How To Create A Digital Product In Nigeria

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How to create digital products in nigeria

Nigerians – like you and I – have woken up to the lucrativeness of Digital Products In Nigeria. However, most individuals are not informed on how to create a digital product that will sell in Nigeria. Of course, Nigerians are unique, and aside from the conventional benchmarks a digital product must pass, they are certain other extras if you intend to create a sustainable value chain for a digital product in Nigeria.

A Brief Overview – What Are Digital Products?

It is impossible to hold, taste or touch digital products, but everyone consumes them – whether it be music or videos, ebooks, and online courses, to name just a few examples.

Many entrepreneurs develop an entire business from these intangible assets, thanks to their great acceptance and easy commercialization, or they launch digital product lines as a complement to the tangible items or services they offer.

However, what makes digital products a particularly attractive option is that they can be created only once and sold on a recurring basis to different customers without the need to renew inventory, which is why they are ideal for creatives, artists, educators, and freelancers looking for new sources of income that require less effort to preserve them.

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How to Go About Creating a Digital Product in Nigeria

1. Brainstorming

Quite surprisingly, there are a lot of digital products in Nigeria that are market-worthy. To get started, brainstorm and write them all down. Don’t be too strict. Bad ideas can lead to good ideas and vice versa. The key to brainstorming is to avoid overthinking.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are some questions to ask yourself to avoid going astray on the journey:

Can you teach customers to use your products? For example, if you sell knitting products, you could organize meetings to teach advanced knitting techniques.

Is there something in particular related to your specific business that you can assist your clients with? For example, if you sell surfboards, you could create a training program to help your customers stay fit at home.

Think about the values on which you have built your business. What topics are related to them? As an example, if you sell sustainable clothing, you could organize a course that teaches your customers to lead more sustainable lives.

How could you integrate your customer network? For example, if you sell kitchen items, you could host an online wine tasting event.
What do you stand out for? For example, if you are really good at product photography, you could train others to improve their technique as well.
Brainstorm what you know and create an online product from it.

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2. Research

Research your written ideas. Look for the limiting factors of your clients with respect to your product, business, or values, as well as the topics that your customers are passionate about or excited about.

Where to Carry Out Research on a Digital Product Idea in Nigeria

  • Facebook groups

There are Facebook groups dedicated to all imaginable niches and audiences, so they are a great space to discover what concerns your potential customers need.

  • Industry forums

Forums dedicated to hobbies and communities in your industry can help you better understand what people want and need from your industry in general.

Product reviews. Read both your product and competitor reviews for ideas. These could come from reviews on product pages, as well as isolated reviews from blogs or other websites.

  • Blog posts and comments

Read the content of the blogs that your community may consult, as well as their comments, and you will find even more ideas. For example, if you wish to sell auto parts, check out auto blogs.

  • Customer emails

Finally, do not forget to re-read the emails or messages that you have received from customers over time. The people who took the time to contact you to express their thoughts and concerns are often “high-end” clients and may have provided very helpful ideas.

3. Validation

This is a very important one. Before spending too much time on an idea, you should validate it and make sure your idea is sound before spending time developing it. The least you want is to invest a lot of time or money in a new venture without knowing if it will be fruitful.

How to Validate a Digital Product in Nigeria

  • Keyword search

Use a keyword tool to see how many people are searching for your topics. This will give you an idea of the potential of each of them.

  • Google Trends

Search your topics on Google Trends. Check out those topics that are gaining more and more interest. This will give you a guideline on how that opportunity will continue to grow in importance.

  • Request feedback

Contact your customers directly, either by email or through social networks. Studies and surveys are great ways to gather customer feedback.

  • Start small and reaffirm

Sometimes the easiest way to validate an idea is to experiment with the shortened version of the idea, leaving room for growth. The goal is to get something out into the world as soon as possible and thus put the idea to the test and improve it thereafter.

Regardless of what kind of activity you do, you have unique strengths and knowledge that would prove valuable to your clients.

How to Sell Your Digital Products to Nigerians

1. Make Sure Your Product Is Solving A Problem

Nigerians won’t pay for a product except it is solving a problem for them. You can sell anything but make sure it is something some specific people are craving to have.

2. Get A Good Copywriter

Games, ebooks, podcasts, videos and more can sell well online, but a good copywriter is required to pass your ideas to your target audience. For a digital product in Nigeria, copywriters can come in handy to strike the perfect emotions in your ideal buyer persona.

3. Make Your Product Affordable

This doesn’t mean you should sell your product very cheap because when something is very cheap it looks like it is not worth it. Make your product a quality that will make a customer tell more prospects about you.

4. You Need A Website

You need a website to sell effectively. Most customers won’t purchase a product before they see it.
To sell a digital product in Nigeria, Facebook and social media pages are an advantage. However, owning your own website gives more visibility to your digital product. It makes people discover you very fast on search engines.

You could also generate leads for any digital products you choose to sell. You could set your website in a way that you can get a prospect email, send them friendly emails and free tutorials. It is an indicator of how good you are. Essentially, if your free offers are great, your paid offer must be even greater.

5. You Need Advertisement

If you intend to sell a digital product in Nigeria, don’t just get them on your website and neglect the place of advertisement. Even companies with returns on sales (like Amazon) still run advertisements. You will be able to reach more potential audiences that will pay for your product if you run advertisements on Instagram, Facebook, and Google Ads.

You can use $10 to reach more than 6,000 people on Facebook, and if you land 100 sales out of that, you know how much you have made.


Nigerians are very tough, you have got to use tough strategies if you intend to create and make good sales on your digital products in Nigeria.

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