Transitioning into Tech in Nigeria: A Comprehensive Guide

by Timileyin Precious
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transitioning into tech in Nigeria

Transitioning into tech in Nigeria is easier if you have the right pieces of information. First, you should know what you are getting into and why; TECH is quite a diverse space. After that, you can go on to identify what niche(s) would be suitable for you in the tech ecosystem.

However, before all the serious stuff, let’s do a little mind-prepping. There are some things you must not forget if you want to transition. And Yes! You do not want to skip this part. 

Important Facts About Tech and the Tech Space

  • The Tech space is very wide. You should keep in mind that it is an umbrella term for a large subset of careers. It encompasses careers ranging from writing, design, analytics, research, and communications to coding. Believe it, it is much more than you can imagine.
  • It is not just some side hustle.  If you are looking to transition to tech in Nigeria, you must input an effort equivalent to getting a University degree. That is, time, effort and discipline are pertinent.
  • Furthermore, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You remember that it takes time and consistent work to make any significant financial gains from tech.
  • Finally, with the current state of the Nigerian tech ecosystem, you don’t need huge capital or connection to stand out. You can start your transition from scratch. Just have the right set of information.

This article contains a list of some of the most popular careers in tech.  It also contains the corresponding roadmap to some of these careers. Also, it discusses how you can transition to tech in Nigeria with a minimal amount of money. If you are looking to become a tech bro (or sis), then you want to read this.

What are the Things You Need to Transition into Tech in Nigeria

Right before we dive into the space called tech, let’s get prepped on some of the things you need to become a tech-bro or sis.

Access to a Personal Computer

For a successful transition into tech in Nigeria, you need to have access to a computer (preferably your own). You need this to enhance your learning through practice and simulations. Trust this, you want to get a good personal computer. Some PCs can turn on you in the process. Preferably (for the basics),  the personal computer should have a minimum of 8GB ram. Also, it should have a 500GB hard drive, and an Intel core with a 2GZ quad or higher.

Proper Internet Connection 

You need a good internet connection to successfully transition into tech in Nigeria. As a Nigerian, this means you will make the financial sacrifice of data purchase. The little sacrifices for greatness, you know. Consider the available network service providers and choose what is best.


This is as important as the others. You did not think it is going to come easy, did you? To successfully transition into tech in Nigeria, you would have to conquer stop-gaps. You need to overcome potholes and get back on your feet. Tech bro, the tech sis, no be beans oo


The tech space and the corresponding technology are constantly evolving. To survive, let alone stand out in that space, you need to be flexible.  You should be able to catch up on the trend of change and adjust fast. It takes less time to become Old school these days. To quote that popular lingo, you need to be able to learn, unlearn and relearn.

Places Where You Can Get Help to Transition into Tech in Nigeria

Several variables may not be in your favour in Nigeria. You could start by considering the requirements listed above. As usual, Nigeria will humble you and your aspirations.  As a case study, think of the cost of the required type of PC. Not only that, you need money to buy courses, to purchase data. You name it!

However, you should not get too discouraged. The tech space in Nigeria (even Africa at large) is accommodating for beginners. Quite a handful of individuals and organizations have decided to help. Below is a list of all the valuable people, platforms, and organizations that you may want to look into.

Alt. School Africa 

With Alt. School Africa, tech education in Nigeria (and Africa at large) is on the path to a full revolution. How does this help you? Alt school Africa is a virtual cum physical school for absolute beginners that intend to transition into tech. With a registration fee of just 10,000 naira only, you can get a free tech diploma. Also, you will get an internationally recognized certificate and a 3-month internship. At the time of this compilation, this virtual school is still admitting students.  The tuition fee payment and lecture schedule systems are structured for convenience. Don’t take my word for it; you should check it out for yourself.

Dev. Careers Africa

Dev. careers is a non-profit organization that is committed to helping people get rooted in their chosen tech careers. What they do is simple but important. They expose people to aids for a less expensive transition into tech. Also, with Dev. Careers you are likely to get a job placement. Of course, that is after completing their 3 months training program. Finally, with Dev. Careers you could get a laptop if you prove your worth. For full intimacy on how they function, you can start by joining through this Google form.


This is yet another platform that can facilitate your transition into tech in Nigeria. Enyata takes young individuals interested in a software career through a 14-week intensive training program. You essentially get access to mentors, resources, and the necessary social capital.

