigerian youths in the tech industry began to search for jobs in tech companies.

youths in tech

Young people have a future in the tech industry

The tech industry can be seen as a savior for the youths, as there are massive job opportunities which are advantageous to them. The pandemic crisis accelerated digital transformation, bringing about different skills that the youths can acquire in the tech industry. As a result, many Nigerian youths are unemployed. With the high level of unemployment in the country, Nigerian youths in tech, on their quest to attain financial freedom, explore the internet to gain more knowledge and skills to secure a job in tech companies. 

The youths, having to grow up using technology in almost all aspects of their lives, are more advantaged than the older generation. Therefore, the younger generation is in the perfect position to secure a job in the tech industry. The future for Nigerian youths can also be seen in other sectors but technology proves to be the chosen one.

Is The Tech Industry Benefiting the Nigerian Youths?

We live in a tech-based world, and there’s every chance you’re reading this on a mobile device; this shows that technology impacts our lives. For example, you can order quality food or even clothing at your doorstep from your smartphone. Almost all our day-to-day activities involve the use of technology, but the youths are more than just tech-savvy. 


Technology is the future

The technology sector has become one of the industries with a high employment and payment rate. Therefore, anyone planning to enter the job market may consider one of the many opportunities in the tech field. The tech industries create exciting job opportunities for Nigerian youths in tech, encouraging them to work smart and compete globally. This encourages more youths to hunt for a tech career with the intent to get a promising future and shows that technology is the future for Nigerian youths.

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Additionally, remote work is now common everywhere; you can acquire skills in tech, and without the need to be physically present, you can provide services to tech companies from anywhere around the globe.

The Future for The Youths In Tech

The future for Nigerian youths in the tech industry can be seen in the recent feats achieved by young people the sector. With no help forthcoming, the youths are taking their future into their hands by exploring different skills in the tech industry. The future for Nigerian youths in tech is convincing as there are various skill sets for everyone in the industry.

future in tech

The future for Nigerian youths is in technology

The younger generations are born in this age of rapid innovation in the tech industry and have grown up using tech in their day-to-day activities. This gives them more advantage to get a skill and career mostly in tech industries, as it’s an exciting opportunity for many youths.

For most youth, working in tech is obviously for financial rewards as the industry pays quite well for a well-done job. On the other hand, some youths chase a career in the tech industry due to their true passion for tech. 

Nevertheless, everyone works to increase their earnings and build their future. The future of Nigerian youths has evolved from how they’ve viewed it; technology is the future. 

youth and tech

Nigerian youths are more interested in transitioning to tech

In recent years, many youths have been eager to get into the tech industry and acquire the skills needed to increase their earnings. The problem is that they don’t know where to start or which particular tech skill to learn.

There are numerous skills for anyone to learn in the tech industry. All that is required is hard work and how eager you are to learn the skill consistently.

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This article will give you an idea of some skill options in the tech industry that you can learn to earn a living. Let’s dive in!

Top tech skills in demand 

  • Blockchain development 
  • UX/UI design 
  • Digital marketing 
  • Project Management
  • Software developer 
  • Cyber Security 
  • Computer programming 
  • Mobile development 
  • Data management 
  • Cloud computing 

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Things to Know Before Learning a Skill in Tech

1. You have to be open to continuous learning 

learning tech

Be open to continuous learning

The tech industry is gradually evolving daily, and as an individual with tech skills, you must keep up with the innovation. Therefore, it would be best to keep learning and upgrading your skill to be good and creative in what you do to produce a better result. We live in the tech age, and almost everyone uses a smartphone. Start by making quality use of your phones online. With your smartphones, you can know the developments added in recent updates and the problem being solved. Also, you can get professional online tutorials and tech books which help keep you up to date in your area of specialisation.

2. Do not be afraid of the big technical words

big tech words

Don’t be afraid of big technical words

To stamp the future for Nigerian youths, they must not be afraid of technical words. Whenever you think of working in tech, your mind probably thinks of all the big technical grammar. However, the very thought of data analytics, coding, software development, and others makes you nervous because you think it’s too techie.

However, all you need is to pick a particular skill you will probably be comfortable learning and enhance your knowledge of the skill. Also, you should know that anyone can acquire skills in tech; you don’t have to be all techie to work in the tech industry.

3. You need to have an organisational skills


Organisation leads to better results

Having the ability to look deeply into details is necessary while doing a tech job. It is known that tech jobs require you to move from one task to another. Therefore it is advantageous to plan and manage one’s time and resources to be well organised. Estimating your time and knowing how long it will take to complete your work lets you organise your plans or schedules for yourself, as it helps you produce quality and better job results. 

4 . Boost your problem-solving skills


Problem-solving is a fundamental skill

Generally, technical skill is all about problem-solving. You would always be faced with a problem; the question is, how can you solve them smartly? Knowing how to analyse problems or issues and working to solve them is vital in the tech industry. However, this lessens the time it takes to solve a particular issue, and you won’t have to work too hard trying to solve a problem because you already have the key idea on how to solve the problem. 

5. Practice the things you learned


Practice makes perfect

Can you imagine utilising your time to complete an online course you paid for or watching tutorial videos without practising what you learned? Not so thoughtful. The future for Nigerian youths requires a lot of commitment, this is why they have to practice what they have learned to become better.

When you learn any new skill, you should implement all your learnings. You can’t expect to improve your skill without practically implementing your learnings. This helps enhance your fundamentals and also helps you know your level of improvement.


The tech industry has largely thrived over the past few years, and as it is gaining more adoption, it is expected to grow exponentially in years to come. It is important for leaders to know that the future for Nigerian youths can be found in the tech industry, hence, they have to support them in every way.

Nowadays, many tech companies are looking for youths with tech skills. Nigerian youths in the tech industry can explore this opportunity, which helps them channel their efforts to be more productive and improve their skills rather than engaging in social immorality. To anyone looking to enter the tech industry, you should be ready to continuously develop your knowledge to help expand and grow your skill set in tech innovation.

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