How To Celebrate Professional Wins At The Workplace

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celebrate professional wins

You determine the value of your wins and how much you want to celebrate them. Celebrating your wins starts with defining your wins. Is completing two books in a month a win for you?

Or do you think that you should be able to complete four books a month before you can consider it a win? Do you think that starting your dream business is worth celebrating? 

Or do you feel that you should wait till you’ve made it so big before you consider it a win?

The next step to celebrating your wins is sectioning your goals into achievable plans per time. For a person whose goal is to lose weight, they start out exercising and set a plan to lose a specific kg per month.

This means that at the end of every month, they check their weight and bask in the euphoria of meeting the goal of the month.

They won’t celebrate their win by over-indulging in extra calories that will destroy their win but acknowledging that win is enough to keep them moving on to the next win.

So you see, celebrating your wins isn’t as hard as you think. Just like you celebrate your birthday in your way, you can celebrate your professional wins in the same way.

You don’t have to be extravagant about it if you don’t feel the need to be and you can go all out to celebrate your win if you feel like it. Your professional accomplishments are not the only wins worthy of celebration, your wins are too.

What are Professional Wins? 

Your professional wins are the wins attached to your career, finances, passion, or source of income. In other words, your professional wins are work-related. Your wins aren’t so far apart from your professional wins.


Your professional wins are the wins attached to your career, finances, passion, or source of income.

Your life encompasses all that there is about you and your priorities determine the things that you think are worthy of celebration

This implies that the wins of a person who has been working on improving their communication skills are not inferior to the wins of a person who finally got back the edges of their hair.

It’s simply a matter of priority and so, you shouldn’t focus so much on differentiating them but rather acknowledging them as they come.

Since your professional wins are only personal sometimes, this means that at other times, they might include your colleagues, partners, investors, and teammates.

So, yes, this article will share tips on how to celebrate your professional wins in Nigeria without “draining your account” or “under-appreciating yourself or your colleagues”. 

10 Ways to Celebrate Your Professional Wins

prof. wins

A win for one is a win for all

There’s a popular saying in Nigeria that “problem no dey finish, make you try dey enjoy.” The interpretation of this phrase goes a long way in determining your approach to life.

Concerning wins, you can either describe it as appreciating your wins as they come and relishing in that good feeling of meeting your goal per time. You can also describe it as spending excessively and overindulging after every win hence, inciting the feeling of living on the edge.

  1. Send words of encouragement to your team members

This is for a collective win. When you work with a team and you achieve the set goal or make headway on your project. It will encourage your team members when they wake up to appreciation messages.

It makes them feel that they are valued and appreciated. Even if you aren’t the head of the team, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to encourage your team members.

  1. Organize a company dinner/hangout

You don’t have to spend excessively when organizing a company dinner. Remember that you’re not taking out of your funds but from the company’s purse.

So, spend just enough to cater for everyone present and include games to make everyone free, have fun and interact with others.

  1. Take a break

This isn’t teaching you how to be lazy but rather to take care of yourself. After giving yourself vigorously to the successful completion of a project or task, take a short but restful break from everything that will stress your brain.

If you have to switch off your phone, leave home to a more quiet area, and do that. It’s important to refresh yourself for the journey ahead.

  1. Promise yourself a reward

There’s a saying that “the reward for a job well done is more work”. This isn’t saying that you should bombard yourself with work and eventually experience burnout but rather encourages you to do excellently well in every given task.

For instance, if you set a goal to read two financial books in a month, you can promise yourself to read that novel that you’ve been longing to read. This aids excellence in your work.

  1. Keep tabs on your team’s wins

This shouldn’t only apply to your team but also, yourself. Don’t wait until there’s a big win before you consider it a win. Every win is important.

Make it a priority to write every progress that you make no matter how small. It’s the small wins that add up to become a big(visible) win. This way you can properly celebrate professional wins.

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  1. Do giveaways

Nigerians generally love giveaways and it’s a good way to celebrate professional wins. Hence, it won’t be a bad idea to organize giveaways targeted at one or two people or a larger number of people.

This will build excitement in their hearts and make them want to give their all to every project.

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  1. Give a financial raise

If the company can afford a raise in salaries, why not? It’s always a good idea to give increments in salaries when the company takes a huge leap forward by the combined efforts of every team member.

It expresses to them that their efforts are appreciated and that the company is getting bigger and better.

  1. Let your words and actions breathe kindness

Be kind with your words. You don’t even have to praise people publicly before they feel valued. When you speak with people privately, be understanding and appreciative.

Even when they don’t get things right, let your words be seasoned with kindness. This way, when there’s a win, you don’t have to do force actions that are not a part of you and seem fake.

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  1. Share feedback and comments together

If there is feedback from the job well done, share them with your team so that they will understand the effects of their hard work.

Don’t keep the comments to yourself, share them with everyone, make them feel good and you can’t say, from there, you might just brainstorm ideas for the next project.

  1. Appreciate yourself

No matter how insignificant the wins might be to others, they are still yours and they are important to your growth in life. So, when you meet a target or achieve a set goal, be proud of yourself, look into the mirror, say kind words to yourself, speak great things into your future and give no room for guilt. 


There are a lot of ways to celebrate professional wins but the above are important steps to take in showing appreciation to yourself and people around you.

You can’t make all of the progress that you need to make in a day. So, be proud of your professional accomplishments and own your win! Remember that it’s a step-by-step process and you’re on your way to greatness and good success.

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