Not the Boring Stuff Newsletter (NTBS)

This is one of the biggest tech-based newsletters in Africa. Not the boring stuff helps intimates you with the most recent happenings in the tech world. Most importantly, it informs you about opportunities, scholarships, events, and grants in tech. Thanks to the writer, Hack sultan, you get to know about tech info as e dey hot.


They are another Ed-tech platform for those interested in transitioning into tech in Nigeria. They don’t necessarily train you for free. However, Utiva has a newsletter subscription option. You can get important information for your transition here.

Also, Utiva organizes regular webinars with prominent figures in tech. They do that to help beginners with a less stressful transition. 

She Codes Africa

She code Africa is an organization built to empower women in technology in Africa. Therefore, if you are a lady, you have a higher chance of a scholarship here. The organization has a wide range of support mechanisms. They do mentorships, coaching sponsorship, you name it. As a young woman, you can even get a laptop if you meet certain criteria.

Other platforms that you may find useful include:

  • Side hustle internship program
  • HNG internship program
  • 14g data camp training
  • Prexels school of Design
  • Learnali

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Some Career Paths in Tech, and their Roadmaps

NOTE: This list only covers some of the popular career paths in Tech in Nigeria. Therefore if you want to transition into tech in Nigeria, you may still need to do your research. None may suit you on the list.

Frontend Web Development

The frontend is the aspect that deals with the interface of a web page, or a mobile application. As a frontend developer, you need to have (or develop) an aptitude for aesthetics, colours, designs, and shapes. You will be responsible for writing the code that will determine how the website would appear.

Roadmap for a Frontend Developer

If this aspect of tech interests you, you need a fundamental knowledge of design principles. After that, you need to grasp the concept called the internet, how it functions, and the role you play.

When you understand the concepts above, you can dive right into learning, writing, and practising code. Here are some of the languages you need.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • React/Angular/Vue J.S

 NOTE: This list is written in order if you want to start from scratch. By the time you understand the first three languages, you would be capable of designing the frontend of an interactive website. You will also have been able to make decisions on how to develop yourself as a tech person.

Backend Development

You could also delve into backend development as a tech person in Nigeria. What these guys do is write code for all the activities behind the scene of a website. As a backend developer, the website depends on you to function. A well-made web application is the product of a good frontend developer and an equally brilliant backend guy. So what is the roadmap like?

Roadmap for a Backend Developer

To become a backend developer, you need to understand what the internet is, how it works, and the role you play. After all of that, here are the concepts and the languages you learn to transition.

  • Basic knowledge of frontend development
  • Operating systems and basic terminal commands
  • JavaScript/Ruby/Python/PHP/Java
  • GIT hub
  • Database knowledge
  • API knowledge

As a backend developer, you may need to choose a programming language earlier. To be on the safe side, read more about the different languages on the internet. 

Hey, you are not alone! You can subscribe to our Youtube channel to get related Tech content.

UI/UX Design

This is that part of tech that caters to aesthetics and smooth user experience. And oh, you don’t need to write code as a UI/UX designer. So, if you are looking to transition to tech in Nigeria as a non-coding professional, this may just be your shot. To be an excellent UI/UX designer, you need to understand colour, design principles, aesthetics, and human psychology. You also need to be versed in research and feedback management. This aspect of tech is very important, especially for sustainable real-life software development.


If you want to be like the cool hacker people you see in spy movies (like Seymour Birkhoff of Nikita), then cybersecurity is your tuff. Though, you must know that real-life hacking doesn’t work as you see on Television. Cyber security is a wide and interesting aspect of tech. You could explore different career paths under cyber security itself. For instance, you could be a Pen-tester, a security architect, a security manager, and many more. To be a cybersec person, you need to be versatile, flexible, and fast on trends. Ethics is also an important area of cyber security.  You should look up more information on this field to grasp the extent of what you want to get into.

Cloud Engineering

This is another cool aspect you could explore if you want to transition into tech in Nigeria. A cloud engineer works with cloud infrastructure. You build, manage, develop, maintain, and standardize on the cloud. To explore cloud engineering and any of the related concepts, you must be open to learning. Also, you must be versatile, and current. Finally, you may also need an eye for detail and a good work ethic.

Some of the other career paths in tech include:

  • Blockchain development
  • Data analysis
  • AI engineering
  • Product management
  • Technical Writing etc.

Finally, Starting in tech is daunting (trust me, I am still there). However, it is just like any other thing worth doing; the key is to start and be consistent. Know what you want and why you want it. Do that and let us all meet at the top guys!

You can also connect more with us on Whatsapp and let’s talk more about your transition to tech. We have big plans to help you.

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